People Learn Gross Pizza Facts While Eating Pizza

– We’re all gonna die
from chemical exposure. I might as well eat some
pizza along the way. (upbeat music) In 2016, the FDA announced
there is no longer a reasonable certainty that pizza boxes contain chemicals that
are safe for humans. As a result, the FDA prohibited three food contact substances
found in pizza boxes that were used to repel
moisture and grease in the box. The chemicals were all
perfluoroaklkyl substances, where are found in carpet
cleaners, camping tents, and microwave popcorn bags. – I’m just gonna point out, people live with all three of those items. You don’t need to get your pizza in a box. – Yeah. – Like, you could just grab it. – And put it in a bag, for all I care. – If it’s okay for popcorn. – Right. – I ain’t died yet. – I can’t even pronounce
most of those things. They don’t scare me. – The FDA allows for up to 15 fly eggs and one maggot per a hundred
grams in tomato paste and other sauces for pizza. – Oh! This is quite disgusting. – Gross. (crickets chirping) – I love the specificity of that. Hey, Steve, today, we
need you to figure out exactly how many maggots
can be in tomato sauce. – Why 15? – You get 14 fly eggs, and you’re like, it’s good. – It’s good to go. Fly eggs? Super small.
– Tiny, tiny flies. – Like not big flies. – Why 15? Why not none? – In 2018. So this is — – Uh-oh.
– Current. – Uh-oh. – In 2018, mouse poop was
found in name brand pizza in Indianapolis, Indiana. – Whoa.
– Whoa. A health department supervisor said, “There was a good amount. “It was very obvious that there were “numerous mouse droppings in the pizza. “It’s not very often that we run into “that amount of evidence “of mouse droppings in a food product.” Whoo. (laughing) – I like that he wasn’t like, oh, this is very serious. There was like way too much. He said, there was a good amount. – It’s like he was
excited about it, almost. – It’s a good amount. It’s not a great amount. – We took this planet from the mice. – Yes. – So I’m willing to let
them poop on our stuff. – Give a little bit back.
– Sometimes. – Have you ever had a rat infestation? – No, okay, yeah.
– In your house? – Have you?
– Yes. – Is it really gross?
– It’s pretty gross. – In 2011, a guy found
a bandaid with remnants of dried blood in his pizza leftovers that he bought from a Clifton
Park, New York location. He says that his messages
to the pizza company went unanswered for several weeks. – This one’s gross. Just some like, dirty delivery guy, had a bandaid fall off on a pizza, which is gross.
– That is gross. – That’s how you know it’s handmade. You know that pizza’s handmade. – That’s true. Uh, wait, what’s the saying? Blood, sweat, and tears
went into this recipe. – Boom. – That is pretty fucking gross, though, ’cause you don’t know if
that person has something. – It’s dried, though. – It could’ve been tomato sauce. Let’s — – [Man] Good point. – Use your imagination here, people. – We love pizza so much, we’re trying to come up with excuses to make us feel better. – When a Reddit user asked, “Fast food workers of Reddit, “what should we not
order at your restaurant? “Why not?” someone who claimed to be a manager from a big pizza brand responded
with the following quote. “Our dough are processed, “frozen discs that we
handle without gloves. “When I say handle without gloves, “I mean handle without washing hands. “We also spray them with non-stick spray “and oil the hell out of them. “After that, we proof
them and top them, again, “with our bare hands, probably dirty. “Sometimes the dough will be really old, “four to five days at the max, “where it gets all shrively “and sinks down into the pan. “Oh, and our breadstick and pizza sauce “are pretty much tomato
paste in a plastic bag “that we mixed with water.” – My mum used to let me play in dirt, because she didn’t want us growing up with everything being sanitized, because then you get an immunity to stuff, and you end up being a tiny little baby for the rest of your life. – I like that your mom is like, go roll in dirt, so that some day you can eat pizza. – Yep. – I like pizza a lot. (upbeat music)

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