26 thoughts on “Obama roasts Rubio for Trump vote”

  1. Why does he have to do all of Hillary's campaigning for her? Is she too sick to get her fat ass out of bed, or is she afraid that if she showed up nobody else would?

  2. What a fucking hypocrite…this piece of shit and his tranny wife pulled out all of the worst insults for killary and now he's giving a lesson in ethics? A big fuck you to you sir

  3. Acknowledge your part in the Trump Victory, President Obama.
    "It's not your fault, Mr. President. You didn't push too far. All you did was troll Donald Trump into running for president in the first place, stand by while Ferguson and Baltimore rioted and burned, give Iran billions in exchange for empty promises, allow Russia to establish a beachhead in the Middle East for the first time in half a century, browbeat Israel at every opportunity, ram through Obamacare after Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts, preside over the mass migration of children across the southern border in 2014, expand the DACA amnesty despite saying 22 times you lacked authority to do so, use the permanent structure of government to devastate the Appalachian economy, convince half of America that liberals were ready to take their guns (this wasn't hard to do), have your Education Department issue orders that led to the campus-assault craze and the deterioration of classroom discipline and that, months before a presidential election, mandated trans-bathrooms in schools, have your Justice Department preside over a sloppy (I'm being charitable) investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server that included, at one point, your attorney general secretly meeting with the husband of the subject of the investigation on an airport tarmac, muscle out Joe Biden, who might have won, from the race, and hand the party back to the less-likable half of America's most polarizing and corrupt political couple. Not to mention the eight years of lecturing." –Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon

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