PicoBrew Brewer Profiles 1

For me, it’s not about
the recipe so much. Like I’ll tell anybody
who comes in here, if they want to know
how we make the beer, I’ll tell them how
we make the beer. And if they like
the beer, then I’m more than happy to
let people know. And it’s great for me to share
that information with them, because that’s the way beer is. It’s, kind of, a,
sort of, community. [PIANO PLAYING] You know, more people out
here are about the hops, and we’re more about the grain. The grain is the important
ingredient, you know. And we have some pretty
enormous grain bills and a lot of different specialty
malts in our grain bill. So that we’re
celebrating the malt. You know, I’ve had somebody come
in from another brewery before, and he drank our
beer, and he said, “This beer is made with love.” And I’m not going to mention
the brewery he worked at, but he says, “Ours
is not anymore.” Aw, that’s sad. Yeah. And we do make our
beer with love here. The little girl sitting on top
of the keg is my grandmother. My grandmother loved her beer
as well, and then as soon as I started home brewing
and bringing it home, my grandmother
absolutely loved my beer. [PIANO PLAYING] [RELEASING CLAMPS ON LID] [SPRAYING WATER] We are a work in progress. We’re figuring this out. But I think that
we’ve got a good, kind of, a rhythm, a
combination going of member contributed recipes,
very specific recipes. Some of these recipes
have a name and a number. This is the name
of the member who contributed the recipe,
by winning a home brew contest among the members. The number is his
membership number. Five of these recipes
came to me that way. They are specific recipes
won by home brewers and flying by
cooperative competitions. No one does it for money. There are a few that
have tried, their gone. The ones that stay
are the ones that like to be creative and work hard. They take satisfaction in
making something of their own. I make something, I’m proud of
it, and I look across the room and somebody is drinking it,
and it’s making them happy. They’re looking at that glass
and saying oh boy this is good. Have you tried this? That’s pretty quick
satisfaction from work. Just watching them tip back
a beer take a taste of it and go and get a smile and nod. And it’s just a
really great feeling when you can see that happening. If I just were to come down here
and make the world’s greatest beer every week and nobody
really knew about it, that would be great, but is
it art if nobody ever sees it? Beer is something that
brings people together. And I do, to repeat,
I love this idea of expanding the circle
through the Pico system. So let’s have some fun and brew. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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