Poseidon Brewing Company –  Ventura Brewery Series

Poseidon Brewing Company – Ventura Brewery Series

Hi, I’m Vinita, welcome to Poseidon Brewing Company. I’m Brian, welcome! Already longtime residents of Ventura fell in love with the weather, the beach, the mountains, the climate. It so it just seemed like a really good place to open a small craft brewery We strive for high quality in everything that we do and make really good, well-balanced, clean beers. We really enjoy working with like local fruits in our products, so it’s been nice building that relationship with the local farmers. You can’t beat the flavor on the citrus in this area, it’s phenomenal and what it adds to the beer We just had our t hree year anniversary We’re coming up on like another big milestone or third year of our Oktoberfest. We got the Das Boot coming out! The one we have on tap is the Hueneme Wit, Belgium wit beer. It’s a really light, session, summer beer. I would take the Underway Tropical IPA. It’s kind of got a beachy vibe going. We’ve grown at a pace At a pace that we could keep up with we didn’t really want to overextend ourselves. We put on a couple more tanks We took on a little bit more of a distribution footprint. We’re definitely brewing more producing more beer Surf is great here. I don’t get out much as much as I’d like to but other thing There’s a big classic car, hot rod, rat rod. I got a little pickup truck I like to take out every once a while just cruise around. Since we’re in a brewery, and there’s plenty of breweries And there’s some more on the horizon. I would say beer tourism. Hit the breweries up. We’re making some phenomenal beer here, but other than that. If it’s not beer focus. I’d say you had hit the beaches man, they’re beautiful. You can you know twenty minutes apart be at the sand and then be in the mountains. One word that best describes Ventura. I’d say awesome. It’s a really nice place to live people are really nice. They’ve been very supportive They definitely love craft beer. This is a great place to live, a great place to own a small craft brewery.

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