Noises Dads Make |  CH Shorts

Noises Dads Make | CH Shorts

(upbeat electronic music) (grunting) (sighing) (grunting) (sighing) (grunting) (sighing) – Good day to be a dad. – You said that.
– Amen to that. – You know what would
make this day even better? – What’s that? – A beer. – Mmhmm. – Oh yeah. (grunting) (grunting) – I got it. I got it. Sit back down. (grunting) (grunting) (grunting) (grunting) (cans opening and grunting) (sighing) (low grumbling) (grunting) (exhaling) (exhaling) – That’s a good beer. – Can’t complain. – Life is good. – It says so right on my shirt. (laughing) – Whelp, guess I better
check on the grill. – Oh no, no, no you don’t, cause I’m gonna check on the grill. (high pitched grunting) – No, no, no, sit back down. (grunting) – Cause I’m going to check on the grill. (sighing) (grunting) (grunting) (screaming) (groaning) – Boy those are smelling good. I got to take a closer look. (grunting) Ahhh. (satisfied groaning) – (pained groaning) Oh
God, oh God, oh God. That’s some good meat. I’m gonna smell it again. (grunting) (labored inhalation) Ohhh. (grunting) Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. (pained grunting) (pitiful grunting) – Hey, can I ask you guys a question? – Of course buddy. Go ahead. – Have you ever been to a doctor? – No. – Never once in my life. – But everything hurts
all the time, right? – Oh yeah. – Says so on the back of my shirt. (pained grunting) (screaming and crunching) – Well I’ll be damned.
Is that a bald eagle? (grunting painfully together) ♪ America, America ♪ ♪ God shed (grunting) his grace on me ♪ ♪ And crown thy good in
bro– (pained grunting) ♪ Hi, it’s Katie Marovich
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100 thoughts on “Noises Dads Make | CH Shorts”

  1. Come on my gramps doesn't even make that sound and he fought in Vietnam AKA he is 76 so a 76 year old man is stronger

  2. LOL the store my dad went to 20 years ago to get cigarettes must hate him for making all of these noises!

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