Past Lives – Bötzow Brewery // Berlin Stories for NPR

Past Lives – Bötzow Brewery // Berlin Stories for NPR

My name is Martin Albrecht, I’m an archaeologist and historian. I work in a lot of old breweries here in Berlin. This is the basement of the brewery. It’s about 4,000 to 5,000 square metres. Originally the brewery production was at Alte Schönhauser Strasse, which is in today’s district of Mitte, near the Volksbühne. It was a brand-new beer for the Berlin beer market, called Bavarian beer. It was totally new for Berlin and the taste was so fantastic that all the old Berlin beers, except for Berliner Weisse, were pushed off the market. The Bötzow Family put a lot of effort into creating a brand name. My name is Alfred Gilker-Bötzow. The Bötzow Family has been living in Berlin for 750 years. My great-grandmother was née Bötzow. She was a cousin of the gentleman who founded this brewery. This was the work of one single man. His name was Julius Bötzow. He began production in 1864, here in Berlin-Mitte, and he needed a beer cellar so he could make thorough use of his new beer. It was his advantage, and his family’s too, that they owned a large part of the Windmühlenberg. So he had it excavated for his cellar. The cellar grew more and more as production increased. In the end, as was planned originally, production was moved here, too. From 1884/5, everything was in one place. Apart from the brewery, one space of interest in these grounds is a huge beer garden with a large hall, offering room for 5,000 to 6,000 people. Today, you don’t have a view of the city, but back then you had a view of the city of Berlin from the beer garden. This is one of the oldest store rooms. At the end, the brewery had a capacity of 200,000 hectolitres per year. Even by today’s standards it would be a big brewery. During World War II, the brewery kept working until the end of the war. Production ceased in January 1949. When the brewery ceased production, it was clear what could and should be done with the property. They are cooling rooms. It became storage space. You need to know that this cross here is a relic of the parties which were celebrated extensively in the past ten years. EXIT Subtitles by Stephanie Geiges

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