100 thoughts on “People Share Their Most Horrifying Cooking Stories”

  1. oh I have one! I decided to make homemade tortilla chips so I cut up some corn tortillas and put them on a baking sheet with foil and put them in the oven on broil and the foil caught on fire inside the oven! I freaked out, because I live alone, but i got my fire extinguisher and put it out! it was really scary!!

  2. I microwaved a hotdog for 5 mins because that’s how long it takes to boil…it melted through the plastic plate and practically disappeared. The house smelled soooooo bad.

  3. Mine was having the bright idea of putting lots of marshmallows in a bowl and heating it in the microwave…yea don't do it the mess was a nightmare to clean

  4. One time my friend's brother put a can in the microwave with a paper towel on top. Needless to say it caught on fire and I had to pull the flaming can out of the microwave and throw it in the sink, really good stuff

  5. My ex once burned Kool aid.

    I saw how she managed to burn water, but the kool aid is still a mystery. I don't know, I don't want to know! Some things I am much happier not knowing!

    And the less said about the cheerios, the better.

  6. so at a group home I work in, we have that stove that’s all flat, and I was cooking extra noodles because a client wanted more, and without me knowing a noodle fell out and went onto the burner starting a small fire. I didn’t cook for weeks

  7. I tried warming up my sisters breast milk in the microwave for my baby niece. Put 5 min when it shouldve been seconds… titty milk everywhere

  8. When I first started learning to bake I needed to soften the butter before baking with it, so I put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds, what could go wrong…… I LEFT THE WRAPPER ON… in England the wrappers on butter are made of metal (foil)…. lightning struck in the microwave I prayed that I didn’t break the microwave… thank goodness I didn’t.

  9. In culinary school, we were making Coq au vin which requires you to burn off the alcohol with a flame. Well, I thought the flame had gone out so I dumped the wine in the pan and it burst into a huge flame scaring myself and my class mates. No one got burnt but it was scary.

  10. Another horror story: I was house sitting and decided I wanted to make beans in a pressure cooker. I had NEVER used one before. I did research, watched videos, I was confidant I could do it. I turned off the heat after about 20 mins and released the pressure right away. A VOLCANO of hot bean juice bursts out of the pressure valve and sprays all over me, the stove, the ceiling. It was a disaster. And the beans had not fully cooked.

  11. Once I put a burger in the microwave and I forgot to remove the paper wrapper, so it caught on fire. I went to extinguish it with a cup of water (idk why i thought it was a good idea to put water in an electrical appliance) but my Grandma stopped the fire in time. So yeah, I almost burned my Grandma’s house 4 months ago.

  12. i started a pan on fire and threw it on the deck. i have a fear of making grilled cheese now. also: the pan was dented and i had to throw it away. i never told my mom…

  13. My mom asked me to continue mixing the batter with a small electric hand mixer. I had really long hair at the time and I didn’t have any hair tie I could use to pull my hair back. And someone said something to me so I turned my head and my hair got stuck in the whisks.

    It took like an hour to get my hair out of the whisks, it took another hour of washing my hair

  14. I made a cake that was five layers and i was tryig to get the batter of the hand mixer i put it on full speed making it fly all over my kitchen going on the ceiling wall and everywhere else

  15. My sister made a buffalo chicken pizza for my family and her friends one night. She got cheese from the dollar store and the cheese was like plastic after it cooked so we got takeout pizza and we still tease her about it.😂

  16. once i was in food & nutrition and I was making banana bread, but I got called to the office while it was cooking. the bell rang while I was in the office and I went straight to my next class. one period later, the fire alarms were going off. it wasn’t until the next day that my teacher informed me that it was in fact my banana bread that caused the fire alarm to go off and the fire department to be called. 🤦‍♀️

  17. I was 13 at the time. I tried to crack an egg to cook some fried eggs, it became scrambled eggs. I started to notice that the gas knob was turned to max but there's no fire. I turned the knob on again and flames appeared an inch in front of me. It killed Peter.

  18. I was making instant mashed potatoes in the microwave at school and took it out and stirred in the and it burnt the whole side of my hand and then I looked at my friends and was like what I can’t feel anything but it’s on my hand and I it should be hot so they started laughing and then I went to the nurse and she put my hand in her ice and I had to wrap it for a whole month while the skin took time to come back because all the skin came off…..

  19. My grandma set pre made taco shells on fire by leaving them in the microwave too long even after we told her it was too long.

  20. One time I dropped a pot holder in the oven while trying to take something out, and it just BURST into flames like it was covered in lighter fluid or something. I was so scared I screamed for my parents, and 30 seconds later my dads running down the stairs. He got it out and everything was fine but I cannot explain my panic at that moment lol

  21. My uncle accidently burned down my grandma's kitchen when he forgot about fries in the oven when he passed out on the couch.

  22. I used A BUZZFEED life hack I saw in middle school to make a grilled cheese in a toast and lit my toaster on fire and it was in HUGE flames and I had to unplug it throw it on my deck and throw water at it

  23. I was trying to make hotdogs on my dad's new grill but had a hard time starting the flame. I ended up letting the gas run with the lid closed for a few minutes, then when I went to light the flame a giant fireball came flying at my face (no one was hurt). My dad watched the whole thing through the kitchen window and he has never let me live it down.

  24. I have a few screw-up stories involving my mom, but this one is one of the craziest. It happened one October day when I was 12. My mom wanted to make some lasagna for dinner, so she did. She put the ingredients together and put it in the oven, then went to take a soak in the tub. After a little while, my sister and I heard the oven go off. We were confused, because mom had set the oven timer for a lot longer than that, so we went to tell her. She instantly raced to the kitchen, where a nasty smell had began to come from the oven. Turns out the oven had somehow locked from the inside and it and the lasagna had burned, totaling Said oven. Many swear words were said that afternoon. Long story short, A. We had to go out for dinner that night, B. We had to get a new oven, and C. We had to open all the windows to air out the house. It was mom’s birthday, too. What a day.

  25. It happened past summer. Apparently my mom was boiling some eggs and forgot about it. Soon smoke filled our house and the fire alarm went off. Somehow no one heard except for me. I go to the kitchen and see egg and eggshells popping out of the pot. It looked like some eggs exploded. I quickly turned off the stove. At the end now I know how to make eggs explode.

  26. I put a banana in the microwave because it was frozen and I was defrosting it for banana bread and it lit on fire 🔥😂

  27. So a couple days ago I was making this awesome cookie brownie thing and I had some leftover batter so I was like “ imma microwave it in a mug for a minute and have warm doughy goodness” 1 minute and 20 seconds later, smoke is POURING out of my microwave. I still have no clue what happened. Yes the mug was microwave safe.

  28. I was boiling vegetables and I forgot it on the stove and I think I fell asleep for a few hours. My cat was meowing at my door but she normally does that, but when I finally got up, I realized the apartment was !completely! filled with smoke and my veggies and pot were charred black and my cat was on the top of the cupboards in fear. Had to open the door and let the smoke out, which filled up the apartment hallways. The burnt smell lingered for quite a while.

  29. I wanted to make microwave Mac n cheese and I forgot the water……… the cup was wrinkled up and the noodles were very tiny and black! Worst smell ever and last3 the whole night and my kitchen was filled with yellow smoke

  30. When I was 11 I was making cupcakes to my classmates (something I'm never doing again). I look into the bowl to see how well mixed it was, and that one day I forgot to tie my hair (I had quite long hair at that time), my hair got stuck on the wisk, all the way to the root. I had to cut it and had half an inch of hair right there

  31. I was making churros and the oil caught on fire……. let's just say I told my mom it was burnt chocolate…………………….

  32. Once a pot of oil I left heated caught on fire and I held the small handle pot that was on fire to the sink to kill the fire.

  33. I don't know why but I put chicken soup in the microwave without WATER it burned to a crisp. But i wqs so hungry I tryed again, forgetting to put water in.

    I was so confused why they kept getting burned so I just finally read the instructions

  34. I baked a cake and the next day I wanted to eat the leftover cake but for some reason I wanted it hot (don't ask I don't even know) so I put if I the microwave and set it to two minutes. when I come back to the kitchen I smelled what I can only describe as burnt poop. It was horrible and when I opened the microwave I saw what what was left of my cake and my plastic plate, stuck to the microwave disc. needless to say i haven't baked in a very long time.

  35. I still don’t understand why amEricaNs don’t pronounce the h on Herbs. There is clearly an H to be pronounced. It is not silent. Please PRONOUNCE it. Thank you 🙂

  36. My sister put instant ramen in the microwave without water. The smoke smell stayed in the house for like a month. We had to replace the microwave.
    Then years later my grandma tried to make a meat pie for dinner. She tried to use the timer on the microwave but actually used the cook function and ran the microwave empty for like 15 minutes. We had to replace the microwave.
    Also that pie took over two hours to bake cause she set the temperature way too low.

  37. I had a good chef knife that I spent around $100 on. I was treating it carefully. Immediately washed, dried, and back in the box after every use. I wanted it to last. My roommate at the time hated my other knives, which were crap to be fair, and always wanted to use the good knife. Well this time he opens the box upside down. The knife starts to fall. He panics and grabs it. By the blade. So he immediately drops it again. Thankfully it misses his feet. He freaks out and is bleeding all over the place. I do first aid, rinse, gauze, pressure, elevation, etc. And we take a Lyft to the hospital cause he needs stitches. Three hours later we're home. He mops up the blood, and my knife is fucked up. Tip bent over and blade chipped. He was fine in the end, just a scar. But I'm still out on a knife I expected to have for decades.

  38. One time I wanted to make some cup noodles and I put it in the microwave while I watched some tv. I smelled something burnt and I looked at the microwave and some smoke was coming out. i opened it and this gray cloud hit me in the face and my noodles were burnt. I forgot to pour the water.

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