100 thoughts on “Pintxos Crawl with Michelin Star Chefs: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 5)”

  1. This has been the best Guide To mini-series Munchies have brought out – two thumbs up! Great host and genuinely interesting because she's able to connect with her subjects so well. Now I really want to go to Barcelona!

  2. Mas Irene por favor! She's an awesome host. She's clever, funny, pretty in a girl next door kind of way, and has a bit of a mischievous streak. 

  3. This video made me step into side of cook
    So well made video, and this video made me have the best pleasent moment from the cooking documentary.

    P.s (i want to go there and eat, but can' afford it to go, and eat….)

  4. At first, I wasn't so sure I liked her, but damn she grew on me. I was literally excited when I saw the last few of these. Irene needs to be on Munchies more often! And damn, this last episode made me crave going to Spain!

  5. Like a teenager, I'm in love with everything Basque!  I want to quit my job and move to the region to cook in any one of those restaurants.  This one, by far, was my favorite series, yet.  Keep this going, and don't change a thing.  Keep the same crew, and send them all over Iberia.

  6. This bitch's mole is way too fucking distracting. I lost my appetite because I almost thought her mole was one of those tollosa beans..grosss!

  7. Presentadora torpe, inmadura, muy niñita todavia para presentar y le falta sentir mas lo que hace, especialmente al probar la comida. Deja mucho a desear!

  8. Irene Peralta was a joy to watch and the series was really interesting.  It's been 30 years since I traveled in Spain and this makes me want to go back tomorrow!  I especially enjoyed her fighting with Martin for the plate he took away (glad she got to try it).

  9. I´ve had the kokotxas al pil pil in a town called Getaria in Spain and it was hands down one of the best dishes i have ever had

  10. The girl is kinda awkward and desperate it felt like those she was interviewing didn't feel comfortable. It should be said that the guest or the interviewee should be the star of the show instead all the limelight is stolen with her antics.

  11. EPIC , thank you vice , only thing I don't understand was about the tempranillo and rioja region, why were the grapes white?

  12. Loving this Journalist, she actually seems interested and she's engaged, definitely need more like her unlike 75% of your roster

  13. I'm in love with Irene.  What a fucking woman!!  Beautiful, feminine and intelligent, but can swear, drink, and eat like a fucking sailor.  What more could a man ask for?

  14. not a fan of irene. bratty, annoying voice, seemingly close minded, picky and entitled. people on here seem to like her based solely on looks rather than her knowledge of food or ability to host a show.

  15. Como vasco que soy sólo puedo estar agradecido por estos 5 videos que nos has dedicado.
    Soy uno más de todos los vascos que estamos enamorados de nuestra tierra, de nuestra gente, de nuestra cultura.
    Por norma general, la gente que al igual que tú pasa por nuestra tierra se enamora enseguida, no sólo por la gastronomía, también por el don que tiene la gente de hacerse querer y de ofrecerse con todo el cariño a quien venga a visitarle.
    Somos un pueblo muy incomprendido que solo queremos decidir nuestro futuro y vivir en paz y libertad. Y sabiendo que has viajado alrededor del mundo, estoy seguro de que te habrás dado cuenta de que somos un país diferente.
    Gracias Irene por habernos dedicado un espacio en vuestros documentales.

  16. Yo, that was nice and tasty. Just one li'l note on the side: apionabo means celeriac, not celery + turnip (that'd be apio y nabo).

  17. This 5-part documentary on the foods and cuisine in Basque country is a culinary marvel. One of the most detailed and complete food documentaries I have ever seen. It did not hurt, of course, that the show was blessed with a charming and very competent guide, Irene. Or that the Basque region has one of the greatest concentration of Michelin-star chefs in the world: the result of the Basque people's obsession with good food, both by preserving centuries-old traditions, and by experimenting outrageously with the biochemistry of the edible.

  18. would help if finished r eadin you are totally correct! ! I didn't see the words in total! ! I'm an ass sorry for mistake! ! hope to see more of you !!

  19. i'm amazed he didn't know about the crystal scales. just a quick incursion into khmer and vietnamese cuisine, with the Mekong fish would make that obvious

  20. That seven-star chef tho…you get why he has seven stars. He wants those who eat his food to only eat it at its very, very best…a really extreme standard of quality he has for his food! <3

  21. Vizcaya is a Basque word for Castilian bitch terrorist food for heartless murderers. The real Basque country is Navarra- you've been conned viewers….

  22. Hi Guy's, Thanks for your video. Will check out some of the places featured. Which is the best area to stay in San Sebastion ?

  23. Excellent episode. It is nice to see Spanish (Basque) guys getting a little bit drunk like Northern Europeans (it isn't often you see somebody from Spain drunk –
    estaban borrachos, pero no eran borrachos.).

  24. I was gonna troll her and say something mean about host. But after what she pulled on the 1st chef she’s the fucking shit. She owned his ass. He was dead serious when he denied her and she won. The stones on this woman. 😚

  25. Simplesmente amei esse video. Com certeza irei visitar o O seu pais. Obrigado e um abraço diretamente de https://youtu.be/87z8WzILY-g

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