Peeling Roasted Pepper Trick | Barbecue Tricks

Peeling Roasted Pepper Trick | Barbecue Tricks

If you’re a fan of great bbq you already know
fire roasting does something magical to food. It brings out deep rich flavors in everything
from meat to veggies – in fact these days one of the most popular foods to fire roast
is the sweet bell pepper. . I’m bill west with bbq tricks . But fire roasting and peeling a pepper at
home can be a pain.. Lots of picking and sometimes you’re forced to rinse off flavor along with
pesky skin under the tap water… we stumbled upon a little trick that can help make the
process easy and a less of a mess. Once you fire roast these guys you get an
intensely rich, sweetness with a juicy – almost velvety texture…
You can bake them in a hot oven -400 degrees or so- but since we like to work with live
fire – we recommend cooking right on top of live hardwood coals… It’s ok to let them
get really black and rotate them around with tongs to char on all sides… The only thing that’s cooler than cooking
directly on live coals is watching your bbq guests react in shock to the scene of you
tossing their dinner into the fire! Roasting with this kind of direct high heat
really enhances the browning on and under the skin If you want to roast this in the kitchen at
home you can do this right on top of the gas burner or even the electric burner for that
matter just get it nice and toasty. The pepper skin is actually pretty resilient…
And once you’re convinced you have unlocked some of the deep flavors – shake, tap or brush
off any residual embers or ashes. And drop the pepper into a regular old lunch bag…
Or for some of you that would be the ba from the liquor store… Seal it up and let it
rest or for ten minutes… Long enough to let the steam do its trick…
No oil… Needed Pretty simple… You can shake it up and and
just use the bag to pull the skin off — nice and easy… You won’t believe how easy it
peels right off and keeps the trashy skin right in the bag… Fire Roasted sweet peppers peeled easily with
no picking with this paper bag trick… With easy clean up too.. Subscribe free and chime in with a comment
if you have a trick of your own- For more tips tricks and other fun stuff – BarbecueTricks

13 thoughts on “Peeling Roasted Pepper Trick | Barbecue Tricks”

  1. @BarbecueTricks Man this is the best technique I have seen to peel a roasted pepper. Great Video. Just subbed.

  2. Excellent! I'm going to try this since I've had such a hard time w/ the peeling part of Roasted Peppers. Tanks!

  3. We prepare 'Ajvar', made of lots of red fatty pepper (not the same as in the video) and eggplants. These are baked on a flat iron disk. When they are done, we put them in plastic bags and once the plastic bag is full enough we close it. We wait a while (we call this steaming period). After this it's very easy to peel a pepper and eggplant, we usually use our hands, we also take out the seeds and wash each pepper and eggplant a little bit to make sure it's all clean. Then we let those peppers and eggplants dry overnight. We make sure there is drainage, but also protection from insects or similar. In the morning, we mince peppers and eggplants (in a meat mincing machine), and then we cook it, we add some oil and salt while cooking, we intensively steer and when it's ready (usually when the mass starts separating from the pan while steering), we put it in warm jars and close it, cover it to keep the warmth overnight and than we have an excellent bread spread throughout the winter. We usually do this with huge amounts of peppers, like 100 kilos, and 10 pieces of eggplants or so (depending on the taste one can also put some hot peppers to make it spicy or more for really hot).

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