Ông Thọ Làm Món Chân Giò Kho Mềm Thơm Béo Ngậy | Braised Pig’s Trotters

Hi guys, I’m gonna introduce you how to make an interesting dish: Braised Pig’s Trotters Main ingredient is pig’s trotters I’ve cleaned pig’s trotters thoroughly Side ingredients include shallots, garlics, chillies, pepper, fish sauce, chilli sauce, soy sauce, sugar MSG five-spice powder garnishment include herbs I’ll chop the shalots first Don’t chop it too small ’cause we’re gonna have to marinate the trotters to have color. The color decides the taste of the dish Do the same with garlics and chillies Chop the chillies Add oil to the frying pan Make fire and put frying pan over the fire Keep the fire small, not too big lest it’ll burn add a moderate amount of oil Add all the chopped shallots in Fried the shallots till aromatic Caramel sauce in Is the color OK? Some fish sauce in Soy sauce in Pepper Five-spice powder Be careful when you cook the caramel sauce Add water in Then put the pig’s trotters onto the frying pan Turn the trotters properly and wait for the trotters to fully absorbed the sauce Always keep the sauce simmering, if it’s boiling, it’ll get burned If you’re home, using electric stove is the most convenient It’s simmering Roll the trotters well because it’s kinda big Turn all the sides of the trotter Can you see the color? Only braise the trotters after having pour water into the pan. Remember water level must slightly cover the trotter I’ve been marinating this trotters for like 2 hours Remember to turn the trotters regularly so that it will shrink and have good color When we add water in, the color won’t fade Put this side down ’cause the trotters is way too big, the I’ll turn it upside down. Any part that is not colored enough, you face it down to dip into the sauce Making this dish might take time Water the sauce evenly over the trotters after it simmers If the pan is bigger, we don’t have to do this Because this trotter is big, we have to do this so that the color of the sauce can marinate well into the trotters and the color won’t fade away when we start braising Wait until when the color sauce turns viscid I’ll add some more water lest the sauce will dry up The most important step doing this dish is the color sauce The trotter will absorbed all the color that we’ve marinate This trotter is way too big We’re gonna have to braise for 2 hours after pouring water in All the flavors are absorbed in the trotter. This is the most important step to make sure the trotter is flavorful and beautifully colored Turn one more time before putting the trotter into the braise pot We’ve done with the coloring step Time for this step is pretty much enough now The trotter has shrunk and has a stunning color If the time is longer, the color will become darker or get burned, which won’t give the trotter a stunning look I’ll grab the trotter to the braise pot Take the pan out and replace with braise pot Look guys Pour water in Remember that water level must slighly cover the trotter This is from the pan, I have to do like this to filter those cooked ingredients out Water level must slighly cover the trotter Keep the fire big After that, braise the trotter over small fire so that it will be cooked through, not overcooked. If the fire’s too strong, the trotter won’t be cooked on the inside Cover the pot After boiling, turn the trotter each 10 mins Open the cover to check It’s cooked, guys I’ve been braising for 2 hours Make sure to turn the trotter regularly lest it’ll be burned, thus just make the fire small. I braised using traditional stove therefore I have to turn The trotter has shrunk, really shrunl 2 hours, guys. Make sure to keep the fire in moderation and watch the time. You can also braise the trotter with pressure cooker. If you use electric pot, you’ll also need to turn the trotter at times, or the pot will get burned I’ve braised the trotter the traditional way before but this time, I make it the Chinese way, thus we call the dish “kho tau” (chinese braised trotter) The trotter is cooked through after 2 hours of braising I’ll take the trotters out onto the plate Take it out Make sure to add a little braised soup to the plate Sprinkle some water over the trotter to make more juicy. If the trotter is way too dry, the color will turn grey After that, lay the plate onto the table to eat The trotter tastes amazing I’ll cut it Cut it like this, this knife is pretty sharp Use the braised soup to dip the meat into I’ll dip the meat and have a bite The soup is yummy, guys Very tender Braised pig’s trotter is top-notched The flavors are perfectly-seasoned The trotter is well-marinate and cooked to perfect tenderness. It’s not burned and the color is stuning We can use woods or honeycomb charcoal to braise. If you’re living in the city, you can use pressure cooker instead If you use pressure cooker, you’ll have to braise for 1 hour and a half, the cooker will turn off itself after 90 mins, you don’t have to keep an eye on it, and can do other things Spare your time to make this mouth-watering braised trotter If you like spicy food, add some chillies in Additional spice is herbs. Dipping herbs into this braised soup is perfect. Very tender and yummy Don’t forget to subscribe and support my channel. I’ll introduce you more delicious recipes, which are easy to follow and to your likings Thanks for watching, goodbye

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