Nick Saban roasts reporter during SEC Media Days 2017

Nick Saban roasts reporter during SEC Media Days 2017

You’ve reiterated Jalen Hurts as your
starter, but people even want to keep saying that there’s a quarterback
controversy. Bozeman put it best a few mintues ago… (Saban cuts off reporter) Who’s saying that? You’re the only one saying that by trying to create it right now. Reporter: No. Bozeman put it best saying that they want drama. (Saban cuts off reporter again) I never said that. Alright, so… I don’t know who’s saying that. Alright. So
it’s like me saying somebody said it’s going to… have a hurricane outside today.
Is that right or wrong? It’s just, I just said it, so that means I created something that makes everybody panic and creates news and go out there and get
people excited and interested and afraid Umm… Look we have a lot of competition at a
lot of positions, alright… and we’re gonna play the best players. I think our
players respect that and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to try to
develop every player on our team to be the best player they can be. Alright…but we’re not going to tolerate people making stuff up, alright, just create interest. Which I understand and respect that’s your job… But, just not going to happen. Moderator: Coach, uh, next question here…center, left. (Saban cuts off new reporter) I was waiting for that one, man. That was, that was like a hanging curve ball. (crowd laughter) Reporter: You hit it.

16 thoughts on “Nick Saban roasts reporter during SEC Media Days 2017”

  1. Reporters are all dumb-asses who constantly ask stupid ass questions to create drama. If you think Saban is going to bench the SEC Offensive Player of the Year for a unproven freshman then you are just bat shit crazy. There will alot of mop up duty for the other two QB's starting with fsu.

  2. OK, so if Nick was "waiting for that one," doesn't that confirm the validity of the question? That reporter was not the only person in America who has speculated about the Alabama quarterback situation.

  3. That's at-r-a-n-g-e what he said about the hurricane…news media…chaos and panic. Is he a soothsayer or something?

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