Preparing the turkey for roasting with Neven Maguire

Preparing the turkey for roasting with Neven Maguire

Food safety is important all year round but especially at Christmas when you’re cooking for your family and friends. To help you enjoy great food at Christmas here’s some advice on how to prepare your turkey for roasting. If you have a frozen turkey the safest way to defrost it is in your fridge. On a tray, on the bottom shelf. You must allow 24 hours for every two kilos. Always check that it is fully thawed before cooking. You know it is thawed when the body is soft, the legs can be moved and there’s no ice crystals in the cavity Remember you don’t need to wash the bird as this can spread germs around the kitchen. If you do need to clean it, simply get some kitchen paper and wipe it all over. Then place your turkey in to your roasting tray. Remove any packaging and place that in the bin. Don’t forget to remove the giblets. And finally, always wash your hands in warm soapy water after handling raw turkey and meat and don’t forget to wash your work surfaces. For more information on food safety and delicous recipes

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  1. My daughter wanted to do Thanksgiving for the first time>>> and was concerned about timing with her oven so I had this delivered to her house. Let the counter take the turkey, use the oven for other things. Worked out great. Mom to the rescue! Great product. I love mine.

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