PACAYA Volcano Guatemala | Roasting Marshmallows (2019) Backpacking  Guatemala

PACAYA Volcano Guatemala | Roasting Marshmallows (2019) Backpacking Guatemala

So our guides now taking us down, so we
can get closer to the larva to actually see how hot it is, and I believe to toast
a marshmallow! *** Music *** So it’s bright an early, it’s six o’clock in the morning, and
today we are gonna climb and toast marshmallows, on an active volcano. so we just stopped off to buy some snacks to give us energy, to climb the two-hour hike
of the volcano, and as we said in previous videos, you can see Antigua is
surrounded by volcanoes. And we are super excited to be climbing one today. *** Music *** My Name is Karina, your guide for here, welcome and have a great day. So after a one-hour drive, we have
arrived at the bottom of the volcano and it’s really chaotic, so we’re following
our guide, here you can see behind me and they said it’s probably about, seven
kilometers walk in total. *** Music *** So the tour actually costs us 80 quetzales each, which we got from in Antigua, and when you arrive at the park, you have to pay
50 quetzales which is about five pounds entrance fee into the park, which
Marianne’s just doing now behind us. So when you arrive, you can also buy walking
sticks, so we bought one each, just to help the knees, just five Quetzales
each. They were, so it was Ten Quetzales for two. *** Music *** We’ve got a fun group today! so let me introduce who’s on our group today, I’m Garrett, Olivia and baby Ethan. Okay you guys are from the States! Hi I’m Lovitia from Italy, ah Italy! Hi I’m Joanna from Germany. There you go so we’ve got a real group today so we’re gonna have so much fun!! *** Music *** So it is pretty steep, but we’re doing good! We got the two horses following us in case we flake, they spot the unfit ones and follow them, they might get some some rides. But yeah it’s all good, slow and steady! But you, can feel the air at this altitude is a little thin. Hence the breathing, nothing to do with
my fitness levels ha ha! And we chose to do the tour in the morning, you could do it in the morning or the afternoon. We chose the morning, because in the afternoon in rainy season, which it is now, it very often rains. So it’s good and
sunny today. So we’re climbing up the hill, and as
we’re walking up it varies between rocks, steep steps and just volcanic sand.
We’ve just pulled over to the side, because you can actually see Pacaya, and
there’s actually plumes of smoke coming out of the top. Which is slightly
unnerving, but yet very exciting! and I think I should introduce Karina, who is
our guide for the day! and then we have all these beautiful guys behind us, Who have their beautiful horses. *** Music *** We are stopping for our first rest stop,
and a quick swig of water. We haven’t succumbed to riding the
horses yet *** Music *** You need a degree of fitness, because
it’s actually very tiring, very long and very hot. And we weren’t sure what to
wear for the tour, because you go to altitude so you weren’t sure that was
gonna be cooler. But it’s hot, mainly due to the exercise, but it’s definitely hot.
Shorts, a t-shirt, you’re not going to be wearing any more than that. So ‘Tread the Globe’ is bringing up the rear, and it’s a slow and steady race, and the tortoise is
going to win! yeah! We’re the last in the group for sure, but we’ll make it, and
we’re determined to make it without a horse. We’ve found our group, one of the
reasons to do this hike, go through all the exercise, is to see views like that
behind us, another volcano absolutely beautiful. We’re so lucky this morning
our blue skies and hopefully it’s sunny on the way down too! Amazing we’re loving Guatemala! *** Music *** So we’ve done about an hour, and
apparently is another two hours to go! yay! But we’ll do it! Mamma didn’t raise no
quitters! *** Music *** We’re stopping for one minute, just to
rest for a minute, before we do round, what round is it? 367!
Yeah, I keep having mini breaks, because I’m finding the heat and the
altitude, but I’m going to do it!! Okay so here’s the question, obviously it’s
nothing to do with my fitness levels, obviously. But how come these girls are
not sweating at all and we’re dripping! And they’re carrying a baby. I don’t know,
it must be genetics! nothing to do with fitness, sweating is good !! So if you do come to Central America, particularly Guatemala, you have to do the volcanoes, you have to
go up a volcano on part of your trip here, and yeah, we couldn’t do the
five-hour, one but we realise that now. We realise that before we did it,
that’s why we didn’t book it, but there’s different hikes, depending on your
abilities, and you get to see lava. Hey, even toast marshmallows, so you can actually see the volcano, the top of it behind us, smoking in the distance, it
still looks like a long walk. Okay I’m officially in front of the group,
probably not for very long, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to get it on camera! Evidence! Slow down! That’s why I’ve got a big stick!! That was funny, we nearly took a wrong
turn, until everybody shouted, no you’re going the wrong way! Oh yeah, our groups waiting for us, up there. *** Music *** We have reached the point in the hike, where the ground has started to change, and you can see the volcanic rock. It’s really alive!
We can not smell suphur ! No there’s no smell yet. *** Music *** So we made it! We’re at the top – Pacaya! Which you can see behind us, an absolutely beautiful space to come and
take photos, and you can actually see where the lava has come down the side of
the volcano behind us. Absolutely breathtaking views, it’s very
hot up here, but it’s worth the hike, so if you come to Guatemala come to Antigua, and do a day trip up here, it is so worth it! But what is really bizarre is that on this side it is all black volcanic rock and then we will turn the camera around, and it’s green lush, forest plantation, land it is stunning, absolutely amazing views. *** Music *** Our guide is now taking us down, so we
can get closer to the larva, to actually see how hot it is, and I believe to toast
a marshmallow. And you have to be really careful, because this is a live volcano
with lava running down the side of it, how cool is this? *** Music *** So we’re walking over the old lava bed,
and obviously our guide knows where to walk, and not to walk, but it’s like
being on the moon! it’s such a strange landscape. *** Music *** You can actually feel the heat now,
coming off the ground and it is a bit hazardous to walk on. Okay, so this is the part of the
tour where you actually get to roast marshmallows over the lava.
Once in a lifetime opportunity I think. We’re just getting some sticks
to stick the marshmallows on, so what’s amazing you could feel the heat coming
from the rock so Marianne is just going to roast her marshmallow now, and put them in this hole here. Wow it’s so hot! it’s all it’s there! it’s brown, it doesn’t
look like it’s cooked, but it’s actually all squishy. It’s so hot, sticky, the heat
coming off the ground is absolutely amazing. So we’re gonna roast this now. It is so hot! Honestly, I can’t believe how hot it is. It is almost burning my hand! Wow, that is amazing. Hot in seconds. Roasting marshmallows,on an active volcano tick! What an experience! I’m not really a marshmallow person, but I had to do it because I was curious as to what it would taste like, I was slightly convinced that it might be a bit sulfurus, you can’t actually smell
sulfur, no it’s all heat. It is literally the heat coming out of
those holes, was like putting your hand in an oven. It was super,
super hot and the whole air just changes as soon as you go on it. Yeah, I was a little worried about our shoes melting, the surface was a bit warm, but once you got under that first layer, it was like super hot, absolutely! The power of nature, never ceases to amaze us, and you can imagine this river of lava, that we are walking next to, when it was actually flowing
initially, the heat and the the sight, must have been something out of
this world. What’s actually amazing is that on the top of the volcano, you can
actually see a trickle, river of lava, red, coming down, You look on TripAdvisor wherever you go, around the world, there are things to do, and this is one of them.
You can either hike and camp and sleep on the volcano, or you can toast
marshmallows, I was all about the marshmallows.
It is tough, I’m not that fit it was tough, but I really am proud that we’ve done it,
it was great fun. We’ve just literally got back from our fabulous volcano walk,
and we’re just gonna pop out and grab a bit of lunch, but I literally have to
introduce this amazing woman. She looks after us, and she is so lovely, she works
she’s so hard-working and this Leticia – it is nice to meet you – mucho gusto! Chickens and horses, but I need the
exercise. and in fact I might strip off soon, yeah, I’m going to go up in my
underpants. Come on !! I am coming !! I am so happy to do this !! it is amazing !! It is easy!! yeah, we were going to wait until the sweat stop rolling and we had our breathe back but Chris thought it would be a good idea to do it whilst I am still out of breath!! you won’t be able to pick this up on the camera, but you can hear it crackling, Why are you whispering ? I don’t know I’m whispering! cut

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  1. I'm visiting Guatemala in October and this video got me extra excited! Thanks so much for sharing. May I ask which tour company you used for this trip?

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