100 thoughts on “Pig’s Tails and Duck Hearts: Chef’s Night Out with Pitt Cue Co.”

  1. Was just me or was anyone else waiting for farmer charlie or whoever to start getting belligerent after pounding those drinks at the french house. These guys got so drunk they couldnt even do a proper munchies video where they cook up a feast for everyone they met at the end of the video. 

  2. I`ve eaten here twice plus bought the Pitt Cue book which is amazing and very inspirational. I had lunch with Tom and must say he has his head very securely screwed on and F**king sorted. The food is slapping awesome and I will be going to Pitt Cue many, many more times. Cheers Tom. Hope to see you soon mate. Rich from Dorset.

  3. "He didn't want me to leave so he peed on every car door handle"
    is the greatest thing I've heard in recent memory.

  4. i heard you can't farm your own pig that is horizontal integration unless they live somewhere else thats not in the us

  5. So they raise all of these pigs, right? and then promptly serves assholes, snouts, jowles {cheek meat) tails, testicles, and hooves. Where is all of the prime meat off of theses animals, can you even get a decent chop, or shoulder steak in this joint?

  6. What the fuck is everyone's problem complaining about 'hipsters'?  These guys are passionate about what they do, and doing something about it. Probably more than the whiners can say about themselves.

  7. Wow i really love this "Chef's night out" it makes me wanna quit my dayjob and take the step into the Chefs business!
    Keep on making more lovely episodes of this Munchies!

  8. Didn't expect to come across a restaurant that I've actually been to while binging on Munchies videos! Pitt Cue Co. was really good!

  9. Ok… the pigs having a great life. that's awesome. I can really get behind these guys if that's really how all their pigs are treated. Keep up the good work guys!

  10. Duck hearts are tough. I cooked for two hours in the pressure cooker and they were still not tender enough. Try 4 hrs and then BBQ, you will be the king of duck hearts.

  11. I'm not cook or chef…but if you try my gandmuuu kitchen u go up and down like sugar…

  12. Arrrrrr yes hipster chefs being sustainable organic and environmentally conscious nessness with beards and other people's money catering to other self absorbed twats named Nigel or Giles.

  13. I wanted to like this one but of course in came the weaboo serving Japanese food, bro just make white people food

  14. This was the best episode yet!!! Must go to London to eat at pitt cue stat!!!! All you haters dont understand the skill you must have to rear pigs cook every part and be successful – thats talent and on such a young guy right there !!!

  15. This is the sort of video that lifts the spirits of anybody who has ever lived or worked in London. Anybody who has lived in London has had a similar night getting drunk in one of the best cities in the World.

    "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life" – Samuel Johnson

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