Pernil Dominicano | Roasted Pork Shoulder | Made to Order | Chef Zee Cooks

Pernil Dominicano | Roasted Pork Shoulder | Made to Order | Chef Zee Cooks

Hey everyone and welcome back to Made to Order- A La Orden if you haven’t yet subscribed please do so that you don’t miss any of these great recipes ok so I am so excited because today I am making a recipe that has been so highly requested on my social media and here on my channel today I’m making Pernil which is a holiday must-have for all Dominicans and I know that Puerto Ricans also make this for Christmas so if you want to learn how to make this dish then just keep watching okay so ask any Dominican about pernil and they’re going to tell you that that is one of your favorite dishes because it is something that we have for Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year’s sweet sixteens, weddings you name it– there’s going to be some pernil and with that being said there are a bunch of different ways to making pernil and today I am so proud and I mean proud to show you how my grandmother made pernil which is slightly different than some of the other ways that people make pernil but nonetheless this bad boy with all these seasonings is going to taste phenomenal and I have all the ingredients listed for you right here making a pernil is truly art but don’t worry because I’m going to walk you through it step by step and the first step is you want to poke holes in your pernil on both sides using a crisscross motion like you see me doing here then we’re going to wash the pernil with vinegar, lime juice and water and we want to rub it in on both sides and we wash our pernil because we want to get rid of that super porky taste and we also want to kill some bacteria be sure to let your pernil sit in this water for about five to ten minutes and then drain it now we’re going to move on to making this awesome marinade by combining the garlic and the onions first in a food processor now you can do this stuff by hand by using a pilon (mortar and pestle) just like my grandmother did but that takes up so much time and I find that using a food processor works just the same next we’re going to add the salt, the oregano, the cumin, the thyme, the black pepper, the sopita (chicken bouillon cube) and we’re going to blend that together as well now I will tell you guys this- the trickiest part to seasoning a pernil is the salt because you don’t want your pernil to be super salty but at the same time you don’t want it to be blend– now as a rule of thumb I always make a note of how much my pernil weighs and then I take that weight and I divide it by half and then that lets me know the maximum amount of salt that I can use for this pernil– so for example my pernil today is seven pounds so I’m using 3 tablespoons of salt and the max I would ever use is three and a half tablespoons of salt for this very particular pernil now we’re going to add our bitter orange juice you guys already know if you don’t have bitter orange juice just mixe together some oranges and some lime and you get the same thing and no worries if you make a mess just like I did here and last but not least we’re going to add some olive oil and blend it one last time and now for my favorite part of this whole entire thing is marinating the pernil I do encourage you guys to wear gloves because this marinade has a ton of garlic and you don’t want your bare hands smelling like garlic for two days so what you pretty much do is you pour the marinade over your pernil and then you massage it making sure to get into the holes now I know this looks weird but anyone who’s ever made a pernil knows that this is part of the process and your guests and more importantly your taste buds will thank you for this later now you want to wrap your pernil super tight and let it marinate overnight so that all those flavors can do its thing now before we roast our pernil we’re actually going to boil it and I know that might seem weird for some of you but hear me out this is how my grandmother made it and this is a game changer because it practically guarantees that you’re pernil will be juicy so what you pretty much do is you put your pernil in a big pot, pour the marinade all over it and then pour a cup of water and then you’re going to boil it on a low to medium flame and you want to also check up on it for time to time making sure that the water doesn’t dry up and you want to boil it for about 45 minutes to an hour now we’re going to get the pernil ready to be roasted and you want to remove from the big pot where it was boiling and put it in some aluminum pans Then you’re going to want to pour all of that marinade over your pernil me again this is also the time when you’re going to want to turn on your oven and heat it to 350 degrees and wrap it tight with some aluminum foil we’re now going to slow roast our pernil for three to three-and-a-half hours covered and it’s important that we roast it covered because we’re going to ensure that our pernil is as juicy as it can be– as the pernil is roasting be sure to check on it from time to time and when you check on it also be sure to baste it as well because this ensures that once again it’s as juicy as it can be and tasty as it can be as well now for the last hour and the fourth hour we’re going to take away the aluminum foil and baste it one last time then we’re going to remove half of the liquid and we’re going to do this because when we roast the pernil uncovered for the last hour it’s going to brown up and get that beautiful color and it’s where all our hard work is going to pay off once your pernil has roasted for a total of four hours be sure to broil it for 5 to 10 minutes to get super crispy skin like you see here Nothing says it’s holiday season in my house like the smell of freshly roasted pernil and let me tell you this brings me back to my childhood because my grandmother will start roasting the pernil at five o’clock in the morning so imagine you’re waking up to the smell of garlic, pork, oregano, and thyme it was the best feeling and let me tell you it makes me miss her so much especially around the holidays guys thank you so much for watching Made to Order- A La Orden if you have any questions on this recipe visit my website chefs cooks com or the description box below and follow me on social media because I have a ton of pictures recipes and tips all for you guys all right I’ll see you next week with an all-new video y buen provecho!

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  1. You are amazing i made this 3 times already everyone looks at me like the pernil goddess lol. They now want me to make their pernil for their events. They have no idea it's now our YouTube secret ❤️ thank you zee

  2. Success! I followed your recipe which resulted in a wonderful Pernil, my first. I had to use lemon and orange juice because that's all I had on hand. The overall flavor was fantastic even with the change. Will try this with limes next time and there will be a next time! Loved your easy to follow video.

  3. I love Pernil! I'm relatively new to cooking but I'm going to make this Pernil! I'll go to your website for specifics. Thanks Chef /zee for being so pleasant and informative to great Dominican Cuisine!

  4. Thank You!! I’m so glad I found this I see everything I did wrong that ONE time I’ve attempted this lol but quick question… Do you think using a marinade injector would be good for this or do you recommend using your fingers to push the seasoning in the holes? Also would you increase all of the seasonings for a heavier pork or only the salt?

  5. I made this, it was bomb and will be made again. I couldnt find a pork shoulder with the skin on at the store, but it was delicious! Next time I'll go to a butcher and see if they have it with skin on

  6. Your pernil looks amazing. I was a little apprehensive when you said to boil it as I have never seen that technique before, but it actually makes sense. You get a great gravy out of it. I will follow up with your website. Thanks to your abuelita for the recipe and to you for posting this video. I'm a Puerto Rican living in NC, USA. What is the heat settings in your oven and total cook time?

  7. Getting recipes online is hit or miss but this one turned out great! People think its strange to boil it but it really does make it come out juicy and tender. Great Recipe!

  8. But she never said what part of the pork to use. Butt or shoulder. Are either the same as a picnic roast? Her's did look awesome though.

  9. I just put my Pernil in the fridge to marinate for 2 days. Can't wait to roast this pork shoulder!!! Thank you for giving us such great recipes Chef Zee.

  10. who gave this girl any thumbs down it probaly some chics that cant cook and dont look like her and dam she cooked that pork roast good

  11. THAT 👏LOOKS👏DUM👏GOOD…Yessss!!! 😋😝

    Gracias Mamita. I cant wait to make your Abuelas recipe! ❤

  12. im hard headed but gave it a try with the boil first and yes it comes out better then just using the oven i season little different but thats the thing u can season how u want and why people give thumbs down its just something that erks me on youtube videos no matter how good the video is or the recipe always some thumbs down .

  13. Hey just want to say I love your channel! I made moro rice for the first time yesterday and now locrio with salami today thanks to your videos! My mom is super shocked and happy!

  14. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of your videos, and I can’t seem to climb out. I’m mixed, but wasn’t raised around my wela, the way I should of been, so I appreciate her cooking, but never got the chance to learn hands on. Thank you for your content and helping me feel closer to my heritage. Will be trying these recipes once this New York City summer is over! (Hurry up fall!!!!)

  15. Your Grandmother is absolutely right! I cook pernil for many years and I always boiled it first. It's just common sense.

  16. Boiling? I have to try that next time I make a pernil. Normally, I roast my pernil for about 6-7 hours to allow for it to thoroughly cook and tenderize. But, if boiling helps to cut the roasting time in half, without sacrificing flavor…then it's definitely worth a try! My Italian husband and brother in law can never get enough when I make it! Gracias a tu abuelita for sharing her method with you and to you for sharing with us on YouTube. ¡Buen provecho!

  17. Omg love this recipe. We don’t boil it but I’ll try this just becuse it adds more taste to the pork. Thanks for this recipe 🤗

  18. Hello!! I can't wait to make this for my son's first birthday. Here's the thing my oven doesn't heat up properly. My plan was to slow cook it all night rip it up and then put it under the broiler to get the crispy skin and make it more of a carnitas. Would I still boil it?

  19. Made my mouth water. It came out so beautiful. Next time please cut it open and let's see that tender juicy meat. Us people from South Florida know exactly how great this is.

  20. You do a really fine job on these video cooking lessons. Would like to see a pig roast in a China Box. I know you know what that is.

  21. I thought only the PR’s did that w/the pork shoulder. U live & learn. From boiling the pernil, I like 2 use any left over water w/flavors still in tack 2 make my rice 🍚. Does anybody else do this? The rice has a nice 👍 flavor 2 it. Ms Zee, U remind me of my mother-in-law. She had 2 feed a family of 9 kids + 10 when I was dating her oldest daughter. I came 2 the house so much
    just 2 watch her cook. Ms Zee, will U do a video on how 2 make coquito- luv that drink 🍸 thank U David E

  22. I love love love this recipe.. but I have a question I used a red onion and the Marinate turned red is that OK. I used all the ingredients.

  23. I'm not even latinx of any sort but I make this every year and follow your recipe to a T. Approved by both my Puerto Rican and Dominican friends. I never comment on YouTube but this recipe deserves it!

  24. Sorry, I missed most of the video. I got distracted just looking at you. You are a very beautiful Latina woman. 😍

  25. I miss my mom when I think back to those good feelings of waking to the smell of sage , onions and celery frying for stuffing on thanksgiving morning too! Im gonna try this in a couple days!

  26. If I have a nine pound pork shoulder how long should I bake it? And should I double the boiling time and double the marinade? I hope you can respond as will be making tomorrow

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