OMK! See What’s Cooking at Kalen’s Kountertop

OMK! See What’s Cooking at Kalen’s Kountertop

Good, morning. Everybody it is SaturKay. Welcome to OMKalen. Now, listen. I saw that you all
was up in my comments talking about them
Kool-Aid pickles. And I’m still
saying I’m not going eat them Kool-Aid pickles. But I have decided to go
back to the beginning of time and try an iconic dish. So today, baby, I’m
making potato salad cake. Oh, this is nasty. Oh, yeah. All righty, child. Welcome to Kalen’s Kountertop. [LAUGHTER] So I got my little
laptop right here. And I got the video rolling,
so we about to figure this out. So first we gotta cut
these potatoes up. You gotta cook the
potatoes first. You can’t have raw potatoes. That’s nasty. Ooh, I hope you all
washed your hands before. I’ve been over some
people’s houses and I don’t eat be
eating they food, because I don’t know if they
washed their hands, honey. I’d be inspector [INAUDIBLE]. You gonna get
somebody salmonella. Wait, I think that
comes from me. Never mind. Ooh, I feel my
muscles flaring up. This is another workout. I may not need to go
to the gym tonight. So that was 28 ounces
of cooked potaters. Oh, we gotta do
something with an apple? I used to be so
scared to eat apples. I always thought a worm
was going to come out. Oh, Lord. It’s an onion. Why this onion ain’t peeled yet? OK, you all, we gotta
peel the onion first before we can do
anything with it. This is gonna be a while. Actually, ain’t you supposed
to cut the ends first? I think– actually– yeah. That’s what you’re
supposed to do. Ooh, Lord. The whole onion? Well, their onion on
here is a lot smaller than the onion
that’s on here, baby. Ooh, Lord. Why are my eyes burning? Oh, because it’s an onion. Onions make your breath stink. They smell. And they make you cry. Ooh, I didn’t cut this
one up good enough. Ooh, that’s the skin. Never mind. That wasn’t supposed
to be in there. [LAUGHTER] What else you gotta put in here? Think the pickles. Ooh. Ooh, Jesus. [LAUGHTER] Ooh, why this lid on like this? Oh! Jesus! Oh. There we go. Honey, I was concerned. Ooh, God, that stinks. Ooh, Lord Jesus. See, you all thought I was going
to put this in some Kool-Aid, eat it. Lies you tell. Oh, the cute pickle! Look at that pickle! One of the best days of
my life was finding out that pickles are
actually cucumbers. Did you all know that? So you all need to
start making pickles, because cucumbers is
cheaper than pickles. You need to just
go get a cucumber, throw it in some vinegar
and let it out in the sun. You know me, bougie
on a budget, honey. Save your coin. OK. Now we gonna mix
this all together. OK, so– ooh. Jesus. Ooh. You all didn’t see that. I’m sorry. Since I’ve been working out
my muscles, they just get– they get ahead of
themselves, honey. Add the cream cheese
and the mayonnaise. OK. So we gonna throw our
cream cheese up in here. 1/3 cup of mayonnaise. Let me move this one. Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus. That– oh! God that stinks. Ooh! Look at it. It even make a squishy noise. Oh, God. [MUSIC PLAYING] Smells delicious. Now I got to put salt
and pepper in here. Of course I do. I don’t know how you all can
walk down a grocery store aisle and go through all
them seasonings that is literally there on
the wall and only pick the salt and pepper. First of all, the salt and
pepper ain’t even on the shelf with the other seasonings. It’s completely ignored and
abandoned the other seasonings. There is basil. There is oregano. There is nutmeg. There is cinnamon. Because salt is white,
when you put it in stuff, you don’t even know if you
really seasoned it well, because you can’t see it. They’re trying to bamboozle you. Don’t. Mm-mm. So now we’re going
to spoon the mixture into our fancy contraption here. Spread out our
potato salad mixture. Make sure it’s even and level. Get down. Sorry, y’all. I’m knocking my hat down. Now we’re going to
do these pickles. I’m gonna put them around in
a little circle on the edge, make a little cute
little border. And then I’m going to
put my K in the middle, because you know I like to
put my name on everything. Ooh, they rolling away. Ooh, Jesus. This stinks. My nose is burning. Now we’re going put it in a
K. Let me move this potato. It’s in the way. Ooh, that rhymed, child. (RAPPING) I’m going
to put it in the K. Look at that pickle in the way. Ay! I’m going to put it in the K,
but that pickle in the way. Imma put it in the K, but
the pickle in the way. I gotta put this
in the ‘frigerator for I think like two hours
so that it can get all hard and stuff so that when
I take it out of this it’s not all discombobulated. We got us a little
Kalen potato salad. Actually, I should probably
fill in these gaps. That’s better! Don’t that look cute? Look at me. I’m gonna wiggle this off. Am I not doing this right? Oh! Ooh. OK. Now we gotta put the
most disgusting part of this whole thing and put
some raw hot dog wieners around the side as decoration. Clearly I have ran
out of hot dogs. However, we’re going to
leave this little opening here so that all the pickles
inside can get some sunlight. Oh, the things that
I do for y’all. It is time to try my
wonderful creation here. Mmm, my god. Oh, my spirit is
so heavy right now. There it is. Absolutely not. You could not pay me to eat
that [BLEEP] right here. Oh, Jesus. Mm. [LAUGHTER] OK! OK! [LAUGHTER] OK. I’m gonna do it. [LAUGHTER] I’m laughing through
the pain, y’all. You could not pay me to
eat that right there. [LAUGHTER] Mm-mm. Mmm. Absolutely not. First of all, it’s too many
textures all up in one. Bottom line, this
some nasty [BLEEP].. Let me go get some of
my friends and have them try it to see if they like it. I made this special dish. OK? My grandmother’s potato salad. Now, I want you to try this. You need to get the
potato salad and you need to get the hot dog. Smell it. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Oh. Smells good, don’t it? Oh my gosh! Yeah. There you go. There you go. [MUSIC PLAYING] Open up! Choo choo! Ooh, yeah. That’s actually really good. [LAUGHTER] Oh, well. It tastes like my
mom’s potato salad. [LAUGHTER] Well. It’s not bad. Great. You know? You like it? Wait, what’s wrong? You can go ahead and
take that with you. OK. Go ahead. Baby, you OK? [LAUGHTER] They only told me
put salt and pepper in there. Could you taste that? No, not really. Exactly, because salt
and pepper is inadequate. You don’t like it no more? No, this is
absolutely disgusting. There’s like a gross aftertaste. What’s the aftertaste? It’s gross. Oh, so now you don’t like it? No. Well, that’s good, because
I didn’t like it either, so I was a little concerned
about your taste buds. Ooh, Jesus. Sorry. What the hell? [LAUGHTER] Y’all, my grandma did
not make that recipe, OK? She would never in her life
make some [BLEEP] like that. Anyway, I’ll see you all later. Bye, now. Ooh. Somebody give me some
water or something. Jesus. That was some nasty mess.

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  7. Someone said that kool aid pickles is a florida thing in the comments because sweetie,I don't know bout you but you gotta go back to miami.

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