Hey Whats up guys My name is funlion and welcome to another video so today we will talk about pewdiepies video on MOTUPATLU and how did he roast India, so as you must’ve saw this video contains Motu Patlu Which explains this blindfold because there is no weirder cartoon than Motu patlu in India, and when a friend or cousin watches it It irritates me to another level its such a cringey, Like so cringey So in this video, I’ll basically ill not only tell if pewds roasted india or not but also what kind of idiots are we pointing out such pointless errors in his video You’ll understand after watching, Lets just start So obviously, a swedish guy is trying to speak hindi he cant say motu patlu in indian accent You’ll understand this meme if you watch Pewds If you dont, Guess not 100% attitude, whats this bullshit, let see BRO WHAT IS THIS HAHA you know what, if you guys want, comment below, ill make Ill make a nice video on this 100 % attitude I think by now everyone knows about this meme but this is “supposedly” a very proud thing for us right? so this is one thing the indians who use facebook facebook recommends us friends and recommends unknown girls to these horny people girls who have very nice dp so we all have evolved from rape nature we have a lot of rapes in our country (Shameful) so these people text girls as highlighted by our dear friend pewdiepie that send bob vegene meme its a very weird and awkward thing how you can text a random girl send bobs vegene, send nudes these people also send out rape threats if you didnt know what can i say I have watched pewds since 2013 and i think he is a youtuber who displays sarcasm at its best people have difficulty understanding his context we have numerous examples I think he is an intellectual youtuber people will be like wtf I think he is a great youtuber making good content and to understand his context you need a weirdly different mind yes, I enjoy his videos and this motu patlu vid, one of his best extremely cringey for me soo the comments I read on pewds’s video worst indian viewers there if youre watching-i mean ofc, pewds watching my vid indians mostly who watch you they are legit retarded I mean a foreigner bought up and raised in Sweden never visited India. Pronounced Somosa as samucha even if he does it why are you after him “Its samosa not samucha” if I tell you to pronounce a japanese word and it should be pin point correctly pronounced will you be able to do it? Not even your grandpappy will be able to THEN AGAIN MANY PEOPLE COMMENTED SAME PRONUNCIATION BS Bro he is saying hindi for the first time what do you expect?! Do you have brains? so just remember this scene obviously its a cartoon, some leverage can be granted Like smashing a guy to the moon after eating a samosa But just rember this scene I will make a reference here, just remember I was telling y’all the comments I read one comment told pewds that that we didnt steal anything from Japan we are all original there is a little anime resemblence agree to it or not Remember the scene I told you to remember (literally 20 secs back) Yeah that So where else have I seen in my childhood that a guy eats something and becomes super powerful

100 thoughts on “PEWDIEPIE ROASTS INDIA?!”

  1. Is gandu ke jhatt ke bal aye nahi gandu india ki litni achi bate wo bhi batana chaiye na bhai us lodu ko sirf burai dikhi aur tujhe bhi bhn k lode

  2. Rape culture! You seem to lack basic understanding of what a culture means. If your mom supports and encourages you to rape someone, it is rape culture. If the victim doesn't have a recourse supported by the government and its institutions, then it is rape culture. You are worse than others who defame us.

  3. You seem to cringe at anything Indian. You are just a self hating moron. You derive pleasure only when you can spread your hate everywhere. India is indeed the best. PDP is the largest YouTuber with lot of responsibility and influence. So he has to manage his words carefully. And learn what third world country is, Switzerland is also a third world country.

  4. maa k lode baap b ni kar paega?? behnchod kal k paida hua.. kahin road par mila akele toh achi gaand mareinge log teri….

  5. तेरे को अनफॉलो किया मैंने।
    हर देश मे चुतिये ऐसे फेसबुक पे होते हैं।

  6. You mother fucker sister fucker you yourself fucker, talking about india than every indian is your father and i'm your biggest father.

  7. 7:10 bhai, tum ye kyo nhi smjh rhe ki usne v hme bola hai ki hme bahut bacche wali english aati h..
    Aur hme english aati h wohi bohot hai, kyonki english hamri language nhi hai….
    Aur tum ho ki piewdiepie ko bs support krte jaate ho..😤😤😤

  8. Finally.. Mujhe Pewdiepie ki nazayaz aulad nazar aayi
    Apne baap ki taarif krte nhii thak rha.. 😂

  9. So here we saw the video of a boy born in India but his grandma was gangbanged by old British people before they left India

  10. Abbey bsdk tune bola India pe bahut sare rape horaha hein…But dear bustard you for your mother fucking knowledge USA has the first and Philippines has the third place in world's most rape reporting countries (I don't remember about the 2nd one)India is not even on the top 15 lists.. You are really a mother fucker dude really a mother fucker

  11. Sorry to say Bhai tu chutiya hai.tu video banana band kar de. Usne motu patlu ko roast kar diya to teri kyo jaal rahi hai. Tu dusre ke comments se itna affected kyo ho raha hai.

  12. Koi Ulta sidha bollene se Pele sab lok se mera e request hay please sab lok e video dekho :

  13. pehli baat to ye ki tumhari maht### chutiya. saale jab gaali deta hai gaane me vo to ni sunai deta hai. #rand*.ham jaise hai khush hain.lakhon kami ho hamare andar ham sudharenge lekin pewdiki maa kyu chuda rahi hai.baar baar fucking fucking naa bolo kahin pel* mat jaana TMC .ENGLISH NAHI AATA HAI JISKO VO KYA LIkhega ree.apne phd kiye ho kya english me .fucking fucking bol kar angreji jhaad rahe ho.nahi ata hai english aur nahiya sikhenge .tum aur tumhara2013 wala pewdi rand*

  14. This guy talks about sarcasm and making fun of funny things but makes big issue of Indian people making fun of pewds pronunciation of word samosa and as per him these people who made fun are dehati (aur behen ki gali bhi di..par inke vicharo meh ye dehati wali harkat nahi ye cool wala dialogue tha)…kyun ki sarcasm aur funny things ko uchalne ka theka toh bas isne aur iske baap pewds ne le rakhi hein.##I also Contributed to Dislikes

  15. I agree with you that in our India the entertainment industry was bottom lined but Roasting Indians and our beautiful culture was like a sin

  16. are madarchod tere moholle mai kya sab log rapist hai…india ko azaadi kaisi mili janta v hai mdarchod….ek agrez ko support karke sharam nehi aati??…200 saal tak in enrezo ne hume rule kiya hai….or aaj v ye madarchod ka bachha yehi karvraha hai…..tu ise support kar raha hai????.ye kutiya ka meat khilayega hum logo go ye sunne k baad v tu isiko support kar raha hai???….are madarchod agar kahi mil gaya na toh usi din gaand mai saap se daswaunga

  17. Many toxic indians here ……. seriously in motu patlu doesnt include india ….dude u go play ludo with ur moms assholes…..y dont know anything just u know is if a man supports pew in any way then to dislike……gtfo brainless …..

  18. Bhan ke lode tare ma ki chuut sale chuttia tu dikh na jaea sale nannga kar k road k beach kutte se chudvaun ga tum dono ganduo ko😡😡😡😡😡

  19. Wtff this guy just said Indians and rape are common and the people in comment actually confirming this, saying 'I'll rape your mother' etc, geez grow tf up, teach yourself how to be a proper person😒

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