99 thoughts on “Pig Face Tacos, Oysters, and Bourbon: Chef’s Night Out in the Mile High City”

  1. can munchies just follow a group of 15+ yr line cooks from chain restaurants and follow them?  Most twisted sick bastards I have ever met.

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  3. man this fucking fat turd was so annoying..like a retarded fatter version of seth rogen..but not funny at all

  4. What people don't get is that this guy is a chef not a tv personality too. Ya he doesn't come across great but he doesn't have a script and has probable never been on tv before. Just a normal guy, that happens to be a chef, eating fancy food and getting drunk. Most of us wouldn't be much more likable if we were in his situation.

  5. Another solid Chef's Night Out. Excellent food any restaurant guy would like to eat. I'm sharing this on Facebook, just for the comments about Cow Tipping. Please, keep sharing these delicious and talented video's. Blessings ChefMike

  6. if you have "one of the best restaurants in the United States" you don't say you have  "one of the best restaurants in the United States"  — also, it's obviously isn't. Their wine list is pathetic for someone claiming to be the best. Calamari, etc menu is pretty boring. Just a nice gastro pub.

  7. I think they all had a blast, and that's really what I enjoy about this series. This is how these motherfuckers get down when they aren't busting 70 hours a week. You may not like their personalities, but I bet you they don't give a flying fuck, worrying about others opinions is not how you succeed. Keep em coming Munchies!

  8. First off, I just want to say that I don't disagree with the majority opinion here in the comments. Lol but its so funny that most of the comments state how this guy is a hipster and/or is trying too hard to be entertaining. Y'all should know by now vice is a hipster company and they only feature hipsters and yuppies. I'm kind of happy though, because these jabroni's they follow around are always so funny. Not in an I'm laughing with them way though, but in an I'm laughing at them way.

  9. That looks like a great restaurant…but one of the best in the country?!  Come on man, you need to get out of Denver once in awhile.

  10. i cant stand these fucking ppl but i'd eat their food, i guess i could say that of a lot of munchies videos, basically all of them really lol

  11. "fresh clams" haha yeah! fresh clams! in a fuckin landlocked state! BANGINNNN camera zooms in and out really quickly

  12. love how often Im seeing Buffalo Trace on Munchies! its like people who know good food know good bourbon

  13. I think maybe the Munchies people should hang out with these "chefs" before making a show….this guy is a loud, obnoxious jackass. I dont even think his "friends" can stand him.

  14. This is one of the best Munchies i've seen. great capture of Denver. i will be buying a ticket to go to some of these places.

  15. It is difficult to watch people eating and drinking on camera and not find it douchey or disgusting in some way. I wouldn't ever want to see myself drunkenly enjoying awesome food but who gives a fuck, they seem like they had a good time.

  16. There's a strong correlation between how enticed I am by the food eaten on these segments and how large/ bearded the chef is making the food.  Idk why, I just trust a big bearded man with my late-night dining experience more than a thin, clean shaven one.

  17. Did this "chef" say "fresh seafood" in Colorado?
    Munchies please hang out with these "chefs" before you put your name behind something like that joke.

  18. Poor guy will be dead before 50 and won't have gotten much pussy or made more than 14 people laugh in those years. Get sorted, dude. But, he has a restaurant…..I do not.

  19. "Fuck your big island". He's a fat, drunk hater who's mad he's from the middle of nowhere. He was holding that in for a second and finally let it out.

  20. why people eat fois i don't know; i eat fucking loads of chicken and beef, eggs, most of what comes from an animal but the way that fois gras is made is despicable imo

  21. I remember when I was working in Denver and heard about him downing a whole bottle of Fernet then going online and drunkenly berating his patrons.. Dude is a piece.

  22. First off I watch a lot of Munchies videos and usually the first thing in the comments is some douschelord calling the chef or people in the video a "Hipster" who gives a shit if they're hipsters your a judgemental dousche asshole, they're hipsters who gives a rat's ass.

  23. "I've known him since we were 4 years old" why not just say your entire life lol… do you really remember the day you met when you were 4? who cares just say all my life

  24. Haven’t finished the video yet but this dude makes some good looking food I def wanna try it out when I go to Denver

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