(No Music) Autumn in South Korea 2019 🍂 Countryside Home Meal

(No Music) Autumn in South Korea 2019 🍂 Countryside Home Meal

I’ve harvested all the early apples. These apples are called ‘early apples’ that we eat until early fall
(The Fuji apples that we eat until next year are harvested before the winter) We started harvesting a little late and they were starting to rot These aren’t stored apples so I have to eat them quickly
I cut and eat an apple every morning and then have it as a juice as well. It’s so amazing to see such a big apple on a small branch every year! To enjoy them a little longer,
I put them in an icebox and store them in a low-temperature warehouse. Garlic Ginger I just wanted one clove but then I got a bunch! (Haha) Radish So think! Autumn radishes are the best! Bok choy My love bok choy! It’s best for making stew…(It just hits the spot)
They are best cultivated during spring and fall, but not during the summer. Green onion Before using the dried anchovies,
you need to remove the insides and fry them to get rid of the fishy smell. Washed fermented kimchi Water plum syrup (Maesil Cheong) Perilla Oil Radish Raw mackerel Garlic Ginger Red pepper Powder Soy Sauce Fish Sauce plum syrup (Maesil Cheong) Sesame Oil Pepper Salt Used water from washing rice
(In Korea, it is used to create a deeper taste of soup than pure water) Water Dried anchovies tea bag The root of a green onion Green onion Bok Choy Soybean Paste Bok Choy Crushed Garlic Fish Sauce Perilla Seed Powder Green onion Red pepper Perilla Soybean Paste Soup Braised Mackerel Ripe Kimchi Stew Delivering them to mom at the field These fat kittens are so cute! How much did you eat? Beginning of June Soybeans Mixed soil Three weeks later Soybeen seeding I’m going to plan two sets of seeding for soybean just as I did for the perilla seeding. August Beans are growing so well! October Harvesting soybean Soybeans are required when making soybean paste. We also use them to make cold-bean soup, fast-fermented bean paste, etc. Shaking out the beans After the harvest, when the beans are all dried under the sunshine, we shake the beans. Drying beans
(everything has to be dried under the sun after the harvest to avoid insects) Our field kittens’ nature-friendly toy A day in the countryside is slowly drawing to an end.

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