100 thoughts on “No Bake Nutella Cheesecake | One Pot Chef”

  1. my first ever one pot chef recipe attempt 2 years ago and it was a total success!! now the only cheesecake i make lol mmmm

  2. Finally found the video again! I made this cheesecake a few years ago and it was awesome! Totally going to make it again

  3. I made this one first, then tried a variation with Reese's chocolate-peanut butter spread! DELICIOUS. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Just made this and popped it into the fridge. Can't wait to eat it! (P/S: Literally licked the batter clean and it tasted splendid) 😀

  5. Thinking about making this but will need to take it somwhere, so it won't be in a fridge for a good hour or two.

    Will it be ok? or should I put it in the freezer, so it stays harder for longer?

  6. I wouldn't have thought to put a bit of the Nutella into the crust part but I will NOW lol This looks absolutely sinful and one of those eat now, pay later deals LOL Thanks David:o)

  7. cannot find conversion for 250g of graham crackers, how much is that? what is 100g butter 500g of cream cheese, so frustrating trying to read that conversion chart. please help.l

  8. Just finished making this. I couldn't resist eating the biscuit base as I was pouring it into the tin 😱😱😱😱 what an amazing recipe!!! Can't wait to pull mine out the fridge and start digging!!! Hehe

  9. thank u for you simple yet delicious recipe. I have just made 1 for my family and it is setting for dessert after dinner 🙂

  10. My youngest daughter hates nuts, but loves Nutella and and my oldest daughter love chocolate. Now I think I have a desert for Christmas Dinner along with my raspberry parfait.

  11. I´ve made this yesterday and I´m eating it as we speak. The most easy and delicious thing everrrrr! So thank you! Greetings, from the Netherlands.

  12. already made it and it tastes better than it looks 😀 absolutely love it, i'm just about to make it again. Btw it tastes better if you let it overnight. The flavor really blends in 😉 love you and your channel David

  13. my mum has made this quite a few times before and it's DELICIOUS and now I'm home alone and I'm going to try 😀

  14. It was amazing. Thanks a million for the recipe. Everybody loved it.
    I reduced the amount of butter the second time cuz the crust was quite hard.

  15. I made this a few years ago and wanted to do it again since months but I didn't quite have the time (even though it only takes a little bit of time). Defintetely will make it this year!!! Its so yummy!

  16. Are you a true blue AUSSIE or a wannabe Yankee??? Here it is called BISCUITS…. BISCUITS. I say NOT cookies !!!! Be a proud Aussie and stick to tradition I say… Don't be mislead. It's great to let others know what it might be called in there country, but remember here it is Aussies first!!! By the way loved the dessert. It was a belter.!!!

  17. I have made Nutella cheesecake with his recipe for the past three years, probably more than 5 times now. I just wanna say this recipe works everytime and it's SO DELICIOUS!!! My fav cheesecake ever 🙂


  19. I can’t make his recipes because he never converts metric measurements for those f us who don’t use them ! This looks good though !

  20. Mother of God, this is a heart attack waiting to happen! On par with the K.F.C. Double Down lunacy. This guy has been silent for many years – I assume he has died due to his obesity or hides due to finding reality.

  21. would have made the bottom crust a bit thicker than the sides but other than that nice and easy and quick

  22. I love it! A cooking instructor who actually looks like he eats. Not some of these Instructors who are bone thin and look like they never eat, let alone eat their own food. Give me a fat cook and I'll know if the food they cook is great or not!

  23. Love your recipes so easy to make 👍❤️Can't wait to make it Yummm!!!! Can I use low fat cream cheese? So I want feel Quilty to have two pieces instead of one ☝️

  24. this is so tasty, i have made it so many times. i'm currently visiting family in australia and completely forgot this dude is aussie so i'm happy that i should be able to find all the ingredients!!

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