I am so freaking scared right now… SHUT UP! So Ian, can you explain why we have all these food here on the counter? Uhm.. Ever since I found this little toy oven on our doorstep, we’ve just been getting food randomly appearing here in the morning It’s kinda freaking me out. Yeah, so that why I’ve taking the liberty of setting up few cameras around the house, so hopefully we can find this ghost or whatever is doing this. Mmh! Alright man, going bed. Wait, we gotta sleep in my room What? I couldn’t afford enough cameras for both of our rooms We’re cutting this part out, right? Yeah whatever, just go to sleep. Come on baby, just one kiss! The hell? Dude, Ian! Ian, wake up! I’m drowning! I’m drowning!!! Dude, what the hell?! Dude, you gotta check this out! Look. I was looking over the footage from last night. Right… Watch what were you doing. Dude, what the FREAK?! Yeah. THE FREAK?! I’m so freaking scared right now! Yeah. Look at me! I’m just… What is that incredible smell? Oh. My. Freak. You made a whole plate of tacos. No, I don’t even know how to make tacos! Dude, gotta to find out who’s been making this delicious treats. Alright, fine, i’ll just go set up a few more cameras then. Wait… I thought you said you couldn’t afford more cameras. You know, that’s why I’ve been sleeping in your room the whole time? Mmh.. Right? Man, these are really good tacos. Alright, No one crosses this Pikachu. That’s your set, and this is mine. Alright, Whatever. Come on, Ian’s Mom… Oh! Oh! Wait! Oh no! Wake Up! Wake Up! What’s your problem?! You’ve just tried to make out with me! For the second time! Sorry, I was having a weird dream… About what? Not in your business!!! Go back to sleep! What the f*cking freak?! What is that? Uhm, it looks like a calzone… I don’t even know what that is! So, here you are getting out of bed… What the FREAK?! Just wait… And then, you leave the house… And then come back two and a half hours later. Wha- I got groceries?! What the freak?! And I went to like three stores!!! And… Here you are, making the calzone. But I- It doesen’t- AAAGRH! All this crap started, when i bought this thing from that stupid old man. Thought you found it. Okay, so I might have made a blood oath with the voodoo priece, but, you know, it doesen’t matter. Problem solved. Dude, this is the dumbest idea you’ve ever had. The ghost are gone, you- We already through the thing out! We’re gonna make shure they’re gone! Okay, if any evil ghost chef or whatever passes through here, we’re gonna be able to see it. It’s so stupid, dude. The ghosts could easily jump over that line of flour. Whatever, just- Don’t cross this pillows! Okay, just go to sleep. WHAT THE FREAK?! WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT?! What? What? That sound! It was like.. Dude, i didn’t heard anything, just go back to sleep. Just go to sleep! Oh my god! Oh my god! Ian! Ian! Wake up! What? Holy sh*t! What? Oh my god! I look like Michael freaking Jackson! Oh come on, he wasn’t that white. No, I mean I look dead! What the hell? Did you bring that back in here? No. Just tell the truth! I’m being completly honest, I didn’t bring it- Okay, What the freak is that? That can’t even fit in that little oven! What the he- Happy Bir- Who the hell is Alison? I don’t know! You know what, Here. That’s it. Dude, Anthony, where are you going, dude? Get the hell out of the road! Do you want an Easy-Bake oven? F*ck yeah! Take it! So, that’s it? I Wanna film one more night. Just to be sure. AAA FREAK! WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT?! ANTHONYYYY!!! ANTHONYYYYYYYYY!!! ANTHONY! AAAAAAAA! ARGH! OUCH! ( Knocking at the door ) ( Bang! ) Police Departament! If anyone is here, show yourself! Jim, I got someone in here. Turn around and put your hands on your head. Anthony? Do what I say! Right now! Anthony? He’s reaching for something! IT’S A GUN! Oh, nevermind. It’s a croussaint. Wow! He’s a great cook! To see the Easy-Bake oven freak out and and be a little bitch, click the link in the description below. Thanks for subscribing! Ahhhhhhhh Youhh feelhhh thhat? That’s me breathing on your neck. You smell nice.

100 thoughts on “PARANORMAL EASY BAKE OVEN!”

  1. My story, alison was a really good cooker so on her 5th birthday it was dark at 3am she got a vodoo doll then the mom killed herself then on alisons 6th birthday she died and then……… she became a ghost and then was a spirit and then she attacked ian and anothy then the police came

  2. I know i watched this video when it was still kinda fresh, but i just noticed
    This is a parody or almost a reference to luxury pranx

  3. It'd be funnier if Anthony started showing cameras in other houses about random shit that has nothing to do with the Ghost.

  4. 1:13 Anthony With Cloths On
    3:00 Anthony Without Shirt
    4:47 Anthony Without Pants / Shirt
    6:58 Anthony Without Pants / Shirt / Underwear

    This is how many years this "Meme" will stay alive

  5. At the end he said he was breathing on me and I smell nice I was like thanks but I'm actually really sick so lucky for you 🤫

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