Welcome to Recipes In My way Today we are going to make a spicy Pallipalayam chicken Now we can see how to make this dish suitable for Rice , Chapati and parotta 1/2 kg Boneless chicken Juice of 1/2 Lemon 1/2 teaspoon Salt 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon Red chili powder Add 1 tablespoon Ginger Garlic paste and mix well Let this marinate for 1/2 an hour 6 piece Garlic 12 Dry red chillies, Cooked in hot water for 5 minutes Now we can paste this this paste gives good taste to this chicken 3 tablespoon Coconut oil Coconut oil suits this chicken well 1 teaspoon Fennel seeds 12 Dry red chillies ( seeds removed ) some curry leaves Saute this for 30 seconds Add 150 gm Small onion and fry them well we can also add Big onion 1 hand full of sliced coconut Fry them well for 2 minutes 1 teaspoon Ginger garlic paste 3 teaspoon Chili paste We can use this for other purpose by storing in refrigerator Saute for a minute 1 tablespoon Coriander powder 1 teaspoon Cumin powder 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder Mix this well Add 100 ml water Add required salt, I’m adding 1 & 1/2 teaspoon Now we can mix the marinated chicken with this 100 gm Chopped tomato Close and cook in medium flame for 10 – 15 minutes mix them in between No need to add water Our spicy pallipalayam chicken is ready Garnish with some coriander leaves If required we can add 1/2 teaspoon Garam masala Try this spicy pallipalayam chicken in same manner and same scale of Ingredients

63 thoughts on “PALLIPALAYAM CHICKEN – பள்ளிபாளையம் சிக்கன் – CHICKEN PALLIPALAYAM – CHICKEN FRY”

  1. அருமை சார்😋😋😋, தேங்காய் துருவி சேர்க்கலாமா சார்?

  2. Appa romba nala palli paalayam chicken panumnu ninachen bt neengaley pani kamichutenga thanks bro super parkavey yummy & mouth watering

  3. Thengai ennai ellam vida neenga samikira vithamum solli kodukira vithamum innum arumai bro …sema super spicy chicken anna 🤤🤤🤤👌👌👌

  4. அருமையான பள்ளிபாளையம்சிக்கன் Sir. Recipeயை செய்து பார்த்துவிட்டு Comments போடுகிறேன் சார் Recipe Excellent ஆக இருந்தது என்றார்கள் சார் வீட்டில் Thanks for the recipe sir…

  5. மிகவும் அருமை அண்ணா சாப்பிட ஆசையாக உள்ளது நன்றிங்க

  6. ரொம்ப பொறுமையாக அட்டகாசமான ரெசிபி தேங்யூ சார்

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