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  1. Beth Warren thinks there's so much money out there. Where is she going to get it to find the trillion dollars for insurance and billion dollars for the school. I like the idea Liz but how many wealthy people can you tax with that much $$$$ every year you would be in office. US is already in deficit, you will go to China to put us more in debt and be enslaved. All this SO you can be in power. Baaaaad idea.

  2. that was a very nice heart warming story about the vet but you sugar coat it tell the truth about how america really treat there returning vets in the early 70

  3. This women should be jailed for life
    This is hateful
    I can not believe this is happening to a child in school and this child has epilepsy this is horrible
    When a white person does something to a non white person ITS POINTED OUT
    But when a black persons does something to a white person ITS NOT
    This is why people feel the uneven justice
    We should not accept this as color people
    We should want our own community to be help accountable when things like this are done

  4. Nice of the college to offer prayers for the student killed at a fraternity. Good grief, people really accept that as something substantial.

  5. I’d say there’s problems in schools. We have Nazi Lefts going into full control mode too early. But this is the future. Conform or suffer. And these school laws were passed by the …. Clintons! Duh.

  6. I have a dream, that we can all somehow steer into dignified Humanity… and see down the trail after Donald Trump ?no… after Donald Trump's actions as we all see them… and raise the bar.. on the quality of humans…. at least in this country.. …this is not a board game the objective should not be just to win… hopefully more Republicans stand for this task.

  7. So why won't you tell the truth, that the actions of the President (bribery) is an impeachable offense in the Constitution. What is your agenda? To lie for potus the clown?

  8. Was it a ambush or a drug deal gone bad ?
    And I know full well Mexican police just grab any Mexican they could …
    The real shooters will never be touched …

  9. I LOVE being able to joke when it's non-fatal plane mishap. I hear Cleveland Brown in the tub: "no, no no no NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO! Why do I always take my baths during Peter's Shenanigans?????"

  10. I’m so glad my daughter graduated without being abused again. She was in grade school by her 2 teachers in Ontario Oregon .😢 she has Down Syndrome..😳😡

  11. The teacher should not be jailed or sent to prison. I would recommend a mental facility. FYI. This happens everyday in this country.

  12. Hotwire show. Best of luck to all. As for San Diego State University, my own college experience included bullying with substance abuse. The Queen ended up being the head of our alumni association, and later on as a friend and teacher to my sister in Omaha…kept inflicting her emotional controls. McGovern. Unfortunately, her husband was in Iraq, the womanizing of women included gals married to men linked among billions. Unthinkable competition initiated by this Mary of god. Home cooked highs left one boy dead in San Diego.

  13. Ms. Elizabeth Warren, put prayer back into school, that will definitely uplift lives. The children need it, society needs it 🙏🙇😇👐👍👍It was a grave error to have taken it out in the first place. You do that, you will have Godspeed.

  14. “We (society) should spend less $ to lock ‘em up & more $ to lift ‘em up.” -Elizabeth Warren speaking on school to jail policy.

  15. What in God's name, that teacher have no self controle. It does not matter what made her so angry, the child is special ed, and she stomped on the child's head…what the flip!

  16. Stop media raping and taxing the rich fueled by jealousy.
    The rich provide jobs and products with their creative ideas via technology for the middle class and services for the annoyingly lazy stupid tent city dwellers in the USA by collected tax monies.
    Go out and work people! And
    stop making unwanted babies in the USA.
    Rats in short pants are the root cause of the World's poverty and environmental problems.
    Please tell me I'm wrong.
    Save a polar bear and for God's sake, put a raincoat on your dispicable Johnson.

  17. Lester please stop saying that thing at the end of every video what we have to listen to that every freaking time sir, it's 2019 you crazy people

  18. So agree with the school lack of health and mental health professionals. We were not all labeled bad kids for doing some of the same risk taking behavior kids are now. They need to learn, grow. Not be a mistake they made. Every time anyone enters a court room. They have their past put before anything else. When do we learn success comes from inspiring, eduction, and being there for those who need it. Some never had normal. Some never had safe.

  19. Elizabeth Warren you are 25 years too late for the black community with your plan. Blacks have been jailed for years on petty crime because of the crime bill from the 90s.

  20. My grandkids step mom was vile to my grandkids with her punishments. She also instigated their punishment by their father . I always wondered how she treated her students. She was a special needs teacher.

  21. Okay 17 death from e-pens how many deaths from frat house initiations but we don't outlaw frat houses a bunch of Rich punk's getting drunk oh yeah you can be a supreme Court judge be in a frat house drunk

  22. Hi from the other side of the wall!! Lolol 79’f enjoy the snow!
    Trump was just was doing what any Businessman would do – getting the dirt in the opposition lolol, and that’s why so many people voted for him! Good grief-
    Rip jovencito Hernández

  23. How come you don’t call the boy that was killed in the fraternity a Mexican yet you call the nine Mexicans that were murdered in Mexico Americans I’m confused. I thought if you were born in the USA you are an American if you were born in Mexico you’re a Mexican can someone explain this to me. I live in Mexico I am of scotch English Irish decent.

  24. Sont see what students do I told my kids you ask for trouble better be able to handle what comes.and never ever disrespect your teachers police or anyone. These kids have no respect for anyone anymore. I see it first hand.

  25. Everybody keep saying unexpected unexpected watch what’s gonna happen in a couple more years start snowing in September or August it’s called global warming

  26. That student "smacked " that teacher first ? Her "special needs" gives her the right to get what she got…azz whipped !!!

  27. I don't know what set that teacher off but I hear Texas and I question what probably what was said to make her go off. Not touching it as most to some ppl don't care for other ppl kids as minorities so I'm leaving this subject alone. This might be ingnorant of me but texas I a funny play where things are truly all black and white even for outsiders. SMH. The especiallysouth is a cruel place as I dont know what to make of the ppl their as it seems everybody pibolar. 😲💣

  28. I'm extremely confused! Golden Sachs played an instrumental part in the 2008 Financial Crisis and admitted to defrauding investors in 2007! In 2019, Apple decides to team up with them for a CREDIT CARD!? The co-founder of APPLE is begging for a higher CREDIT limit when America is TRILLIONS of dollars in debt!!!!

  29. A teacher going Mike Tyson on a handicap student, and it's like your eight story. This reminds me of your coverage of when the Chicago group tortured a handicap person live on Facebook. How is the media not the enemy of the people?

  30. To the teacher you acted appropriately. What the video DOESN'T show is the student hit her first. And im sure this goes for anyone if someone hits you what you going to do?

  31. Colleges should lay down some rules for fraternities to operate. Apparently, even college frat students do stupid things like they still in high school. Lawsuits can be avoided too. As for that teacher that fought the student, she never heard of RINCILES OFFICE?

  32. Life in prison for that teacher no words to describe the anger I feel inside for that poor special needs student she deserves justice , I hope they get her good in prison !!!!

  33. YOU TOOK HIS WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT, he said, "THE GOVERNMENT SAID THEY MADE A MISTAKE." He didn't say, "Uber made a mistake as related to the murder. He said, Uber make mistakes as with SELF DRIVING CAR ACCIDENTS. Who put you all up to that MISQUOTE? IT'S NOT ABOUT UBER IS IT? IT ABOUT THEIR CONNECTION TO SAUDI ARABIA! You all are SNEAKY AND DECEITFUL!

  34. I was told that the schoolgirl "slapped" the "substitute teacher," first. The sub. teacher should have just "left the classroom," or she should have gotten ahold of a school administrator…or another teacher nearby for help, instead. 👀

  35. Elizabeth Warren, stop looking at the edited phone videos and start looking at the actual behaviour of these 'students.' There are some schools that CAN'T find teachers because teachers are terrified of their own students. When you see a big, burly security guard or even a teacher using physical force on a student, look behind the outcome to see what caused it. No, that is not appropriate treatment of a student, but you really need to examine what caused that person to snap and exert that force. Then multiply that behaviour by the number of students in the school. Those teachers and guards deserve combat pay. I went to public school in Chicago back in the day, and there were a lot of rough kids there – gangbangers, thugs, or just plain jerks – but they never EVER laid hands on, or even sassed back a teacher. The school system needs to reestablish discipline within the walls of the schools. Period.

  36. Soviet Doctrine was always to attempt to launch a Guerrilla Assault, out of severe disabling weather event, During political unrest in the enemies homeland, & preferably when Military not at highest readiness for America's Major Holidays. The terrorists learned Strategy & tactics at the knee of Soviet instructors. Probably the most concerned about Thanksgiving week since 2001.

  37. You need to learn what a "hero" is. A hero helps out those in danger, not surviving. you are not a hero, teenager or not.

  38. Warren doesn't stand a chance. If the rich could've taxed don't u think it would've happened forever ago? Lol. Be quiet Warren, it's all talk with you, like many politicians.

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