Poo cooks Vegetable Stir Fry with Tim Shieff

Hey Food Tubers, Tim Shieff here, your resident vegan chef in practice, today I’m going to be cooking with Poo.. This is Poo. Today we are making stir fry vegetables with rice really good and healthy. Tim Yes, what have we got? Carrot It’s a carrot, one carrot, just the one? Yes Let’s take that off. Sometimes you can cut like this I’m not dexterous enough for that Broccoli, tender stem broccoli. You see the stems are different in Thailand. Yes, they are different in Thailand, they are really hard but here they are soft, you can use them. So we can use them, I like a lot of colours
in my food, I think it’s really important. Mushrooms.. Mushrooms are great You can put in; green and yellow and red. Snow pea.They’re just one of my favourite things to snack on. Baby corn. Baby corn you can cut long ways and then cut again. Pepper. Cut long ways and the other way again. How many people is this portion? Here, allows three people. Chinese cabbage. When you cook a big one it’s soft and good to eat with vegetables. Onion. White onion. A bit of oil, ok Onions first, you can fry them for the smell. What are we looking for with the onions
before we put in the next thing. Wait till they’re brown? Yes till a little bit brown. They’re starting to go brown here. Carrot and baby corn With any kind of really dry frying pan, I use water for cooking. I think allow 2 teaspoons. Really healthy. And sesame oil, but not too much. A little bit for flavour, it smells so good. So add in the hard vegetables first, give them about a minute, they take longer to cook they’re denser. Soy sauce Use soy sauce instead of oyster sauce. Use oyster sauce if you’re not making a vegetarian one but if vegetarians are involved keep it soy. Ok and then put the soft vegetables in. There we go beautiful colour, those red peppers are looking food. Really good and healthy too. You can add some water now if you want. Some people love soft vegetables you can cook for a longer time, some people love crunchy you can cook quickly. Quickly, yes. Carrots can be a hard one to get soft, you really have to cook the carrot for a bit. If you cook a big carrot it will take a long time, if you cut small and really thin it’s quick and easy Quick and easy. Yes I think that’s fine, finished! We’re going to serve this with freshly cooked rice. In Thailand it’s not uncommon to serve the rice cold because it’s so hot there they don’t mind and the temperature of the vegetables balances it out. Makes a nice warm meal. Are you going to try it? I’m going to use a fork. Yes, as a vegan that’s one of my favourite quick things to make. Just put some vegetables in a pan with some rice. really healthy, really clean, not too much fat. The right amount of protein as well if you’re trying to stay lean and active, you get those carbs in, keep you active, give you that energy. to keep things going. Apron now, now that I’ve finally cooked with you, I’d love one. You cook with Poo and you like it. Thank you very much Poo. You’re welcome If you want to check out more of Poo’s cooking and things she’s done with Jamie click here or more of my vegan recipes that I’ve done, click right here Also check out Poo’s other charity work and book ‘Cooking with Poo’ in the description below. As always, thanks for watching, stay subscribed to Food Tube, much love!

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