So if you didn’t know rice got made a video on the huge twitch stream, um If a couple of days ago and myth if you didn’t know place fortnight, if you don’t know who this guy is you’re basically Patrick’s tardy and living under a rock, but he made this video because a few times while playing on this So people are obviously taking both sides of this situation people are siding with rice gun because he has millions of subscribers His fans will probably even take his side even if we recorded a suicide forest video, but luckily enough No one’s stupid enough on YouTube to have done that yet And of course myths fans are taking his side because he didn’t really do anything wrong. Anyway, his myths reaction to rice guns video That’s all I says well, I mean, I’m kind of speechless the amount of disrespect, bro Like are you serious? Dog, this fool was really disrespecting me mocking the crap out of me and it’s like if you’re impersonating me Like like a the kid might have a point. Oh, maybe sometimes I do come off that way This is actually a pretty good video so far But he’s making it seem like I’m always I’m not just leave out all the time I’m not like bro Like this was being super obnoxious About it – it’s just like a piston head they use like if it didn’t go viral and blow up Then I would have just stopped it their way. I would not have made and that is the issue right Scott But if I know that like why would I not abuse it and keep pushing it out here I mean and I did hi, Daddy. Oh Not a daddy man, I’m sorry It’s not half sober. I enjoyed you looking like the rock for a second and then you had to change it all up All right, first off. All right. I am a daddy. I don’t know what they’re talking about second off Imma, kill this guy pop pop what this booth heed my boy tell you mr Gotelli doesn’t like me is like I have it’s not that I don’t like you necessarily I just don’t like the content that you tend to constantly put out on the Internet is alled in that’s oh Probably a great guy rice to be honest Love to meet you in person one day dude. Well, I like always like hate on me It’s like I didn’t even started, you know, I mean, so there’s really no I it’s so, uh, I don’t know why scum I like I don’t know his I can’t top he’s playing I don’t know if he plays a person now. Does he play persona? Dude? I actually don’t know winning from here I mean, even if I were to roastin I’m gonna get That’s content there ruff. All right, let’s play some foreign ID A not to realtalk thought actually really like to repeat rice and like, you know, you know Like all the whole like the rice clay. What is a team as it is a team tests, though? Or not team 10, dude, but what is it? What a clock clock house? Fuck what do they called their like thing? You know what? I mean? You know what I’m saying? Alright, I would like to meet them all in real life team six o’clock game Now that they call it cloud game. I would actually I’d like to meet them in person It’s hard. Listen, it’s hard when you’ve never talked to content creator behind the scenes if you like If they’re playing a persona and most of them there’s a lot of a lot of contact craters play personas, dude It’s hard to tell if like if that’s them authentically or not So like I can’t it’s hard for me to say anything because I don’t know. I don’t know them Like that’s why I just I really like closets like even even my like strike three that you guys are saying no Taxes are better. I think Now some of you might be thinking that myth should be more annoyed at Rice come and have no reason to make the video and Some of you might be thinking that myth should apologize But I’m just here thinking that even though Rice Gumpert is control at the top of the screen He could have still been fake in the video And here’s why if you go to the point where Rice gum wins the game, he puts his arms up in celebration but if as you can see in the video of his hands They’re still on the controller. I even think he tried to hide this but doesn’t really do a good job of it I could be wrong though. But if he is it would make a lot of sense It would make rice guns seem really good at fortnight if he won the game so that was his plan from the start So he played a game before he started streaming and recorded his hands while playing the game then just recorded the face video afterwards So this isn’t even the biggest Argument between two streamers or youtubers so ninja was in a game with shroud and Barry mind They are friends and they still offering to this day but they had a little bit of a disagreement in a game of fortnight whether Ninja was actually bought in his streams and getting supply burs in a very dodgy way. So check out this really awkward moment for attack I Mean I would be surprised That’s what chef no, no. No, I’m totally fuckin, dude Well besides the accusations man, call me out. Appreciate that what I’d Talk about it. Okay, I’m down it I’m down because I never said you I just said there’s some fuckin shady going on I never said you I never said you know what said you my friends never said, you know Like zero followers not following just made the account today. No did I know? Yeah, for sure the first year that’s happening. But I’m not saying well if you’re like, you literally said my listen try definitely All right. All right, whatever regardless, I love me and let me just explain like let me just explain it to me. Okay? All right, there are over a hundred million Amazon Prime you Uh-huh Okay, uh-huh. There are over. There are over the last recorded here. Take this last recording Okay, three point four million players on at one time. Okay. I’m at one time Okay. Now let’s just go with that stand Let’s just go with the three point four million on at one time Even though we know there’s more than likely over ten million probably even honest fifteen million people Fifteen million people that play this game what have it download? they probably over honestly fifty million downloads and guess what they I Guarantee you almost every I guarantee you three three million of those people that we’re on at one time and this is just an amount of people that on at once I Guarantee you that three million of those guys, maybe even three point fucking one million of those guys. Probably three point fuckin to Don’t even know that they had a free twitch prime something So this like and I guarantee you they don’t even know what fuckin twitch is so when people log on Epic Games and they log on this game and the very first thing they see when they load in is you have Amazon or twist Prime skins Let’s twist Prime and they give you a step-by-step on how to redeem it and how to get to it And and guess what you have to make it twitch account for it And guess what people were making Twitter accounts the same day It was only like a couple days people don’t log on every single day before night. It’s totally fuckin logical Literally the numbers make things so you really just think it’s for tonight basically, I Just think it’s or night you talking about game that literally is Fucking blowing up more than eighty game ever in the world on Good Morning America all over the news all over fuckin Instagram and Twitter, dude Like bro. Yes. Absolutely. All right, not even a question in my mind Do you not think of those numbers don’t add up I Tagged them on the hill you’re dead to me There’s thieves everywhere TV you’re right seems in my lap now you’re backpedaling I’m a water your back dude. Uh-huh Like a good way like a good battle topic I’ll relax your feelings aren’t hurt No Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I don’t know the respect of my peers dude. Whose respect do I have? Dude I’m Tommy man, it’s it if you like if you don’t think that that’s possible Plausible with the information that I just remind you is there not thanks. I can’t I can’t help you So if you’re wondering whose side I’m on then I’m on this side because rice gun does have a lot of young fans Who are very impressionable? And if you had a son who was eight years old and was watching a girl take her clothes off in a YouTube video Then I wouldn’t be very happy and I’d be on this side as well Now if I had a son who was about seven and was watching a girl take her clothes off in a video I’d definitely take the iPad off him and watch the video myself But anyway, let me know whose side you’re on and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Goodbye

100 thoughts on “MYTH Reacts *LIVE* to RICEGUM ROASTING HIM *DISSTRACK?*”

  1. When ricegums character is jumping he isn’t pressing x or anything he is just messing with the controller sticks

  2. Thats the reason way idubbz made a content cop on him for his lame ass content and his obnoxious annoying gay asian voice and the way he acts is like a special kind of stupid im so glad myth was talking shit about fuckin ricegum fuck ricegum

  3. Idk but I feel like this vid is going to be taken down because of the Logan Paul thing because that was the original shot of the body

  4. the only reason rice gum is show his controller is because he doesn't want people thinking he's faking the gameplay. but I saw him move in a certain way and his hand didn't move. so fake

  5. Not on either side because they both have made inappropriate content which I would never want my child to see.

  6. Taking Myths side since he's the 2nd best player of fortnite and ricegum is just famous because of his content and subs, I believe myth only played fortnite (if I say it wrong don't mind me -_-) and he's just blowing up, unlike ricegum making those diss's, try an act all cool.

  7. Ricegum is a pathetic wanna be gangster who has to stir up drama just to stay sorta relevant. Let's be honest, if Fortnite wasn't popular Riceballs wouldn't have ever played it. And when he does play, he doesn't even make a normal or decent video. Well for him it's normal. And completely trash. He doesn't care for his followers or fans, constantly makes fun of them. He's just a pathetic rich kid who lets all of his stuff go to his fat head & gives him the illusion that he can do whatever he wants, & treat people however he likes. It's pathetic. Get good & make actual content kid. ✌🇺🇸

  8. MYTH your father told you the EXACT same thing you were just saying about RICE when he was talking to you about using foul language!!! C'mon Bro!!!

  9. Rice didn't even roast myth… If rice roasted myth, myth wouldn't be replying to rice rn bc he would still be holding an L

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