Power Tool Cooking School | Behind The Mythicality

Power Tool Cooking School | Behind The Mythicality

– Good mythical feature rat. We want to let you know
that this is a feature rat. And that’s what we decided
to call these things. It’s not, like, a
feature would be a movie. This is like a small thing
which is basically a teaser to shamelessly promote what
we’ve been working on over on the This is Mythical channel. – How about a vignette? – I think it would have, like, vignetting if it were a vignette. – Well imagine that there’s
vignetting as you see Collin and Micah talk
about their very manly show Power Tool Cooking School. (laughing) (rock music) – It’s school for tools who
like to cook like fools. – Yeah. That’s the most succinct
way I could describe it. Today we’re gonna cook
a chicken Caesar salad. Today we’re gonna cook a cheeseburger. Today we’re gonna make chocolate
peanut butter lava cake. Today we’re gonna cook a pizza. – With power tools. – So when we figure out what we wanna make I usually go to Collin and tell him what different kitchen tools look like. – And then I take that and
I just kind of mimic it with power tools and then we just kind of fly by the seat of our
pants and see what works. – Well I like to surprise Micah with a lot of the power tools. – This is insane. What is this thing? – And it is always kind of
funny when he sees it for the first time and is either
really excited about how oh, this is like pretty
much a kitchen tool. Or he’s terrified of it and doesn’t want to be near it in any way. – I’m scared of everything we did today. – Okay. – Well this may be the
worst idea we’ve ever had. – Most kitchen tools don’t
have blades or needles that move excessively in
and out towards your face. – You shouldn’t be afraid
of any of the power tools. It’s just getting comfortable with them and learning how to use them. Ow! – You okay? – Nope. So we’re almost through. – I like making the show
because it illuminates the utter black hole of knowledge about food inside Collin’s brain. – This is something… – Yeah? – Food related that I’ve
actually done in the past. – Really? – Yeah! – You’ve toasted bread before. – I’ve toasted bread. It’s nice to get a home-cooked
meal every once in a while. And I’m laughing because I just realized that it’s a little bit sad
that Power Tool Cooking School is my only source of home-cooked meals. – That’s really sad. I think people should watch
the show because it’s fun. You know, you can actually
learn how to cook something. I try to bring a little bit of that. Collin could actually teach
you a little bit about tools. But you can also see some good food being made in a really weird way. There is it. – Oh my god, look at that! – Wow! That’s a Caesar freaking salad. – Hear me breathing hard? (laughing) – That means he liked it. – Whoo-hoo-hoo. – That is really good dude. – Oh man. – That’s soft. – Whoa! Oh, that’s good bacon. Clink. Good job man. – So Micah, what’s next for
Power Tool Cooking School? – Uh, I’d say meatballs. Click on the left to watch
Power Tool Cooking School on This is Mythical. – (Collin) Click on the
right to watch another This is Mythical video. – (Micah) And make sure to
subscribe to This is Mythical and never miss an episode of
Power Tool Cooking School.

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  8. Please like this comment so other mythical beasts see it. For those of you who aren't signed up for Mythical Monthly and are wondering when GMM is coming back, it returns on Monday, August 21st. I keep seeing people asking in the comments, so I figured I would let everybody know. ๐Ÿ™‚

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