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  1. I ordered PQQ on Amazon too. I figure it can't hurt adding PQQ. At the age of 70 years old I don't want to loss the little bit of brain power I was born with.

  2. Very interesting Vid, thanks! Dr. Brewer in one of your recent earlier vids you mentioned something alone the lines that a relative high score from a CAC-scan not directly indicates that you have a high risk for a hart attack and that you would make a specific vid on this topic. Have you any plans to release this vid soon?, I would be very interested! Thanks a lot!

  3. Dr. Brewer: Here you and I are doing what we like, that is helping other people improve their health! It can not be over emphasized that taking PQQ alone, or any other supplement alone, is not enough to achieve the desired results, just a eating one food alone also would not. As you know from talking with me that I am very alert, my brain is working very well for an 80 year old man, in fact I jokingly said, "I know who I am and where I am", meaning I don't have Dementia or Alzheimers disease. As evidence that my brain is functioning well, I also have a Youtube channel where I show videos on my garden and how to grow vegetables. Folks who want to begin taking PQQ should alway be sure they are buying from a reputable source. With this being said, and I agree with you, to have better health in our old age, requires making changes in lifestyle and the earlier in life those lifestyle changes are made, the better our old age years will be. . The food Americans are eating these days is killing them at a faster rate than ever before. The longevity of Americans (meaning how many years they will live) is declining, whereas up until a few years ago longevity was increasing each year. Thank you for talking about our discussion on PQQ. I am wishing you good health and a long and happy life.

  4. PQQ handshakes with CQ10….it works better together than apart.If you have underlying liver disease do not take more than 20 mg PPQ a day and keep the ratio of 20 ppq to 300 coQ10 otherwise you will get out of sorts.I would alternate the days as i believe there is a half life to these.

  5. good talk, Dr. Brewer. I'm ordering PQQ as well. You might be interested in the work of Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist who runs a lab at the NIH. He has a history of studying the effects of interventions such as fasting on the brain, which appears to also help keep excitation neurotransmitters in check (he puts the interventions into practice in his own life). Here's a recent paper which touches on SOD and glutamate in a broad discussion of metabolic switching and brain health. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5913738/pdf/nihms958771.pdf I recall other work which supports the hypothesis that fasting (including time restricted eating) up-regulates the body's natural antioxidant system.

  6. We all need to be active participants in our healthcare. You can't make intelligent enough choices by just reading a label. You must get educated on health, nutrition, and exercise, and understand disease through learning some pathophysiology.

    I see people who watched every pro-sport t and can give you every statistic but who fell victim to preventable diseases. It is a matter of focus. I know the science but lack clinical experience. This is where I really appreciate what Dr. Brewer provides. He reviews the science and dissects the issues. Get it while you can, folks. I have three physicians in my immediate family but they practice conventional medicine. I have much, much less scientific education than Dr. Brewer. Nor do I have any clinical experience. I follow him as if my life depended on it. Maybe it does….

  7. What supplement of PQQ did you purchase from Amazon and how did you distinguish such as the supplement demonstrating good pharmacology and bioavailability?

  8. Hey! Go ahead and get Geeky with us. I’m sure there are more than a few of us with enough biochemistry background or keen interest to dig deep to appreciate the science. Refreshing to listen to your channel

  9. Thanks for another intriguing article and discussion, Dr Brewer! I've read about superoxide dismutase & Alzheimer's prevention, cancer prevention, and longevity. It seems esp. important that SOD can act inside mitochondria, which so many antioxidants can't effectively reach.

    Two things are on my mind after watching:
    1. Any thoughts on this article? In short, the finding/claim is that a vegetarian diet (v omnivore) may substantially increase mitochondrial superoxide dismutase activity & gene expression: "A 3-fold increase in the expression of the MnSOD gene was associated with decreased CpG methylation of the analysed promoter region in the vegetarian group compared with the age-matched omnivores group."

    2. I've heard about mitohormesis, but don't know much about it. At times I worry that I may even have too little ROS exposure, as I try to incorporate so many antioxidant etc practices into my lifestyle. If there is a balance to be had, continually adding layers (eg, PQQ supplementation) may shift things too far to one side. Does that strike you as baseless/not worth worrying about?

    As always, thanks!!

  10. Will you or can you start a clinical trial of bpc-157? This will help the people hurt by Levaquin. And if you start the trial , I want to be a subject.

  11. Another good video. I wonder what the half life is,. So would taking it in the morning be the best? Or breaking the pill up and stringing it out throughout the day? Or waiting to take after a few hours of wake, like around noon.

  12. Looks like healthy mice who were fed PQQ alone did less well in the charts shown. Might not be statistically relevant and could be coincidence but this appears on all the measures not 50-50. Also, one has to assume that older people have a problem similar (or exactly the same) as induced by D-galactose. Have I missed something, please correct me? Don't get me wrong, I do take vitamins, but not really convinced about this yet. Did SOD rise in the PQQ only segment? I have not read the study, but that would be interesting. Thank you for your work. 🙂

  13. Dr. Brewer, you seem to advise against eating meat and animal fat. For last couple of days, I've tried eating meat only after listening to Prof. Jordan Peterson's meat only diet testimony. My recent issue was indigestion and acid reflux and I am prediabetic with fatty liber. A man in his mid 50s with fatty liver eat a big meal of animal fat… It might be stupid. But I felt meat and fat help reducing inflamation giving me relief. For couple of days when I ate meat only with not much fat, it did seem to work. I felt good and got bold enough to add even more animal fat from ox's intestines in last night's meal. Worried. I don't seem to digest it and still in the next morning getting fat smelling burps and feel sick in my stomach. Is there any safe quick relief to over consumption of animal fat? I would like to get asvice from real Doc like you. Please forgive my grammar, english is not my 1st language, asking help from Korea .

  14. Same here, Dr. Brewer, back on my previously discarded PQQ along with all of my healthy lifestyle choices! Great lesson today! ✨✨💫✨✨

  15. I have been taking 20 mg of PQQ daily for about a year now, and I think that it is helpful in the broader sense of promoting long-term health in general rather than "take this pill and be amazed" as I still cannot eat much fruit without my fasting blood glucose rising. PQQ promotes PGC-1alpha which is the way a cell will make more mitochondria in response to an exercise stress. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant that can be recycled a lot more times than vitamin C.

    I have come to appreciate more lately that the mitochondria ROS (reactive oxygen species) generation has a very necessary signaling role that we need to respect for good health rather than just the bad aspect that we mostly think about related to disease processes. PQQ, anti-oxidants and metformin can all blunt the burst of mitochondria ROS after exercise for instance, and there is some irony in preventing the healthy aspects of exercise by taking something that is supposed to be healthy for you. I take all of those "protective" supplements/drugs outside a two hour window before/after exercise.

  16. At 800mg PQQ per kg of cocoa ( http://www.primedforhealth.com/news/2018/6/8/chocolate-and-your-mitochondria ) one can get 10mg of PQQ from 12.5g of cocoa or about 15g (little more than a piece) of 85% cocoa chocolate. A couple of squares of 85% dark chocolate should do the trick nicely.

  17. I took Ubiquinol 100mg before going to sleep. The effect was very clear in the beginning that it gave me warm feet. Later when I woke up I could feel my heart was beating very nice. But the experrience of the warm feet in the beginning was very obvious.
    You said that its not possible to experience supplements. That was the reason for me too to take Ubiquinol before going to sleep, because then the body is at rest and there is no other food in the stomach.

  18. I googled the term "PQQ" last night. I also performed searches of that term on Pubmed and on Youtube.

    I frequently do searches on a variety of medical terms, many related to medical conditions, health, nutrition, aging.

    The mitochondria are the factories within cells where energy is produced. These organelles have unique arrangement in regard to mitochondrial DNA which is thought to have come from bacteria. PQQ is called "star dust" and is believed to have come from distant stars.

    To keep your mitochondrial DNA ("mDNA") healthy, the usual antioxidants and nutrients are not enough. You need PQQ.

    PQQ increases mitochondrial biogenesis (renewal). This increases longevity, improves energy utilization, and protects the mDNA from free radicals.

    Increasing cellular metabolism lowers blood pressures, improves cholesterol profiles, assists triglyceride breakdown, and prevents the onset of obesity.

    You will encounter terms such as "redox cycling," and NAD +. but the principles are explained by Dr. Brewer.

  19. I bought some ProPQQ today an took one 20 mg tablet about six hours ago.i does make you feel weird.. i will try to sleep in four hours from now. Try the 10 mg tablets, if you try this at all.

  20. Thank you so much for your continuing research & provision of information. It is of great assistance to someone like myself who has only a minimal science background wade through the information that is available out their 🙏

  21. Excessive lead found in water in all 50 states https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/03/11/nearly-2000-water-systems-fail-lead-tests/81220466/

  22. Aha! I knew there was something different. No more paper ppts. 🙂 PQQ is working. Did you need it? Just a joke! Love your videos.

  23. I didn't get much out of PQQ. I don't think I was on it for long enough, or a big enough does. I may try again.

  24. Watched it twice, so far, took my 1st pqq last night. Does anyone have any suggestions for essential tremors? ET are interfering with holding my camera steady, and my trombone playing. After 63 years on trombone, I’m not interested in quitting. Never will be.

  25. How is it going with that PQQ? I got it (not sure if I feel I broke my belief in the clinical evidence) just because I trust your judgment and thought I will join you in trying it. But the question is how does one measure the effectiveness if one is not cognitively impaired yet? Wait till we are 80? Don't know, but it doesn't hurt it seems, so will finish the bottle and rethink. I see the background thinking, but I want to see how to measure it if my cognition is still highly functioning. 🙂 I hope. So week one on PQQ. 🙂

  26. Very interesting discussion as usual 🙂
    I'm on LCHF diet and have lost 17kgs in the last 9 moths, this has impacted favourably on my BP, and my Kidney figures, I have CKD stage 1
    My kidney Doc is very happy and I am now on a yearly checkup. I have seem some literature on PQQ as being usefull for protecting kidneys in low risk CKD
    Do yo or anyone else have information re this issue.
    Sorry if my spelling is a bit wonky, I have a visually disturbing migraine at the moment so I can only really see what I'm typing when I look away from the screen !

  27. Thank you for this beautiful insightful information Dr.
    it’s beautiful to see more of this work brought to light. The future seems bright for future generations as long as we keep sharing this sort of information.
    Also what is your best source of PPQ supplement? And what company do you recommend?.

    Thank you best regards

  28. Dr Brewer, The study you discuss in this video reminded me of L-Theanine, a protein found in tea.

    In short, my recollection is: indications are that Theanine blocks the effects of glutamate, stress-induced oxidative neural damage / excitotoxicity, and is seen as a 'calmer'.

    Here are some references that seem relevant:

    Neuroprotective effects of theanine and its preventive effects on cognitive dysfunction. (Pharmacol Res.)

    Tian X, Sun L, Gou L, et al. Protective effect of l-theanine on chronic restraint stress-induced cognitive impairments in mice. Brain Res. 2013;1503:24-32.

    Osborne DM, Pearson-Leary J, McNay EC. The neuroenergetics of stress hormones in the hippocampus and implications for memory. Front Neurosci. 2015;9:164.

    Kimura K, Ozeki M, Juneja LR, et al. L-Theanine reduces psychological and physiological stress responses. Biol Psychol. 2007;74(1):39-45.

    Thangarajan S, Deivasigamani A, Natarajan SS, et al. Neuroprotective activity of L-theanine on 3-nitropropionic acid-induced neurotoxicity in rat striatum. Int J Neurosci. 2014;124(9):673-84

  29. Quantum
    Chang3 months ago

    PQQ is an example
    of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So taking overdose of PQQ CAN
    cause serious damage. PQQ is not a feel good supplement like your common
    vitamin C or superoxide dismutase. PQQ induces hormesis (ie, stresses the body)
    in order to get the body to respond in the opposite, that is, if it is still
    healthy and strong enough to be able to do so. Too much (stress) induced by PQQ
    though, and the body, especially in the frail elderly, could cause irreversible
    damage instead. PQQ depletes glutathione and perhaps also other antioxidants in
    the body in order to stress the body out. Just like a cold shower; a young
    healthy person can handle and recover from that kind of torturous temperature
    shock, but a frail 90 y.o could easily die from such a shock.

    Remember that a
    frail 90 y.o is already in
    a constant state of oxidative stress with very low numbers of healthy
    mitochondria to sustain life, and any other hormetic stresses
    deliberately added on top of that would be likened to the feather that breaks
    the camel's back. So be warned when giving this to frail elderly. It could make
    or break them in one go. Use PQQ with extreme caution and wisdom. Think of PQQ
    supplements as a poison in small doses to stimulate the body to defend itself.
    As it is a stressor, you don't want to take PQQ every day to create a chronic
    stress situation for the body. That would be like being on the junk-filled
    Western diet. Nothing good comes from it. So PQQ should not be taken every day
    but once every few day in small doses appropriate for the health status of the
    person and their age. You could also liken it to alcohol except that its
    toxcity don't make you drunk. Alcohol in small medicinal doses extends life
    because it also has hormetic effects, but in doses that makes people drunk will
    shorten life.

  30. Thank You, Dr Brewer, I have been taking “BioPQQ” aka “Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt” 20mg once a day for about two years now, even though it can be quite pricy, but I have never noticed any type of difference when I am taking it, I do feel my mind is sharp as a fiddle and I definitely feel because of this compound that its works in preventing bodily or mental decline upto a point and the rest is up to you and by following a good diet and exercising at least 3-5 times a week. Once Again Thank You for explaining the study in the medical journal that explains how PQQ does its job in depth, I have read the same thing article, but I have also heard that “BioPQQ” is a powerful anti-oxidant that can provide elections to free radicals for at least 20,000 Kreb cycles and I feel that BioPQQ has much to offer to the health conscious consumer like yourself and myself. Please keep the you tube community informed for any updates on “BioPQQ” that you feel are worthy of your commentary.

  31. PQQ is great but why in the world is it so expensive ? This is so expensive that I had to cut back on some of my regular supplements .

  32. What I want to know (not just trying to be an butt head) is how in the hell people KNOW this stuff? SO many experts talking how incredibly beneficial this or that supplement or whatever is and stated with absolute authority…Were there huge trials with each thing under strict guidelines and monitoring? OR is often more a case that "it makes sense given our current understanding" meaning an out and out educated guess that might not even pan out? There have been a LOT of things that make perfectly good sense but when it actually is finally put to a real test proves to be a bust. Just as I am so turned off by religious teachers/preachers professing to infallibly KNOW their doctrine is righteous, the same thing goes for the preachers of health knowledge (knowing)….

  33. I heard somewhere that you should try to increase glutathione levels too when taking PQQ (milk thistle/dark leafy greens/fasting) and also Ubiquinol is supposed to be beneficial to take with it too.

  34. I added PQQ to my diet within the last year as a possible way to bring down my homocysteine levels, and after a short period of time (taking it 2 to 3 times per week, for ~6 months; 20 mg dose) my number dropped from ~17 down to ~9. So, basically it fell to within a healthy range. I also noticed that on days when I exercise after taking PQQ the night before, I am not as physically tired when compared with other days. Normally I take PQQ at night, and sleep like a rock when I do. I highly recommend PQQ. Thanks for the video!

  35. "I generally don't believe in supplements…" Dr. Brewer, you should check out the work of Prof. C. D. Rollo and associates at McMaster U., Hamilton, Ontario. Their work on supplementary regimes for animals is nothing short of stunning, e.g. complete abolishment of cognitive decline in normals…and in mouse models of MS, ALS, etc. ; dramatic amelioration of mitochondrial damage (50% or more); stem cell activation; dramatic amelioration of radiation induced damage, etc etc. And, of course, there are now thousands of papers documenting the effects of multiple agent supplement regimes (As Denham Harmon argued over 70 years ago, synergism and interdependence are the key) in human clinical studies.

  36. Tnx for sharing. Glutamate is really a gliotransmitter like ATP. Google to understand the difference.

  37. Dr Brewer I just watched a presentation by Rhonda Patrick IHMC on Diet Gene intersection. I strongly suggest that you find time to watch the presentation. It will go a long way to explaining who folks respond differently to diets. She also explains why many clinical trials are impaired. She gets into gene expression and polymorphism.

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