Look at this! Suddenly we’re recreating the goodbye video. This is what we look like. Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Ricky! And I’m– I’m– woah Do not call us O2L ‘Cause that’s not a thing anymore So, suddenly O2L’s back… for like a day Connor’s in the bathroom. He’ll be in there for the remainder of the video. [noises from Kian] We all came to Amsterdam for Sam’s wedding So, congrats Sam. You’re really a husband. Yes. Woah! Something’s “Amster-Sam” “Samster-dam We’re all here so we’re gonna make some fun videos …right now. You’re all looking at me. Cause you’re fucking, you’re just talking So Shane Dawson mad a really funny video with Garret and Drew Where they made fun of youtubers’ thumbnails and made noises and stuff So I wanna do that too. With these guys But only old O2L thumbnails. Because, some of y’alls thumbnails were ratchet. jc: we wanna do that too, Ricky.
Ricky: Oh! And, by the way We’re filming on all of our channels So, watch them all. Subscribe to them all, and-
Trevor: I think it’s mine. Honestly, from those f-ckin chips Let’s get started!
Kian: [gibberish] Jc: “8.13.12.” Why the f-ck did we do that? Kian: That’s Ricky’s dumbass Kian: Hey, glad I was in that one. My-my name in- My name in that is, “Surprise Sunday” That’s your fault for not being in the channel earlier
Sam: He didn’t want to be So, the first thumbnail I wanna do is this- this gem “Trevor Is Friday!” Okay, everyone do your best Impression of this noise Jc: Dude, how- Kian: No, that’s too close to mine, sorry. Try again Well, I don’t know! What else is that gonna be!
Sam: He’s more like- Kian: He has a fucking crush on Jc
Trevor: Yeah, I do Jc: Dude, looking at fucking Trevor’s. What is that? Jc: Who would click on that shit?
Which one of these two? Cause they’re both the same Honestly, it’s the same face- both. And y’all three do it Kian: [gibberish] Jc: That’s- a little racist
Kian: How is that racist? You’re literally mexican Sam, you go I haven’t seen these thumbnails in literally four years King
Trevor: King! That slays Jc: Dude, weird to- dude! How to make great titles! Trevor Moran: Weird Toes Trevor: Well- I was trying to reach the demographic of like those old guys that like jack off to feet Jc: Dude…
You never know! That one? Okay. Go, do me. Roast me- roast me! Kian: You’re literally like [makes noise] Jc: Trevor with the good lighting.
We need a- we need- Woah! Jc Caylen gets naked. Recreate that right now Trevor: Honey Boo Boo Child
Alright, go for it. Go. Trevor: Let’s put a twist on mine. It’s me- Getting f-cked in the -ss for the first time
Kian: I’m gonna pass on this one Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll do it! Why are your thumbnails horrible, Trevor? Suddenly this became a make- a roasting Trevor video Jc: You look like you’re sucking a dick Why are yours so bad? Trevor: This one! Trevor: Guys, this whole video cannot be me though Your- but yours are great! Trevor: Okay, okay- my excuse- my excuse is literally that like I was f-cking- literally thirteen and fourteen years old. Wait, guys. I literally like- think that’s the reason why I’m irrelevant Jc: Dude! Why is it always Trevor?
Trevor: Guys! It’s because of my f-cking- Kian: No, you literally uploaded it and- you literally just
Trevor: It’s because of my thumbnails and my titles! That’s why I’m irrelevant! Oh my- we have to do Jenn.
Trevor: Oh my god, f-ck, queen. JcPenney is back! Alright, do Jenn. Jc: Dude-
Kian: She’s smiling, what the hell am I gonna do Sam: No, she’s more like a- Kian: Me, too, baby daddy. Jc: “Raw Egg/Meat Smoothie”
Trevor: That’s not fucking vegan! That’s Jc after last night with Kian Trevor: …What?
Jc: Dude! Jc: Dude, Trevor. This is Trevor trying to sing Trevor: Wait, but- before autotune. Trevor: This one. This one, this one, this one, this one.
Okay, do me. Roast me guys Kian: Dude, sixty four thousand views? That’s a roast in itself No one liked that shit Wait a minute, this is- “WHATEVER (week) | Trevor Moran (omg I got my twitter back)” Jc: He’s talking to a door! Okay, let’s make fun of this
Sam: I got this one, guys Alright, I got it Kian: Why do we look like we’re bout to f-ckin- like go on Jerry Springer or something Worst thing in the world, I’m just like- That was a good video, it slayed! Woah. Kian: Okay, baby girl! What is this? That is a roast in itself.
Trevor: That thumbnail looks like you took mushrooms This is when I was understanding like thumbnails and stuff. Like I still wasn’t like, quite getting it. Oh- oh, my god. Look at Trevor! Kian: Oh, the irony. Trevor: Oh, my god!
Sam: Well you know my past relationships have all been shit Kian: I was like, “Oh, the irony” and everyone was like- What is this? Trevor: That’s some fucked up PornHub shit. Jc: Dude.
Kian: You still make that shit thumbnail You still do the exact thumbnail I’ve changed my font since then Kian: No you have f-cking not Trevor: Oh, f-ck! It’s even worse! Now I use Cartoonist, this was- This was “Badonkadonk”
Kian: Dude, you literally remember the name of the font? No one in this room can remember the name of the font they used I like my- Trevor: Your fonts are literally like-
They’re bold and pop. Wait a minute. This- I reacted to this one on camera. Do you remember like the the edit mistake? When you’re like- Kian: When it just cuts off like five f-cking times? Trevor: Wait what?
Kian: Can we watch it? Hell, yeah! Trevor: This isn’t the part, is it? Kian: No, but this is the greatest of all time. But the endings the best, hold on. You pop in for
Kian: For a second? Trevor: Where’s the editing part?
Jc: It’s coming up. Sam: Alright guys, so I lo- please give this video a big thumbs up! Add to your favorites, share with your friends, all that good stuff. Because I love you and you love me, right? Alright, well. Yeah. I love you all, stay beautiful. And I’ll see you later. -you all, I hope you had a great day. Kian: “Hope you had a great day!” See ya. Jc: I f-cking love that. I’ll lead this into like the next video. On that note, we’re gonna end there Kian: Alright, bye guys. See ya later. o2l, coming soon. 2018.
And we’re gonna do-
Sam: Alright yup, I’m leaving then I didn’t mean like, in the video yet! Sit down! We’re gonna react to videos on someone else’s channel. So watch that. We’re making videos on everyone’s channel so watch them all. Thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe to everyone.
Kian: o2l, out! Can we do my outro?
Kian: Yes, oh my god. Yes! We have to do it, okay y’all- y’all all know it, right? All: Oh! Kay! Guys! See! Ya! La! Ter!

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