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  1. Really prestigious college, but mind explaining me the following is the cost of all this wellness 49.300 euro a year or the whole 4 years of education, because if its 49k a year, my parents can't afford it even if they both take bank credits and sell their belongings. We're from Serbia and for our standards that price is ridiculously high. And both my parents have good jobs(Mother, doctor of botanics science, father lawmen for the organised crime in economy)

  2. I want to be a pastry chef but I can't drink wine or eat gelatin cause of region would I still be able to join

  3. Bonsoir moi de Algérie j'ai 23 ans j'ai un diplôme de la pâtisserie hôtelier et j'ai continuer la technologie professionnel cuisine classique Français je vous dirais continuer à l'étranger comment faire ça svp

  4. Due to my religious beliefs I can not handle pork/pork-derived products as well as alcohol. I was wondering if this would be an obstacle when pursuing the diploma in patisserie?

  5. Salut comment allez-vous …
    J'aime beaucoup la carrière de Patisserie et je veux obtenir un diplôme dans ce domaine.
    J'ai travaillé dans la pâtisserie avant. Mon rêve est de devenir un formateur certifié et de connaître les autres
    Pouvez-vous vous inscrire dans cette école?
    S'il vous plaît répondez dès que possible
    Merci à tous

  6. I’m really interested in going to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris but I have two concerns.

    The first is what kind of education do I have to have to enter the school? The highest education I have is a high school GED.

    The second is housing. I live in the USA. If I go there, would I have to find housing myself?

  7. I'm from Indonesia and I'm a senior highschool student, I will graduate next year. For me, since I was a kid, I really want to be a chef, especially a pastry chef. One day I found this Le Cordon Bleu and really interested to study here, so bad. But, I have a concern about can I really study here?
    First, to study here cost much of money and my parents can't afford it, there are any scholarship for Indonesian students, cause last time I read on the website the scholarship is just for some countries.
    Second, since it's in the France, do I really need to know and speak France? Cause, I just can speak English and Indonesia.
    Thank you.

  8. Very interested to know more about the university and its curriculum for Patisserie for my daughter to study in France .

  9. I am an Indian.my dream is to become an chef.my sister doing MS in Germany. She advised me to join this le cordon bleu paris after my grade 12.is it possible to an Indian to study there..

  10. How about a 45 year old male looking for a career change? Is this friendly program for someone with that type of goal?

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