PRANKED! Served her own food in top restaurant 😂 – BBC

PRANKED! Served her own food in top restaurant 😂 – BBC

OK, now, ladies and gentlemen,
what is more important on Christmas Day itself than lunch? Personally, huge fan. Who loves a Christmas lunch,
by way of applause? Who could not? But of course,
it needs to be prepared, so can I ask, by way of applause,
who cooks Christmas lunch? Anyone in this room
who handles the cooking? Cooking? All right. I’m going to come down,
if you don’t mind, and have a little chat
with the Christmas cooks. We’ve got one over here. Hello, darling, nice to meet you. What’s your name? Maria. Hi, Maria. So you cook at Christmas? I do. Tell me how it goes. When do you start it? Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve? Turkey goes in overnight. I give it a good burst of 200
for an hour, and then take it right down to 50
overnight. Take it down overnight! I’m going to take it down to 50! Well, good luck this Christmas,
good luck. Home cooks, anybody else cook? Cooks? You cook for the family? The whole family, yes. The whole family. How many people
come round Christmas? Two, four, six, eight. Eight. Two, four, six, eight? Yes!
Who do we appreciate? Me! You, the home cook! Yay! So you cook a lot at home? Yes, all the time, I love it. Freezing, do any freezing,
home freezing? Yes, but I prefer to do cooking
straight away and serve it straight away. Yes. How many freezers
have you got at home? Two. Two. Well, there you go,
there’s your answer! And where is your home? York. York, right. Is it THIS home? LAUGHTER Is that your home… ..Margaret? How do YOU know? Margaret, can I ask you to stand up,
is that all right? CHEERING Margaret! I know about your home, Margaret,
and I know about your two freezers, because I’ve actually… I’ve been in your home, Margaret. Yes, you’ve looked
at your husband, David, there. Hi, David, how are you? Nice to see you.
So, David of course, gave… David gave me the keys
to the front door, and I’ve been in your home,
Margaret. You haven’t! Well… Take a look at this. MUSIC: Ice Ice Baby
by Vanilla Ice LAUGHTER Here we are, Margaret. It’s your beautiful home in York! OK, so, this is your hallway,
your lovely, beautiful family, so let’s go into your kitchen. Oh, it’s a lovely-sized kitchen. Nice French table over there
in the conservatory. Where are we eating?
Are we eating posh or are we eating in the
kitchen? Who knows? Let’s head on through
to this room over here. Into the freezer we go. I am so excited about what you do,
Margaret. You are just a brilliant home cook, and you’ve got
everything covered. You’ve got this freezer
full of amazing frozen dishes that you’ve prepared,
and another freezer over here full of food! Gravy. They’ve all got dates on it. This is your beef… Beef cheeks. And we’re going to put it… Have you been taking my food? LAUGHTER Chicken curry, mild. Fish pie with the date on it.
Thank you very much, Margaret! And now I’ve got a long way
to get back to London. Thank you, Margaret.
You’re obviously a little bit confused now in the theatre,
wondering what on earth I’m going to do with all this food.
Well, let’s find out. Bye, Margaret! # Ice ice baby… # APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Margaret, Margaret,
I took all your food. What were you saying to me? You couldn’t believe it.
I’ve stolen your food, haven’t I, Margaret?
That’s terrible! It IS terrible,
but why have I done that? I’m wondering whether you’ve
recently been out for any special meals with David. Yes. You have? Where did you go? I went to Michael Roux’s
restaurant, Le Gavroche. Michel Roux Jr? Michel Roux Jr. His
two-star, Michelin star, restaurant, Le Gavroche. Le Gavroche. What you don’t know, Margaret,
is Michel was with his friend, me, that night. Really? Not only that, Margaret – do you know what we did
with your food? We reheated it
and we served it back to you. LAUGHTER APPLAUSE You cheeky…! Let’s take a look at what happened. FRENCH ACCORDION MUSIC PLAYS OK. Bonjour. Bonjour, chef. Ca va? So, this is Michel Roux Jr, one of the world’s greatest chefs. I am Michel McIntyre senior. Have you heard of the home cook
Margaret Brown? Nope. Well, I’ve been to her house
in York, and have stolen a few dishes from her freezer. So, this is a mild chicken korma. Oh, this is important – beef cheeks. It looks really soft and tender.
Just needs a bit more sauce. Yeah, well, this is key to this,
Michel. We’re not going to add anything. We’re serving all her food
back to her. The only thing we’re focusing on
is presentation. So I can pimp them up a bit? Oh, completely, you’ve got
to give her the full Roux. The fish pie, fish pie, Michel. Fish pie all over my shoes. Sorry, Chef! Sorry, Chef. So, now it’s time
for Michel Roux Jr to heat up all of Margaret’s
defrosted food, and serve it straight back to her
in his two-Michelin-starred restaurant. # Hey-hey, good-lookin’ # What you got cooking? # How’s about cooking something up
with me… # OK, they’re here! May I take the name you booked
under, please? Brown. Brown. There you are. We’re off, we’re off, we’re off,
it’s happening. And, sir. Thank you very much. Just so you know, tonight
you’re going to be trying a taster menu for Le Gavroche. So if you could let us know
your honest feedback at the end of every course,
we’d love to get your real opinions on how the food tastes. Enjoy your meal. This is our menu. This is made
entirely from Margaret’s food. Up first, we have vegetable soup,
which was found in her freezer, and this is now
Cappuccino de Legume. So, we’re going to froth it up,
make it lovely and light and fluffy and serve it in a beautiful
demitasse, something that looks very fancy and upmarket.
Fantastic. Just a little…
Oh, yes. Aw! Magnifique. So, Margaret’s frozen vegetable soup
has been heated up and given a posh French name, Cappuccino de Legume. Thank you. Monsieur, bon appetit.
Thank you. Then we move on to the Parmentier de
Poissons, Bisque de Crevettes, which means fish pie. Basically,
fish pie to you and me. So, that’s her fish pie and
you’ve taken off the potatoes, and you’ve squirted it
back on the top. Piped it back on,
but it’s all her mash, all her filling, everything.
Amazing. THEY LAUGH Service. On y va. So, Margaret’s frozen fish pie
has been heated up and renamed… Hmm… Sensual.
What did you do to that fish pie? I told you not to add anything. Not me, bruv. She’s leaving her own peas! She shouldn’t have put them
in if she didn’t like the peas. I don’t know, Margaret, why you put
peas in it if you don’t want the peas. Who would do that? Now, I’m really excited
about the next course because we’ve had two
very average reviews so far. The beef. I would sit down and eat
it no problem at all. I think it’s lovely. That’s looking very good. I’m very impressed
with these shallots. They’ve been beautifully cooked. Beautifully cooked, Margaret. That’s coming from Michel Roux. There we go. You have Michelined Margaret. So, Margaret’s frozen beef cheeks with carrots is now presented as… This is for you. Thank you. We don’t know what this is exactly. It’s pretty nondescript,
but kind of chicken flavour. I think we should serve it with,
actually, the korma. I’ll reduce this down and… And you’re going to call it…? Le Jus du Congel. Which is roughly translated as? The juice from the freezer. LAUGHTER Food sounds so much better
in French. Le Jus du Congel. I think she’s going to love it.
A nice bit of sauce. Margaret’s frozen chicken korma is
now… Le Jus du Congel. LAUGHTER Thank you. Thank you. LAUGHTER So, we found this chutney
in her freezer and we’ve just… Mashed it up. And you’ve decided to pop it on
your favourite thing. I think it’s a great sponge. This will come with a coffee,
but we don’t know if it works together cos you’ve not tried it,
but you’re confident. Yes. All right, well, Margaret,
it’s your chutney and it’s your sponge. You didn’t intend them to go
together, but Michel Roux has decided it will work, and,
well, you be the judge. Service. So, Margaret’s frozen sponge
and chutney have been united to make… Is that all right? That’s lovely. Thank you. Mm. Oh, there he is! Good evening! Good to see you. Good evening. You’ve got a big smile on your face. That’s normally a good sign. Good. Enjoyed it all? Any kind of negative, positives
that I should know about? Cos I want honest feedback. It didn’t do it for you? You didn’t like it? Tasted bland? The soup? Do you think yours at home is
better? Pleasure. Great to have you here. It’s good to be here. Thank you. So, Margaret, that was amazing. Thank you, Michel.
Sensational. It has been fun. One day, Margaret, you’ll get to try Michel’s
ACTUAL cooking. All right, come on, let’s go. Not so fast. What? Washing-up to do.
Oh, for goodness’ sake! CHEERING Oh, Margaret. Margaret, ladies and gentlemen! That must absolutely blow your mind. You had no idea, Margaret. Did you really come
and steal my food? Yes, Margaret, you saw me
in your house. I came up to York, David let me in,
I had a lovely cup of tea, I actually had some cake
in your fridge. David, by the way,
deserves a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen.
CHEERING David was absolutely amazing. David! It’s been really hard to keep
the secret. Really, it has. Because what David had to do,
of course, Margaret, is he had to get you talking about
your food, to review it, and at one point,
you might remember, you had a row about the peas. David kept saying,
“Why don’t you like the peas? “Why don’t you like the peas?” And you went, “Will you just
shut up about the peas?!” So why did you put peas in your
fish pie if you don’t want peas in the fish pie? Well, it’s to tempt the
grandchildren to eat vegetables. Oh, you’re the sweetest,
loveliest person, Margaret. So I don’t think you can quite come
to terms yet that this actually happened, so why don’t we welcome
into the theatre, Michel. No! Michel Roux,
ladies and gentlemen. CHEERING Well, I’ve got to taste YOUR food,
then! Well, that’s… Funny you should say that.
Funny you should say that. We have a lovely prize for you,
Margaret. Michel… On behalf of the Big Show,
we would love to have you back, but this time, I promise
I’ll be cooking my food. That’s just for you. CHEERING Margaret, we’ve also got you
this book. It is From Freezer To Fabulous. It’s a cookbook. It’s what I stole from your freezer,
and you’ve got some quotes here about your own vegetable soup –
“6 out of 10, lacked flavour, “but enjoyable.” Maybe you can put that
on top of the freezer when David wants
to make himself a meal. Margaret, you’ve been the loveliest,
sweetest lady. I’ve been dying to meet you. Big hand for David, her husband, for
helping us set the whole thing up. The extraordinary Michel Roux. CHEERING And my favourite home-cook
in the world, it’s Margaret!

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