One Pan Roasted Chicken & Potatoes Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 761

One Pan Roasted Chicken & Potatoes Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 761

Hi guys! I’m Laura Vitale and in this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen I want to share with you a really delicious family meal that is
really a one pot wonder, it is my chicken potato bake, now I have done a version of
this before, a few years ago but this is kind of like an updated version of it, and I made
it recently in one of our vlogs and I had everybody asking for the recipe because I
make a really good marinade and it is just phenomenal. The ingredients you will need
are, some good chicken, now what I will suggest you use is chicken, the drumsticks and the
thighs bone in skin on, those are the best for roasting, if you want you can buy a 3
pound, you know, 3 pounds, like a whole fryer that it has been cut up around 3 pounds and
you can use that, I, for roasting chicken like chicken thighs and the drumsticks skin
on, bone in that is my personal preference and then to give it lots of flavor, I got
some dried sage, dried thyme, fresh rosemary or you can use dried rosemary, paprika, granulated
garlic and onion, some Dijon mustard, you will need a lemon, salt and pepper, and olive
oil and then will take some potatoes, extra rosemary and garlic in a little bit but before
we do that I want to marinate this chicken so, to my flavorful mixture here, I am going
to add a good amount of salt because remember you are seasoning a lot of chicken so do not
be afraid to season well and then lots of black pepper nice and coarse, give this a
really good – you can absolutely use chicken breast if you wanted to but just make sure
it has skin on, bone-in otherwise is going to be dry and you do not want that and then
I am going to put the entire juice of a lemon in here, seeds and all, do not worry about
it because is not like, it is not like you are going to be able to, they are not going
into a sauce, it is a marinade so, is all okay, and then I actually just cut the lemons
and put them in there and I did wash my lemon so do not worry about that and then we are
going to add, I will say all in all maybe about a quarter of a cup of olive oil, this
is not going to cut it, we will be here until next Tuesday, yeah about maybe a quarter cup
of olive oil because again you got a lot of chicken in there, and then just use your hands,
give this a smash around and then we are going to add in our chicken, ahhh.. it smells incredible!
in our, the video, in the vlog when I made this , I did not add the paprika but then
the following time I did it, I did add the paprika and it just not only give it beautiful
color but the flavor was outstanding so I say go ahead and add the paprika, that looks
good! Now what I am going to do is I am going to cover this with plastic wrap and stick
it in the fridge for a minimum of a couple of hours but honestly you can do this the
night before and then that way the next day you will have such a beautiful flavored chicken
and all you have to do is bake it in the oven and you are done and dinner will be in the
table so, I am just going to let this go for a couple of hours and then we will wrap it
up, first wash my hands, wrap this up, in the fridge and then I will show you how to
put the whole thing together. My chicken was in the fridge for a couple of hours and I
am just letting it come to room temperature just a little bit because you never want to
take a really cold meat and pop it into the hot oven, my oven now is preheated to 425F,
now I am going to prep some potatoes, what I have here are some baby red skin potatoes
and some Yukon gold potatoes and all I am going to do is cut them in half, that is really
about it and this is so easy and so simple, if your potatoes are super small you can even
leave them whole, I prefer to cut them because that way the cut side gets really, really
nice and crispy and lets face it is the best part of the potato, of a roast potato in my
opinion anyway, so I am just going to cut all this up and get them ready for my baking
dish which I have here, I have a giant roasting dish, now, it is not dirty it is just stained,
ha ha you can see how much I do use my pots and pans and baking dishes by the fact that
most of them are stained but that I fell like, you know that is, that is how they are supposed
to look I cook I mean I cook everyday so I am not going to buy new pots and pans and
dishes all the time and I feel like they have character and they have history, that is why
I actually prefer when they look used but that is just me, I am just going to continue
to cut this up and get them ready. I am going to drizzle them with just a touch of olive
oil, do not need to much because the chicken render out some of it’s own fat that this
is going to cook into and that will be delicious, I am just putting some salt and pepper on
the potatoes, lets just put a good amount of salt because remember potatoes need salt
and then I just strip some rosemary leaves, I do not even want to chop them, I just leave
them whole as it is, they crisp up, they taste lovely so all I am going to do now is toss
the potatoes, let them cover in the oil. Just putting my chicken in my big roasting dish
and as you can see I do not want to lose any of that marinade, so I am just going to move
my chicken around and then that way it kind of coats it really well in the marinate and
then make sure it is all skin side up and before I add the lemon to this, I am going
to surround my chicken with potatoes because I want this to be a really lovely one pot
kind of meal, really easy, squeeze things together if you have to, remember this, you
know, it should look like there is plenty in there, you do not want 4 or 5 pieces of
potatoes and then, and 2 and 1/2 pounds of chicken, so squeeze things together and it
will all work out beautifully and then I am taking my cloves of garlic unpeeled and I
am just sticking them all over, now this does provides flavor but because we are leaving
them unpeeled I do not have to worry about them burning and then they get really nutty
and roasted and then you can just pop them right out, it is delightful so, put those
in there and then I take my lemons, my lemon quarters and then just pop them around, because
that is all good flavor, and get that marinade. Ahhh.. my Nona will be proud that I am using
all the marinade, because hey.. I put it together, I want to use it, ok! That is looking good
enough for me, I am going to pop this into the oven, it has been preheated to 425F, I
am going to wash my hands first but I am going to pop this in there at 425F for about an
hour to an hour and a half, it really it does totally depends on how your oven is and we
are looking for this to get nice and crispy and the potatoes to develop beautiful color
and it can take anywhere from and hour to an hour and a half. Wipe my hands and get
this in. My chicken and potatoes were in the oven for exactly 1 hour at 425F, now do not
panic if the top of the chicken gets a little bit dark, that is actually not the chicken
it is the marinade because I added so much of the marinade right on top of the chicken,
I provably should not have done that but it gets just a little bit dark but do not worry
about that, you can hear that the chicken is crispy, the potatoes… look at this potatoes?!
Look at that! Look at that color! I have let this cool just for a few minutes, look at
those!!! Awwww! Mmmmm… I’m going right in. For just a little something green I do like
to splash – sprinkle some parsley right on top and I do not even chop it, I just kind
of throw them on top and let them do it’s thing and it is so lovely, I am so excited
for dinner. One pot wonders like this that you can pop right into the oven are a life
saver, whether you have some time in doing it on the weekend or you can do this the night
before, pop it in the fridge, when you come home from work exhausted and tired, you know
you are minutes away from a wonderful dinner, because all have to do, yo do not even have
to put it in a bowl and then put it in the fridge to marinate, you can put it in a roasting
tent and let it marinate in the roasting tent and then pop the whole thing in the oven,
add your potatoes last minute if you are going to cute them so that they do not turn color,
but I am going to go for a piece of chicken from right under here because I do not want
to disturb the top. Ahhh, yes! Look at that! It is going to be really hot though. I already
ate like 4 potatoes! It is true! Mmmm.. that is on point, it is flavorful, perfectly cooked,
I wanted to show you the garlic as well, I just pop it right out of the skin, the skin
looks like this, you pop it right out and it is beautiful! Mmmm… I got to go,
will have this recipe written for you. Hope you enjoy spending time with me and I
will see you next time!! Bye, bye!!

100 thoughts on “One Pan Roasted Chicken & Potatoes Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 761”

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  2. I have made this today and i can't tell how amazing the flavour was… The marination was so so so good, and keeping in the fridge for overnight really helps chicken absorb those lip smacking flavour.
    I have roasted them on convection mode ,yes the same you bake the cake. So for those who are new to roasting chicken please take a note😊

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  26. I made a chicken and potato recipe last night. I used Hidden Valley Ranch mix ( powder ) to coat the potatoes after I coated them with olive oil. I roasted the potatoes first. I also coated the chicken with the HVR powder. I pan fried the chicken in the bacon grease. I also added green onions, bacon, and cheese. It turned out great.

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