61 thoughts on “Pot Roast on the Grill”

  1. perfect timing for this recipe. it's finally getting cloudy here in Cali. just sucks that it's hard to get brisket where I live

  2. Looks amazing. Wish I could find the brisket point out here. All the stores ever have is flats and the occasional packer.

  3. I'm very offended can you please put a content rating on these cooks especially while I'm at work. You know maybe, WARNING: THE CONTENT OF THE VIDEO ARE EXPLICIT AND CONTAIN XXX IMAGES VIEWER DISCRETION ADVICE.

  4. Nicely done with the brisket point, had to be a stew.
    Just in time for fall too, perfect weather for this type of meal.

  5. I LOVE pot roast on the grill – So underrated yet oh so goooood! Great job as usual Chef Tom – You guys make GREAT videos!

  6. Hey Tom!! I've been a long-time subscriber to the channel and LOVE all your cooks! As a chef myself, its really been inspiring to try out and tweak your great dishes…..keep the videos coming!!

  7. Cool video. Just curious, what do you gain by cooking this in a smoker? Would an ordinary oven yield the same result? Thanks.

  8. not familiar with beef base. I'm guessing it's like buillion. apart from that, I'm on board. I guess the pellets are great for temp control, but I'm sort of a wild man with fire. anyway, keep up the great work! your recipes are spot on.')

  9. Jesus, Chef Tom wants me to crush all my New Years' resolutions!Great recipe as always, sir. I will be well overweight by Easter at this rate! lol

  10. I love how Chef Tom just grabs that roast with latex gloves while it is searing in boiling hot oil with no f*cks given. 😀 Do you think some roasted garlic on the grill would go well with this?

  11. Really love the detail in the videos! Wish there were more kettle cooks. Are the black gloves different than standard nitrile gloves?

  12. All things barbecue needs to open up their own restaurant,chef Tom is one of the best I've seen wish you guys were here in Seattle

  13. Idk how the heck you managed to get it tender with only 2-3 hour cook time. Is it because you didn’t use chuck roast?

  14. This is possibly the best pot roast I've ever had, the only thing different I did was use big ole portabellas. Thanks for all the recipes on this channel, its my new go to!

  15. I used a lot of red wine when making pot roast in a cast iron. The acidity may have leeched some iron into my braising liquid… it had a metallic aftertaste.

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