Oven Roasted Pork Chops | Moist | Tender | Juicy | Pork Chops Recipe

hello everyone please welcome and join me easy steps cooking in Indian and Punjabi style I’m going to cook today pork chops and I’m going to cook it in my way in my style and I wanted to share with you what things I do in order to make my pork chops so tasty so mouth-watering that once you either you fall in love with it and my pork chops always comes as a moist when you eat it as pork tends to when you cook an oven become a dry but my pork chops stay nice and moist and you enjoy with each bite and I’m going to share with you how I do cook it I have my pork chops and I’m going to have all-purpose flour just a handful I’m going to have a complete seasoning it’s lemon seasoning so I’m going to have that seasoning even though I have that seasoning I am going to add little bit salt and about one and half tsp then I like my chopped pork chops are a little bit hot and crunchy so I’m going to add like a three spoons of black pepper and once it’s all done I’m going to mix it so I just use a you know hands to mix it okay so I’m going to show you what are things I do in order to – these are fresh pork chops and they are beautiful in big sizes big chunks as I’m going to lay down I’m going to share with you something on a couple of them then I can come back to you later and show you at this moment I see a little bit of you know the fat on the side I’m not going to use it so I’m just going to cut it off I’m going to discard that because I I don’t want that to be on my pan it’s just going to be dripping oil once it’s going to be cooking and that’s all the chunks I’m going to discard it what I’m going to share with you and with these are three of them I’m going to use some olive oil what I do I just like you are doing a marinated marinating something I’m just gonna rub it off a little bit olive oil seems just a little you know how they look shiny and nice so that’s the one reason other reason is very important which I’m going to share with you then I’m going to come back for before but I’m going to show you what I’m going to be doing it I’m going to grab a bowl since olive oil helps when we going to do this the coating has the flour the seasoning we put it on so once we do this which you’ll notice that how beautiful it turn out nicely evenly coated seasoning so I’m going to put on pan I have a more pork chop so what I’m going to do the same process I’m gonna do oil and dip into my the seasoning and I’m going to put it on a pan that I’m going to share you I have started my oven at 400 degree and it’s already coming up at 268 so I’m not going to share with you that I am going to cook it my way and the traditional way which is a normal everyone out there cook it the way they do it they grab a tray let me show you and then once they have the seasoning done they just put it into the tray so once they do that I’m going to show you the real comparison one-by-one pieces and you will feel the difference and even a saying whoa that is something amazing let me take these to my oven and you can follow I’m going to stick these in and like 25 minutes 15 minutes or I’m going to check it out after 15 minutes I’m going to see how it doing and once it’s doing good then I’m gonna this is the traditional way the way we everyone does it and you expect to do it the same but my way of doing it a way I’m gonna do it I’m going to fill this one with the pan with the water and it’s a good idea you like warm water because of the again you know rather than have your oven things make it hotd you know it’s better to begin with the hot or warm water then what it does that the my cooking that I like my chicken or rather pork or beef I want them to cook as a moist I don’t want you know my food to be dried really that where the food time when you’re eating it you kind of chewing on it you are making yourself harder on you I rather than enjoying you just keep chewing if you take a look how beautiful it’s going to be set up I’m just gonna roll this one then that is my style of doing it and when these going to come you’re going to taste it they’re going to taste fresh chops in the or not almost up for 30 minutes and as I said the 15-20 minutes and then ah I said you know that since pork chops a little bigger I’m going to show you share with you this is the traditional way but what we doing this coming pretty good too and we’ll see if I can close in see they are not dry as much it’s supposed to be the reason is that olive oil help the one I’m doing with my style they are cooking perfectly fine – you don’t even I have to turn it on these because what it does I just wanted to show it to you the water does penetrate through the steam and that makes it the perfect and during the cooking it becomes nice and smooth all over is so moist I’m just turning around you don’t have to flip around I just wanted to show it to you I’m going to let it sit another I think is pretty much done another ten minutes the most but five minutes so within 35 40 minutes the pork chops are ready if the pork chops are smaller then I would say 25 minutes 20 to 25 minutes since these are real big huge it takes a little extra time yeah hi it’s almost ready and I’m going to pull out I’m going to pull two sets one I made it with my own style with the water steaming nice beautiful they are done I’m going to bring that the one we did the with the standard way of doing it you will feel the difference I’m going to taste it I’m going to share with you which one tastes better if I can close in how beautiful they look in the natural color no food color is added they are beautiful cook right now the one we did without the water just directly into the pan but with my way of doing it adding love with olive oil coating over that gives to perfection also so good nice smooth texture beautiful seasoning delicious only one thing little bit dry it’s harder to chew it’s not harder to chew in a sense of that it’s harder for you to swallow it the other one we added the water only this is more for texture wise like my secret ingredient potato so it’s really good I prefer both but I prefer on my style doing doing with the water that brings a little more into moist into this ribs pork chops and they taste better and also you can preserve it a longer time in a sense not preserving over time but if your leftover when you are eating tomorrow they still going to be moist the other one if you eat it now fresh will be perfect if you let it sit and you’re thinking planning to do it tomorrow left over it’s definitely going to be dry so I really appreciate for joining me easy steps cooking in Indian Punjabi style the pork chops oh thank you very much and I will see you soon with the different recipe with a different ingredient different stuff thank you Bye Bye

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