No Grill Brush? No Worries! | Easy Grilling Tip

No Grill Brush? No Worries! | Easy Grilling Tip

No Grill Brush No Worries! So let’s say you’re at the park or you’re
at home, dog chewed up your grill brush, you get a pretty nasty grate and you need to clean
it, well you could always take your tongs and try to give it a good scrub.
It really doesn’t work very well. But what you really need and hopefully, you
didn’t forget, is some aluminum foil. Just take a nice sheet of it, oh I don’t know,
18, 24 inches, crumple it up real good, grasp it with your tongs, take it to the surface
of the grill grate and start scrubbing. Really, it works.
So the next time you’re at the park and you realize you forgot your grill brush and the
possum’s been slipping on that grill grate, break out the aluminum foil and start scrubbing.
Hey, that’s it. Thanks for watching.
This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
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13 thoughts on “No Grill Brush? No Worries! | Easy Grilling Tip”

  1. Ooh great tip Gary! Very smart. The dog chewing the brush up would be a common occurrence for many I'd say lol

  2. Thanks for your tip, Gary  🙂   Stupid question, but is it really essential to clean your grill grate, or is it just for aesthetics?   I've heard that it doesn't matter.  Now that I have a nice, new, quality grill (for a change),  I'm curious!  🙂      Thumbs up,  Jersey Joe  

  3. Cut an onion in half and clean it with it. That is the Mexican way to clean a grill. Plus it
    Smells delicious

  4. Don't use a wire grill brush.  I just pulled a 1/2" piece of wire out of my daughter's tonsil tonight.  The ER doc and 3 X-rays missed it.  We got it out after she got back from the ER.

  5. Great idea, even if you didn't forget the brush. A lot of stories showing up about folks finding a wiring in their food after it was cooked on a grill cleaned with a wire brush. Awesome tip Gary!

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