Palak Paneer पालक पनीर | Kunal Kapur Recipes | North Indian | Chef Kapoor

Palak Paneer पालक पनीर | Kunal Kapur Recipes | North Indian | Chef Kapoor

Palak Paneer is one of the best,
one of the most interesting dish And, there are so many different
recipes to prepare Palak Paneer, my choice of recipe, that I am going to make,
it is quite a simple recipe, There are not many ingredients required to prepare it, The taste of spinach comes out very well in this,
So let’s make Palak Paneer! For preparing Palak Paneer
we will bring the water to a boil, We have some spinach leaves with me here, This is approximately half kg of spinach, We do not have to boil the spinach, We have to blanch it, blanch meaning, We need to keep it immersed in
boiling water for a minute or two, And then remove it and add it to the chilled iced-water, By doing this the color and the
nutrients of the spinach remain intact, This has started to wilt, as you can see, which means it is almost ready, This is ready! We will take this iced-water and
we will quickly add it to it, Spinach is cooled down immediately, now, We will squeeze it gently Do not squeeze it too much because when we are going to grind it,
the water would be required, See we had so much as spinach, after cooking it, it has reduced to this, In goes spinach, open it up a little there, All that nice bright green color means good nutrition, Add some water, Spinach is ready, just to show you., Look at that! Nice paste perfect! Now just tip in a little oil, very less, we will add cumin seeds to it, Some butter, we will add chopped garlic to the butter, Now, chopped garlic is very important for palak-panner, as the flavour that comes from it is of roasted garlic. Give it a nice stir, on medium heat, we need to completely brown it, Next, we will add some finely chopped green chilies, Finely chopped ginger, add ginger only when the garlic has turned brown, And, immediately we will add some chopped onions, there you go! Look at that! We don’t have to brown the onions,
we have to cook it on high heat for one-two minutes so that it turns a little translucent, Just like how my mom says,
‘just let them turn a little pink’ Next, in goes some Spinach, Now we will roast it for a few minutes, It will splutter a little and come outside, That’s perfectly fine! We will next add some salt, some red chilly powder, and some cumin seeds because the spinach is already cooked, we don’t have to cook it more, Now is the time we will add some cottage cheese/paneer cubes to it, Carefully! You can even fry or saute
the paneer and add it to this, The paneer won’t break because of it, In Palak Paneer, I personally enjoy
that broken malai paneer, So I never personally fry and add paneer to it, Raw paneer tastes really good, after adding paneer, gently, carefully mix it all together There! Just lift it and drop it, We have to turn it like this, This is a very simple dish, A lot of people say that you haven’t added
any tomatoes in Palak Paneer, You haven’t added any spices, Trust me, when you will taste this recipe you will yourself say that there is no
need for tomatoes, extra spices, Neither Garam Masala, It’s a very tasty dish, And there is a very pleasant smell of spinach,
cottage cheese, and butter, A quick boil now we will finish this using cream, after cream a quick stir, we will not close this,
We don’t have to cook the cream, we just have to heat it a little, There you go! And so easily, our very delicious Palak Paneer is ready, Now is the time to plate it! Garnish with some cream, drop some butter, And some coriander, our Palak Paneer is DONE!

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  1. Will definitely try this. No dhania powder, no garam masala powder, no kasuri methi, no haldi. Only laal mirch and jeera powder. I'm definitely going to try this. Looks delicious chef

  2. Sir, your all recipes are very good but suggest a vegetable recipe for office lunch that is ready in a very short time because I am still unmarried 😜

  3. Nice sir but I'm confused because palak ko boil karke woh pani bhi ham fake date he than use thande pani se nichodke nikalte he,to palak ke protin kaise milega

  4. We have to add tomatoes with palak to break protein or iron we receive from palak… That's why palak is made a bit spicy and sour….

  5. The fat things (like ghee butter )contain faaty acid(butyric acid)some another important things .it makes our skin glowing . everything in this world has their own pros and cons . Excess of everything is bad . Palak is rich with iron
    Kbhi kbhi buter b khna shi hota i don't think it is unhealthy.e k chiz to healthy itna chlta hai

  6. Sir meri 5 sal ki beti aapke video dekhti h, or mujhe recipe follow krne k liye bolti h. Or sach me aapki recipe lajwab hoti h. 👌👌

  7. Agree Kunal….Ya, no need of adding any tomatoes & extra spices.. Have tried this with these basic ingredients…exactly copy/ came out vy well!😋
    Guest who ate @ my place have asked me for recipe & have referred ur’s..Simple☺️

  8. The size of paneer should be smaller and also instead of kachha paneer it should be dipped in boiled water for a couplr of minutes.Little amchoor can also be added.

  9. I tried this recipe, i had all the ingredients in hand so it took very less time and was super yummy because of the fresh cream on it. Thanks a ton for easy palak paneer recipe (i couldn't resist myself adding half tomato to it 😊)

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