Nick Jonas’s Personal Chef Cooked All My Meals For A Week • Tasty

Nick Jonas’s Personal Chef Cooked All My Meals For A Week • Tasty

nothing’s really like cooperating fruit into it Co it like when I make pretty relishes or fruity salsa I dare you to try and find through this good restaurant hey I’m crystal and this is my friend Sam I’m a celebrity personal chef and this week I am going to be cooking all of crystals meals really I really excited I think you’re gonna love the food let’s do it so we are behind the scenes in the tasty kitchen watching what they’re making if you’ve ever taken the time to make an amazing recipe and you followed it step by step you got some highest quality ingredients we clean this takes like six hours so people aren’t eating this elaborately because of the time commitment who are some of your biggest client to chains Nick Jonas I got to work with boogie cousins when he was injured last year my first job in the food industry was being Ludacris’s personal chef it’s glamorous but it’s also a lot of work so you mentioned the menu that you prepared can you tell me about it the menu super bright and vibrant and nourishing there’s no specific dietary restriction however intends to be very low on dairy and gluten and just be really high on vegetable lots of herbs a lot of my clients don’t have super strict restrictions and more justly be healthy wholesome meal better lower in carbs and higher when you’re cooking for your clients do you ever worry about calories at all some of them like for the immediately a lot actually weigh everything out and how much car how much protein the more I watch them cook the more I drool and I keep getting excited over the dishes that they’re making and thinking this is the one I’m most excited for and then the next plate comes out and I’m like no no this is the one that I’m most excited for and then the next plate comes out and that’s the one that I’m most excited for it it’s been a lot of that [Music] so the favorite dish today from everyone seems to be this gorgeous vegan burrito that I actually it was beautifully plated and then I knocked it over it is day 1 meal 1 and I’m super excited because I’m actually on set today taking a little lunch break this is like super convenient because Sam actually even wrote on here the days to eat everything so that it would be at its best and also like that I should eat this cold versus heating it up oh yeah look at that here we go first bite hmm really really good it’s very fresh I could get used to this and actually I’ve like really rosy cheeks if you can’t tell and I’m kind of wondering if eating really really clean for the next week is gonna help that at all I’m not really sure but if it does I might have to hire her full-time so it’s night one I just got home it’s about 8:20 p.m. I’m pretty tired but I actually have to leave in a few minutes so I’m finding it really convenient that I have this super amazing looking dish already ready to go for me tonight is Persian tahdig with salmon and a bunch of beautiful veggies this isn’t something I’ve normally probably would have had in my fridge but I’m really excited to try this is she’s beautiful [Music] now I can just finish this and go to my appointment so I have about 20 minutes before I have to go to my next meeting not a whole lot of time to eat lunch but it’s making it really convenient that I already have this really healthy lunch prepared today is this really gorgeous vegan burrito with a bunch of really gorgeous vegetables in it so I can just pop this in the microwave for a few minutes then I’m on my way it’s Wednesday we’re halfway through the week and one thing that I’ve already really noticed is how much more energy I have been usual these past couple of weeks have been really busy both personally and professionally but the food that I’ve eaten for the past few days feels like it’s actually helping me keep up with everything every dish is so well balanced and so nutritious that it actually feels like fuel for my body I never feel weighted down afterwards I never feel sluggish and overall I just have so more energy it’s making me realize I probably have not been eating healthy enough for a while [Applause] so we are here one more time in the tasty kitchen to finish our meal prep for the week normally Sam actually cooks for her clients every single day but I didn’t want to take up all of her time which is a very very busy woman so we’re splitting it up into two days and let’s see what she’s cooking today a lot of people have this perception that all my clients are requesting what they want and they’re thinking about their meals but most of my clients don’t request much they don’t really think about their food that’s part of the benefit of having a private chef is that you don’t have to worry about your food I’m gonna take care of that so I have one last meal that I’m eating which I’m eating here in the kitchen as Sam prepares the rest of my meals for the week and it is this vegan pie with mung bean noodles it’s so colorful it looks really really delicious and she just informed me that tonight 2 Chainz is eating the same dinner I feel like I’m eating dinner with two choice I’m never gonna turn into a game I don’t get nervous to work with any celebrities now that I know them I feel more proud of them I feel like invested in their success I know that they’re just people and I’ve worked with enough celebrities by now to know that their normal human beings Priyanka does have a salad every day for lunch or a grain bowl every single day so sometimes when I’m like running out of ideas in like okay a different type of lettuce or she usually has a chicken salad I’m getting right now [Music] what are you having for lunch I am having a frozen meal but it doesn’t get me back to your lunch I have a frozen lunch and plum have a farmers market celebrity chef created [Laughter] [Music] [Music] if I have learned anything this week it’s that when you have someone preparing all of your meals for you you get so much more done like much-needed haircuts but seriously I think the biggest thing I learned is that I was totally wrong I had this idea that celebrities hire personal chefs because they can I really I really just sort of thought that it was mostly about the convenience but after this week I actually see it as more of an investment that hiring a chef like Sam is more about making an investment into your own well-being because you have someone there who’s supporting your goals and literally fueling you to be able to go out and be the best version of yourself that you can be and I am totally aware that hiring a personal chef is not realistic for the average person it’s certainly not realistic for me but it has inspired me to find little ways to make those investments in myself and and I think it’s really inspired me to just be more aware of what I’m choosing to put in my body and while I’ve been at home eating a meal prepped versions of these dishes I know that Mick and Priyanka are on a gas in Miami with Sam they’re making everything fresh for them hopefully one day I can afford that kind of investment in myself [Music] [Applause] you

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  1. She's less tired because she didn't have to shop for or cook her food. It's not just that it's probably better quality and more variety than she usually eats.

  2. Honestly your color perked up beautifully and your skin looks so much less oily at the end. That diet Worked for you. You should find a way to meal prep the same style of diet and stick with it. Because between as you said the extra energy and how soft and glowy your skin looked I think you could gain a lot from continuing with it.

  3. She sounds like Taylor Swift when she’s talking. 😊 also I would like to have a personal chef preparing my meals for 6 days a week. I want to eat out for 1 day. That would be such a great goal.

  4. I think you might have rosacea. The rosy cheeks are one of the biggest symptoms. And eliminating dairy and gluten help with it being better. I hope you'll see this comment and look more into it.

  5. priyanka salad? more like hypocrite salad. Promoting war on a platform where she has a large following while being a PEACE ambassador

  6. Oh yeah? You think a personal chef is good?! You have to pay them with money! Buuuuuut when my mum cooks I pay her with hugs and kisses 😊

  7. Dear YouTube
    It has become a concern of mine
    I never know when a new video is out until a few days after its posted, sometimes its weeks!
    Please STOP THAT 🤣😂
    Your sincerely; 'insert name'

  8. That food looked so amazing! I wonder if that wonderful chef would be willing to put up some sort of contest to win a meal or two of hers. I think she should auction her skills off and the money would go to feeding the homeless.

  9. Well I don't know what you normally eat but you probably have more energy too cuz you don't have to think about your meals! That saves so much time both mentally and time time. I have an in house chef at work, I have leftovers from my mom's and sometimes my own cooked meals (I cook like twice a month) and sometimes go out. And I have so much time and energy

  10. That sweet potato lasagna with wagyu beef bolognese looked to die for. All the dishes showed great balance…..lean proteins with large vegetable portions, fruits & nuts. Very creative combinations indeed.

  11. How do you work at Tasty and still eat frozen lunches 🤔😮i always thought the people there eat so well

  12. Wow these were amazing and healthy meals ! Wish we could have the recipe!! someone should try recreating them as another video idea 🙂

  13. I mean understandable nick has a personal chief. He’s super busy always doing something and he has diabetes. It’s hard when your busy to take care of yourself with diabetes.

  14. If Nick Jonas was Indian, Priyanka Chopra would be cooking for him.
    I am an Indian, my mom worked 9 to 5 and also did the cooking and chores. Supermoms.

  15. This is not a good video for pregnant women to watch. Idk where to have my husband get me these meals from at 12 am 😂😭

  16. It’s kinda odd to see how a lot of celebrities have diets that are curated specific for them, and they have people to help them with their scheduling, and to give them fashion tips, and book things for them, and deal with their social media and their reputation… and then with the way the world is everyone who isn’t famous is made to believe that they have to be like the celebs, and they can’t compete. Celebrities (I’m talking more about the rich to clarify) aren’t perfect, but they’re given everything they need to be as close to it as possible on silver plater because they have more money than others, all so that they can maintain their art form and/or work ethic. I feel like celebrities have so much money because everyone around them sees opportunities to earn money from them, the media industry is fed by consumers, and then those higher up in the food chain are fed by the celebrities talent, and to maintain that talent they do everything in their power to give these celebs the perfect image… it must be very overwhelming for the artist/actor/celeb.

  17. I really wish grown-ass people would stop saying "super", unless you're talking about markets or heroes. Just ✋🏼🛑

  18. Really, you wouldn't have that waiting in your fridge? I always have plenty of salmon with persian tahdig, grilled vegetables and spicy tzatziki in my fridge!

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