Niagara: Bees, Cheese, and Brewing Expertise | 5 Stops – Episode 2 | LCBO

Niagara: Bees, Cheese, and Brewing Expertise | 5 Stops – Episode 2 | LCBO

Devan: As a chef
who grew up in Toronto, being one of the hosts of this
series for Food & Drink Magazine is a dream assignment for me. I get to hit the road and
check out the culinary scene in different areas of Ontario. And I get to do it all with
a different guest each episode. (Music) Song:
It’s just my fascination Don’t need a destination It’s just my fascination I’ve never felt so beautiful (Music) Today is going to be
a great day. Heading out to the
Niagara region, about 90
minutes outside of Toronto and I’m going to be picking up
an amazing Niagara chef. She’s a local,
her name is Tania Ganassini. She’s a plant-based chef,
she’s an entrepreneur, and we’re going to be hitting up
5 stops in the Niagara region. We’re going to be looking
to draw inspiration and pick up some amazing
artisanal ingredients. Incredible food and drink
that are there. And at the end of the day,
we’re going to put together
an incredible dinner. I can’t wait to get started. Devan: I’m meeting Tania
at her local, and our first stop,
The Pie Plate. (Music) This looks incredible.
It smells so good in here. – Welcome.
– Thank you so much. I love this place so much. This is one of my favourite
spots in the region. – This is the spot?
– This is the spot. – Okay.
– This is The Pie Plate – Yeah.
– and this is Maddie. – Devan. Nice to meet you.
– She’s a good friend of mine, and her family owns this place. – Yeah.
– Amazing. We source everything locally
here in Niagara. We use only local farmers,
local fruit. It just… it all looks
so incredible, – I know.
– it looks so artisan and just so delicious.
I want it all. What do we have to have here? Well, right now
it’s peach season. Peach pie, peach scones.. Ohh, I saw your eyes light up. I definitely want peach scones. – Yes.
– For breakfast, peach scones? And you, what are you
going to get? You know, I think we need
some baguettes for dinner. – Sure.
– And then definitely
a peach pie. Devan:
And peach blueberry pie? – Yeah!
– We want everything. We’re here
at the perfect time of year where everything amazing
is in season. You have blueberries,
peaches, apricots, plums, like, every stone fruit, tons
of beautiful summer vegetables, and we’re going to cook
with a lot of those
ingredients tonight. Devan:
Yeah. (Music) Tania:
I love this area so much, and I’m really excited
to show it to you because there’s something fun
kind of discovering a place
for the first time. It’s truly endlessly inspiring. Like, this is the place to be
if you’re a chef. I’m excited for this trip. I want to experience everything
that Niagara has to offer. So where are we going? So, we’re going
to Rosewood Winery. – Okay.
– Actually the only stop today – that I have never been to.
– Oh, that’s exciting. I’m really excited.
All of the other stops, I love and I can evangelize
about them, so… – Have you been?
– Never been before. I’ve been to Niagara,
Niagara-On-The-Lake, but
I’ve never been to Rosewood. I also don’t know
what evangelize means. (Laughing)
Me neither. (Music) Tania:
Wow, it’s super beautiful. (Music) William: The dream was to build
a family winery and meadery. Honeybees, for us,
are fundamental and paramount to everything we do
here at Rosewood. Honeybee is omnipresent. Devan:
Are you afraid of bees? Tania:
No. Are you? Devan:
No, not at all. Tania:
Wow. William: This is where
the queen has been laying
some of her eggs. Devan:
Want to go for it? Tania:
Yeah, I kind of do, actually. There’s something really
calming about this. Devan: All this honey talk…
can we try some of this? William:
Definitely. Tania:
Okay, I’m going in. So this is a really nice
wildflower-based blend. Tania:
It’s so good. So, the smoked honey
is really unique. Tania: I feel like
this is up your alley. I’m a big fan of smoke. Tania:
Ooh! Wow. This is the most fun
I’ve had in a while. William:
It’s kind of like butter, eh? So… getting to the good part. We’re going to taste some wine. Tania:
Wow, I love that. William:
So this is our Mead Royale. So the Mead Royale
is our honey wine, basically. Wow. So, we’re taking honey,
we’re adding water, we’re diluting them together, and then we’re allowing these
to begin fermentation in a tank. Sorry, we need a moment
of silence for this. (Laughing) This is incredible!
This is next level. You can taste the terroir,
you can taste the honey, but it’s not adulterated at all. You guys approach winemaking like how really great chefs
approach food: you’re sort of letting
nature speak for itself. I feel like I have
a new appreciation for this
region and what you guys do. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. (Music) Devan:
Where are we going now? ‘Cause we’re going
to our third stop. – So are you a big cheese guy?
– I’m a huge cheese guy. Tania: We’re going
to Upper Canada Cheese. They do some really,
really unique cheeses. We’re here. We’re going
to taste some cheese. Tania: Is that a cow? Devan: Is that a cow? Tania: Oh my God, that’s a cow! It’s not an ordinary cow,
this is a Guernsey cow. Guernsey cow. So is this
cow ideal for producing a
specific type of cheese, or… Yes. All our cheese
is made with Guernsey milk. It’s high in milk fat,
it has lots of beta carotene, and you’ll see
in some of our cheeses, the wonderful coloration
it gets from beta carotene. And it’s just a superior milk. So who is this beautiful animal? – Brenda: This is Jedi.
– Devan: Jedi. What a great
name. Aww, she’s so beautiful. She’s visiting us
from the Comfort Farm. – We milk about 45.
– 45. 45… yeah. The farm is about
20 minutes away from here, so the milk is fresh
every time we make cheese. I think it’s time
we sampled some cheese. – Yeah? Are you ready?
– All this talk… Thank you for your
hard work, Jedi. Brenda:
She’s the star of the show. This is our signature cheese,
Niagara Gold. – Here you go… Ladies first.
– Thank you. Yes. Salud. Mmm!
That with the honey… That’d be amazing. All right.
Comfort Cream. That’s my favourite. I’m going to grill
our Guernsey Girl. That’s the jam.
That’s the one. Tania: We’re going to have
a really good time cooking
with these. Thank you. Devan:
Another inspiring adventure. But now we’re going
to our fourth stop. We’re going to Quiet Acres. (Music) Tania: I go there
at least twice a week, it’s one of my favourite
farm stands in the region, and they just have a
wide variety of really,
really high quality produce. Devan:
Let’s go check it out. Tania:
All right. I can’t wait. (Music) Devan:
These plums look amazing. – Wow.
– Tania: Oh yeah. Oh yeah! You know, you never see
fresh-dug potatoes like this. So everything that we sell
is all picked fresh every day. Yeah, so we only sell what we
grow, so it’s all from our farm. And I love what you guys do. Maureen:
Takes many hands. It’s a labour of love,
that’s for sure. Tania: So we’re going to grab
some red skin and some Yukon. Devan:
Awesome. Tania:
I think we need some garlic. Maureen: Variety of garlic’s
called “music”. Tania:
Okay. Maureen:
And it’s a hardneck garlic and it will last
well into next April. – Tania: No way!
– Maureen: So, yeah. I find this time of year
really overwhelming because I want to… I want
to use every single thing. Yeah. What’s your favourite
thing here? Yeah, I would probably
say the peaches. And if you want to just take
a stroll down the laneway… Yes. …you can help yourself.
Enjoy. And thank you.
Have a great day, Maureen! Okay, thank you.
You have a good day
as well, thank you. (Music) Tania:
Yeah, the nectarines are insane. This is the best thing
I’ve tried so far. – Tania: And now, ready to cook?
– Devan: Yes. Tania:
We’re heading to Oast House, which is one of my favourite
breweries in the region. I might be a little
biased because… – Why?
– Well, my husband
is the chef there. But it’s truly an amazing place,
you’re going to love it. And it’s the perfect place
to complete our day. Devan: And we get to finally
cook with all the amazing
stuff we gathered all day. Tania:
This is why we do what we do. Devan:
Let’s do it. So what are you making? I’m making this apricot
and tomato salsa with chilli. Tania:
Okay. Devan: Going to hit that
with some lime juice,
salt, and pepper. And this is going to go with
one of our beautiful cheeses
on a nice crostini. Tania:
Amazing. Devan: And I’m going to
hit it with some more chilli
’cause I’m savage. (Laughing) What are you making? I’m going to make
a smashed cucumber salad. Devan:
Okay. And it’s going to have some
charred garlic scapes in it… – Devan: Yeah.
– Tania: tomatoes… – Devan: Okay.
– Tania: crushed peanuts, black vinegar, some shoyu…
sesame, scallion kick in there. Devan:
This is rustic. Well, that’s the freshness. Tania: This dinner is
so quintessentially Niagara, eating food that was gathered
locally from people who really care
about what they do, and it’s the perfect way
to spend an evening. Devan: Moments like this are
the true epitome of summertime. Various:
Cheers! Cheers. Devan:
This is why I love to cook. Cooking is nurturing people
and bringing them together, and this is a true
showcase of that. You know, I’ve spent a lot
of time in Niagara in the past, but I’ve never
experienced Niagara
the way that I did today. To meet these
artisanal craftsmen, just meeting them and
learning their story was
an incredible experience. We’re sitting on picnic tables,
we’re overlooking a vineyard. This is how it’s done
in Niagara. (Music) On the next episode
of 5 Stops, join me, Miranda Keyes,
as chef Nick Liu and I check out Ontario’s garden,
Norfolk County.

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