Pizza Hamburger + More Food for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Funny Cooking Story Time for Children

Pizza Hamburger + More Food for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Funny Cooking Story Time for Children

Mashed potato. Hello Maggie. Hello boys and
girls. Oh Maggie, what are you making? Mashed potato. Oh ho. Mashed potato. Yeah.
Wow! She likes mashed potato, yeah. Do you like mashed potato? Yeah? If you do, say “I
like mashed potato”, “I like mashed potato” “I like mashed potato!”.
Oh, mmm, very good. But hey Maggie, I’ve got a pizza. Would you like some pizza? Come
on. Mmmm. Pizza. Delicious. Hoho. I like pizza.
Hey, do you like pizza. Yeah. Then say with me, “I like pizza”, “I like pizza”
and again “I like pizza”. Oh delicious. I like cheese on my pizza. What do you like
on your pizza? Try mashed potato! Yeah. Oh, Maggie. Hey, well I like mashed potato and
I like pizza but I don’t like mashed potato on pizza! Ooo. Now I have to go and cook something
in the kitchen. Oh dear. Mashed potato on a pizza. Oh, I am hungry. What can I cook.
Oh yeah. Spaghetti. I like spaghetti, delicious. I’ll just put the spaghetti in the pan.
Super. Hey, I like spaghetti with cheese. I like spaghetti with tomato. I really like
spaghetti. Oh, great. It’s finished. Super. Hehey, lots and lots of delicious spaghetti,
great. Hohohou. Hey, I like spaghetti, delicious. But what shall I put on my spaghetti. Try
mashed potato. Yeah! Oh, Maggie! Ewwww. Spaghetti and mashed potato. Oh, I don’t like that.
Ewww. Do you like spaghetti and mashed potatoe? No. Than say, “No, I don’t”, “no,
I don’t” and again “no, I don’t”. Ewww. I can’t eat this. But I am still hungry.
Oh, maybe there’s something in my fridge. Naughty Maggie, she likes mashed potato, she
really likes mashed potato. What can I eat. Oh no, nothing in my fridge. Oh hey, what’s
this? What is it? Yeah, it’s a salad. Hey, do
you like salad? Yeah? This salad is good. But it needs something on the salad. Hmm.
Try mashed potato. Hey, oh Maggie, salad and mashed potato? Oh no. Maggie likes mashed
potato on everything. Ohh, I am still hungry. I am going out to get something to eat. MAGGIE!
Can I have a hamburger please? Thank you. Oh hey, I am so hungry. But look I’ve got
a hamburger. But hey, can you see Maggie? No, Maggie’s not here. So I can eat my hamburger.
Delicious. Don’t forget mashed potato. But Maggie. Hihi. You naughty, naughty bird. Sorry.
Bye, bye everybody. See you next time. Bye bye. Oh I don’t like mashed potato.
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