Pilot – Cooking Hawaiian Style – Episode1 – Lanai & Radasha Hoohuli (Miss Hawaii USA 2006)

Pilot – Cooking Hawaiian Style – Episode1 – Lanai & Radasha Hoohuli (Miss Hawaii USA 2006)

Where did you go to culinary school by the way? To the culinary institute of the Pacific also known as K.C.C What’s the worst cabbage meal that I made? Cabbage sandwich! Is there any type of song that would go with this? mmm…let me see…ummm pearly shells…nah just kidding! Join us as we meet local people from Hawaii making local dishes with local ingredients right here on Cooking Hawaiian Style! Welcome to Cooking Hawaiian Style! You got Lanai and here with me is 2006 Miss Hawaii USA Radasha Ho’ohuli. How are you doing? Good… I didn’t know you could cook… I can’t! Well we’re going to cook today right? We’re going to try and cook today. …At least some of your favorites. Yes, growing up you know we didn’t have too much money from coming from Nanakuli so.. these are the favorite dishes that my Mom would make for us. Alright what are we going to start? We’re going to start off with pork and beans and hotdogs. Everyone’s favorite! Yeah and its super easy too, that’s why were doing it because its the only thing I really know how to do on a stove. When is the last time you cooked this? uh… it’s been awhile because I recently…Well not recently It’s been about 8 or 9 years that I stopped eating meat So are we doing vegetarian hotdogs? No we’re not! We’re doing it good…Yeah we’re doing it the way that i grew you know…Eating it so we boiled some hotdogs. These are redondo hotdogs… And it has to be Redondos you know what I mean? Local people eat Redondos. It has to be Redondos. Not only because it’s local… …but because its super cheap and affordable. You know how to cut a hotdog? Did you know that Redondo is from Waipahu. It started off in Kapahulu from Frank Redondo of from frank redondo That’s the guy. 1964 is when he started this company. Wow. Yeah, you didn’t think I knew anything about hotdogs? Yeah I didn’t think you knew much of anything! But we’re going to cut the hotdogs at an angle. inauguration continuing right mckay we just like to cut all and we’re gonna do it is act that
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upbeat hits and returning usery’s condos hot
dog baby so much for joining us national and saw your state to palestinian six

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  1. I didn't think she'd eat the hot dog as she's a vegetarian, but I couldn't resist either lol…looks and sounds delicious!

  2. HI Heather! Thank you so much for the kind words. This is my first attempt and really appreciate your support in spreading the word. Next weeks video will feature Kimi Werner who was born and raised in Hawaii – she is a champion spear-fisher-woman and was featured on the cooking channel's hook line and dinner show. She will be making smoked ahi pizzas. Check out 1,000's of FREE recipes on our website: Cooking Hawaiian Style.com Thanks again!

  3. Aloha Diane! Thank you so much! More videos coming!! Please help spread the word by subscribing and sharing our info with your friends so that I can continue to make more videos. Visit our website Cooking Hawaiian Style.com

  4. Thank you! New video next week!! Smoked Ahi Pizza with Kimi Werner
    Please help spread the word about our videos and website

  5. Hi Kathy! yeah… not eveyone likes sardines….. i think you have to grow up eating them…. I think you will love next weeks video which will be a really easy to make smoked ahi pizza.

  6. HI Joann! Thank you for your support and kind words. More videos coming your way each week featuring people from Hawaii!

  7. Aloha everyone for checking out my first video. Please spread the word by sharing, liking and subscribing to our video channel and be sure to visit our website Cooking Hawaiian Style.com (no spaces) for 1,000's of Free Recipes.

  8. This was fun. Need to have some new variations on the old grilled mustard, onion, and relish dog. summer is just around the corner, I hope!

  9. Aloha and thank you for checking us out. Please help spread the word and share with your friends and family. More videos coming every week!

  10. Aloha Christian! Be sure to let all of your friends and family know about our website and videos. More coming every week!

  11. Wow! so simple and looks great. But being in Canada I doubt I will find Rodondo hotdogs. But they looked very good. Thanks!

  12. Yes, visit cooking hawaiianstyle . com website. If you scroll to the bottom, you should see on the bottom right under special diets, diabetic friendly. Tons of free recipes with pictures.

  13. Thanks for sharing, not sure I would make but love seeing. Miss Hawaii should spend more time with the chef, lol she looks new to the kitchen. I will be back for more videos. I love Hawaiian foods. My son lived on Oahu for 3 1/2 yrs.

  14. First one looks Yummy. Not so sure about the second one but you never know until you try it so i might just have to make it.

  15. Hi Becky! yeah, i think you either like sardines or you dont. A lot of us grew up eating it so we just love them but I give you kudos for at least being willing to try.

  16. Yum! I finally made my first trip to Hawaii a few months ago..Went to the Big Island! Life changing and the best food I've ever had!

  17. The next videos features kimi werner and she cooks up a really tasty smoked ahi pizza with white truffle oil and hawaiian mushrooms.

  18. to me, they are absolutely delicious…i like the ones in oil…add some onion and soy sauce and some poi and you have a meal!

  19. Yummy!! I love the detail measuring instructions. The ingredience look so yummy. I must try this receipe. Thank you Lanai and Radasha Hoohui!! Hugs!

  20. Great recipes!.I'm looking forward to more Cooking Hawaiian Style videos. I'm sharing with my daughter away at college Tasty, affordable, quick & easy, she'll be eating these all the time! No more ramen noodles lol

  21. My wife and I flew back from Paradise, (Kauai) and we happened to run into Radasha in Honolulu getting on a flight also to Portland. She is as sweet in person as she seamed in the video.

  22. Hawaiians in Georgia going to try this. Redondo are not available here. Guess we'll have to use Nathans or Ball Park.

  23. Ahhh poor boyz type of food…..ono. Try some Samoan Corn Beef actually from NZ. Fry the corn beef with onions, garlic, green onions, green peppers and tomatoes! Eat it with with steam rice……ono!

  24. I am 86, but spent my first 20 years in Hawaii. In my days the quickest comfort food was hot dogs and Van Camp pork and beans, Libby's corned beef and cabbage (also just fried corned beef and onions), Del Monte sardines in tomato sauce (in oval can) fried with onions, and fried Spam. We also ate red sockeye salmon and two layer oil sardines right out of the can with rice.

  25. I'm not Hawaiian but love the show saw him on Tuesday flying to LA I went onto the east coast I'll continue eating Hawaiian style once I return in a few weeks

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