New Orleans’ Queen of Creole Cooking Still Reigns at 94

New Orleans’ Queen of Creole Cooking Still Reigns at 94

– I am Leah Chase, chef and co-owner of Dooky Chase’s Restaurant. I’m 94 years old. I been in this kitchen 71 years. Every day I come in this kitchen. 7:30 in the morning, I hit this floor, and I don’t leave until we close. When guests come to this city,
they know when they come here they’re gonna a good bowl of creole gumbo, they’re gonna get some jambalaya, they’re gonna get some good fried chicken, they’re gonna get what I serve. The butter just melts
in there and gives it all kinds of good flavor. Every day, I meet new people, and they come to taste the food I cook. That makes you feel good. This place, back in the
day, was a landmark. We became a meeting place in
the Civil Rights Movement, and so you had always Thurgood
Marshall, Ernest Wright, all the NAACP people. Black people knew they
could come to Dooky Chase’s and would not be disturbed by anybody. It was illegal for whites
and blacks to be together, but they came here. This was the safe haven for all of us. I fed Mr. Obama. He was gonna eat the gumbo,
and he gets a hot sauce bottle. Oh my god. I said, “Mr. Obama, you don’t
put hot sauce in my gumbo”. Now, that gets around
all the neighborhood, and so they said, “You
told him good, Ms. Dooky. “Don’t be messing up your gumbo”. (laughs) I was recognized by James Beard with the Lifetime Achievement Award. To me, that was unbelievable. Sometimes I said, “I
don’t know how I got here, “but it gives you energy to keep going,” and my whole thing is to
make this restaurant go. I wanna be one of the
best restaurants there is.

100 thoughts on “New Orleans’ Queen of Creole Cooking Still Reigns at 94”

  1. I appreciate her and all African American's plight but its hard for me to get my mind over scatological humor. that being said, lol dooky.

  2. Shes so adorable and inspirational omg. This video makes me jealous that i dont live in New Orleans, the food seems so bomb there.

  3. I feel that Nusret Göckę, Gordon Ramsay, Guy Fieri , etc . Can't compare to this woman in the kitchen

  4. I only live 2 hours away and I've never been there before, well I guess I know where to go for dinner tomorrow.

  5. Can't believe she's still cooking at 94!! The food looks so yummy! Love to go to New Orleans one day and hear the lovely accent in person 🙂

  6. The .26 couple sitting at the table is me and my wife on our honeymoon!!! LOLOL we'll be back this year WE LOVE DOOKY CHASE

  7. this shows if you love what you are doing you can go a long way she is such a hardworking woman, this takes lots of love, hardwork, and dedication.

  8. I loved the series of interviews with Mrs. Chase. And I think they may still be on YT if viewers look. It gives you a much fuller sense of this remarkable lady – how she grew up as a youngster, where she went to school, what she did BEFORE she found her way into the kitchen. Really great, and she has such humor, such grace, such a mischief. I like the way she had no qualms – gave Obama 'what for' when he started waving that hot sauce around..LOL.

  9. LOVED IT!!! Was A Treat of A Lifetime 👏👏👏Great Food, Great Atmosphere, Great Service!! Will visit again, & again.

  10. well she alreay is the best resturaunt already to me, yes ma'm.
    Congratulations on being 96 years old this year Leah Chase!
    And here's to another long and healthy life, may god watch over you.
    god bless,

  11. her food looks delicious and she seems so fun! reminds me of my grandma, she'll be 99 this year and doesn't cook as often as she used to but still makes sure to feed anyone who comes to visit her and is very particular about what seasonings people decide to add to her stuff haha

  12. Rip Mrs. Chase your food has always toughed our soul and it will continue to do that everytime someone comes to the restaurant

  13. Poor woman doesn't even know that Obama was just a pretend black, pretend president, pretend American…

    you continue this list…

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