100 thoughts on “Pizza, PBRs, and a Fork-Free Feast: Chef’s Night Out in NYC with Khe-Yo”

  1. I'm Hmong and my Laotian friends make some good ass fish laab. My culture's cuisine is a mix between Laotion and Thai too.

  2. I lived in new york my entire life, I'm about to be 21 in april
    and I still have yet to go out and experience fine dining with some friends.
    If someone from NY wants to have dinner with me please comment.

    I'll pay for the meal

  3. I have to go eat here…. probably the closest thing to hmong food nyc has to offer. when it comes to papaya salad, curry noodles, and sticky rice!

  4. OMG, how much food can these people eat?? What do they do- not eat all day and save their appetite for the evening? I'd be throwing up if I ate all that food.

  5. I always have the impression that chefs know how to have quality fun…food,alcohol,good friends,what else does one need?

  6. shit hold up, they went to go eat a couple pizza pies then a large fuckin kamayan feast? k then pig face. then oh yeah crab too. at least they prayed twice, prayed their stomaches wouldn't come out of their buttholes. i am jealous

  7. The guy who sneezes needs to punched in his fucking face. You know about anger? You shouldn't hold that shit in either BAM on your fucking nose son.

  8. so smart to just stick with beers on munchies…avoids the embarrassing drunken moments that so many episodes are famous for..though i guess ironically those moments are the best lol 😉

  9. Mohawk was a douche, the typical guy who you hate seeing successful. Main guy was chill and def would like to see more of him.

  10. I’ve been hunting since I was 11 years old…I Have taken many animals and consumed every kill over the past 18 years. But my guy.. there is no way in hell…im eating that fucking PIGS Face.

  11. This was extremely well-cut. First with his corny little joke and then right into the Munchies Intro, then later with the sneeze right into the next scene.

  12. I used to think "I would totally eat Balut" now I'm like… Ewww… Why, that shit has like eyes and a soft beak and baby feathers like lol

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