Potato Salad Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, place the potato pieces and the sliced carrot into a pot of a large amount of water. Add the salt. Cover, turn on the burner and bring it to a boil. Boil the potato until it softens. Now, strain the potato with a mesh strainer. Place it into the pot again. Shake the pot over the heat, removing the excess water. Continue shaking until the surface of the potato turns powdery. Now, place the potato and the carrot into a bowl. Add the salt, 2 pinches of sugar and the vinegar. Sprinkle on the pepper and toss to coat. Seasoning the vegetables when still hot will help them to absorb the flavor. Then, let it sit to cool. Now, slice the cucumber with a slicer. Add the salt and distribute evenly. Add the ham to the bowl of the potato. Thinly slice the onion along the grain. Sprinkle on the salt and toss to coat. Wrap the onion with cheesecloth or a clean dish cloth, rub and rinse it in a bowl of water. Then, squeeze out the water thoroughly. This will help to remove the pungent taste of the onion. Place the onion into the bowl. Squeeze out the excess liquid from the cucumber. Then, add the cucumber to the bowl. Now, add the mayonnaise and sprinkle on the pepper again. Distribute the condiments evenly. Finally, roughly chop the boiled egg. And add it to the bowl. Lightly mix the ingredients. Now, it is ready to serve. Place the potato salad into a bowl. This recipe is a perfect side-dish for your Christmas dinner. You can place the potato salad on a slice of bread and enjoy it as an open sandwich or use it as a filling for regular sandwiches. Adding corn or green peas will also make the dish visually appealing. Good luck in the kitchen.

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