Packing School Lunch | Fantasy vs. Reality

Packing School Lunch | Fantasy vs. Reality

Oh goody, it’s time to make the kids lunch. Oooh Locally-sourced, fresh avocado from my farm share I’ll cut this up and make mercury-free fresh safe catch tuna rolls Mmm. Let me just pull out my food safe, non-toxic, lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, polypropylene bento box! And of course some raw broccoli florets from our garden. And of course a treat! My kale infused protein packed dye free, dyed cookies. And no school lunch is complete without a love note from mommy. Love you, honey. Oh crap! It’s time to make lunch. Huh, oh what am I gonna make? I should have gone to the grocery store. Let’s see what we have in the fridge. Oh a open half-eaten yogurt tube. That’ll work! Dried corn, brussels sprouts… Pizza! Yes! Wait, when did we have pizza?
Last Friday? Six days ago? That’s okay, right? Oh good, we have turkey jerky, we have chips, bread, yes! Oh my god. I forgot to empty this yesterday. This is disgusting. Toss in a brussels sprout. Everybody loves turkey jerky. Why are there so few chips in here? Who eats 99% of a bag of chips and puts it back in the cabinet? At least we have bread. Oh my god. It’s a heel. Why? Hold on. I have a great idea. I’m going to make a pizza sandwich. He’s gonna love this! Genius! Wait. How am I gonna close this yogurt? Hair tie? Not the most hygienic solution, but it’s inventive! And of course no school lunch is complete without a note from mommy Sorry, honey, Mommy loves you! I do.

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  1. Sorry Deva, my fridge has precut fresh fruits and vegetables and a literal mountain of bread to be used and 70~ish organic ‘go-gurt’ tubes and single serve sliced cheese and a ton of peanut butter and jelly! I’m still in the pathetic Mom trying to hard at the beginning of the school year stage never mind that I have a 4th grader!🤔😍

  2. My dad had to pack a snack for my little sister at daycare and he just gave her a jar of Nutella. She's two and is a big fan of your parodies!

  3. I love the comedy but I feel a little tired of the repetition people have with making it sound like a person who tries to reach toward parenting ideals is really neurotic with a superiority complex and a voice to match!

  4. Hi MyLifeSuckers… can you reply to this comment before you get super rich and famous so I have some bragging rights? I know you will be super popular really soon. Love your videos!! I've been watching since the "What Does the Fox Say" parody!

  5. I just found this video and subscribed. This is hilarious! And I do have 2 lunch videos on my channel! 🙂 The lunches aren't the best every day…and there are times when buying lunch is the only feasible option. LOL

  6. Like my kitchen, but dinner version … my husband will ask how I came up with what we're eating, and I tell him it's the "Use What You Have" meal. Majority of meals made this way.

  7. The day my kids decided they were willing to eat school lunches a few days per week was a huge relief for me :).

  8. I packed my own luches all from 1st grade to 12th grade, my parents wanted to pack me lunches originally but Im a picky food eater so I wanted to do it myself

  9. In Sweden u don't have to pack a school lunch, we get free fresh and healthy food at school, it's just Sweden and Finland that has this.

  10. One time my mom had to go somewhere early in the morning .So she left us sandwiches in the fridge but my sister didn't know so she made a nuttela sandwitch.

  11. Huh. How come the people at my school think that seaweed is gross? My mom gave it to me to try, and I enjoyed it.

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