Nirvana – London’s first alcohol-free brewery

Nirvana – London’s first alcohol-free brewery

So we’re here at Imbibe Live and we’ve just met with Joel and Steve from Nirvana and Nirvana Brewery has exciting news today, right?
We have indeed and we’re at Imbibe Live and we’re launching our beers in the U.K!
[Woo!] So really excited, had some good feedback as well this
morning so far and you’ve got two beers here today We’ve got our Cosmic stout and our Tantra; both are 0.0. And the Cosmic one we had some at our summer party. You did yeah. Went down really well
Aw thanks man, pleased about that A really nice dark beer and I have had a sneak
preview of the Tantra as well. I’d like to pour you some later on. If you wouldn’t mind. It’s an excellent pale ale and as you can see beautiful bottles as well; great design. Live on camera! [Thanks] So. This is our classic pale ale. You know we’re giving it a nice malt backbone; it’s not thin. Picking up some nice malts and a bit of citrus bitterness.
Yep. Very refreshing. Yeah it is really nice. Good malt, malty taste. Not too much hops. No, it’s our traditional and what we’ve done also we’re not adding anything any other chemicals to bulk up the body; it is purely a malt backbone. You know which is very important for us.

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  1. This is one of the NA breweries I'd really like to try. Hopefully it makes it's way to the states soon

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