Prime Rib On The Weber Charcoal Grill | How To Grill Prime Rib

Prime Rib On The Weber Charcoal Grill | How To Grill Prime Rib

hey everyone welcome back to another
exciting episode of Baum Grillin’z I don’t know if you can tell but it’s
freezing out here but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
do a prime rib regardless of the temperature you might live in a nice
warm climate I live in a cold climate as you can see we even got some snow so
bear with me as I try to fight through doing this now this is a bone-in prime
rib now I’ve already prepared it a little bit I did a dry brine and I kind
of followed some of adrenaline barbecue and baby back maniacs advice on that
so I’ll link that up here for you guys right here for you guys to check out so
anyways I went ahead and did that put it in the fridge for about 24 hours and
then so now here we are we’re gonna get our seasonings on it we will fire up the
grill and we’ll get to tastein this delicious prime rib let’s do it let’s get to putting this thing together
we’ll get our seasonings on it and I’ll show you guys what we’re using here
we’re just going to be using, well first off we’re gonna use a binder we’re
gonna use our extra virgin olive oil and then what we have over here is we have
some fresh herbs I’ll show you those we got some freshly chopped garlic we’ve
got some onion powder we’ve got some thyme and some rosemary we also have
some black pepper now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna mix them all in the
bowl together here we’re gonna make this little crust let’s do that real quick just kind of mix that together okay so
we’re just gonna take our extra-virgin olive oil here we’re just gonna kind of
spread it over just a little bit here just kind of spread it out this is gonna
help keep those seasonings on here okay so now we’re gonna put our seasonings on
there we’re gonna make our crust we’ll just kind of spread it out rub it all
over there I press it in there a little bit make it
stick okay then I just got a couple little sprigs
of rosemary here we’re just gonna stick them in between the twine okay so we got the grill all right
where we want it so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get our little
temperature probe in here this is the first time I’m using this it’s a little
Weber I grill mini I don’t know how well it’s gonna do but we’re gonna put it to
its test especially when it’s like 15 degrees out where I’m at right now so
it’s cold we’ll see how this thing will do
hopefully it’ll perform well so that we can make this thing just perfect so
we’ll get this thing set up real quick okay so now we’ll turn it on and we’ll
get our app going just go right in here Weber iGrill
downloaded it already, good to go let’s connect to our probe start grilling go
on down to a ribeye roast bone-in and click that we’re gonna look for a medium
rare, medium rare and we will start okay so now that we got that going we’re
gonna throw it on will get that temperature up to about 130 and then
I’ll see you after that and I throw in a couple of chunks that Hickory is for
some added flavor there okay so our igrill mini is warning me
already that it’s time to pull that thing off but I’m gonna pull it off a
little bit earlier I’m gonna pull it off about 120 here because what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna reverse sear it so I’m gonna pull it off put it in some tinfoil
and let it rest and then we’re gonna throw it back on and we’re gonna heat
the grill up to about five hundred six hundred degrees the hotter the
better and we’re gonna reverse sear it now that’s kind of nice because
when you normally pull off your big piece of meat you just let it rest it
kind of lose its temperature and some people are worried that they’re gonna
serve it cold well if you reverse sear it no problem it’s gonna come out great
so let’s pull it off the grill get it all tented up and then we’ll reverse
sear it now we’ll fire up some more charcoal
heat it up real nice a nice set of coals there that’s gonna
rise in temperature real fast once we’re up to around 500 600 degrees we’re going to
throw that puppy back on and then it’ll be about maybe eight minutes or so it
should be where we want to be all right we got our temperature up let’s throw it
on and reverse sear this all right it’s been about eight minutes and I am
excited to tear into that so let’s get going
pull it out chop it up taste good all right let’s dig into this puppy grab
our knife here we go that looks delicious look at that that’s
what I’m talking about prime rib man that looks delicious you see that well it’s like butter alright well that
looks amazing so let’s give it a test I like the outside it’s got a little crust
to it oh wow that is amazing and that is so
worth the wait it’s cold out here been cooking outside oh it’s such an
excellent flavor it just melts in your mouth it’s so easy to cut so tender and
juicy this is amazing that is a prime rib all right now well I
can’t forget something when you have prime rib you gotta have your sparkling
cider get ourselves some of that Cheers to each other here grab that pop top nothing like some sparkling cider with
your prime rib cheers everyone I hope you guys enjoyed
this video that there is a prime rib on the weber kettle you can do it in the
cold I tell you what we just did so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope
you guys will like comment subscribe give me a thumbs up send me one of those
and yeah leave me a comment down below I sure need some encouragement when it’s
cold like this to be putting out some more videos so anyways thank you guys
for watching I hope you guys are having a blessed day and I’ll see you guys on
the next video happy grilling’z everyone taste so good that is so good that’s
amazing it tastes so good

29 thoughts on “Prime Rib On The Weber Charcoal Grill | How To Grill Prime Rib”

  1. Looks so good…next year for Christmas I'll try this on my kettle too. This year did a ham out in 5 degree weather. Happy Holidays to you.

  2. Looks great, I did two roasts for Christmas, they were amazing as well…good job Bro

    The Real JoeyB Dallas Fort Worth Texas USA utilizing the Traeger Timberline 1300

  3. That was Christmas prime rib done excellenta. Just perfect for me. Some like a little more rare but that's ok. Love all the little extra props e.g. grill tree ornament, tools hanging in tree, snow on grill, Christmas tree on set, dark back ground, champagne toast. All of that shows creativity going on in that Baumerizing Brain. Love that about your videos. In spite of freezing temps you produced a great video. Enjoyed

  4. Really nice Cook Kenneth.

    Loved the ornaments. Esp the little grill 🙂

    Cool with the igrill mini. I have an igrill2 which i really think is great!

  5. That’s a beautiful rib roast right there. I have yet to do prime rib roast on the Weber. Like the reverse sear method. Did you build your custom table?

  6. you are quite the loveable nincompoop. Tenting your roast in foil lol, may aswell cover it with snow to let it rest when its that cold out. haha. great recipe, love the full branches of rosemary. Looks beautiful with the smokey tinted masterpiece. Well done chef, nice production efforts aswell. quite the studio! Cheers.

  7. looks delicious! I just bought a new Weber kettle. I'm going to do a rib roast for Christmas this year on the grill. I hope mine comes out like yours!

  8. Love how this his guy didn't explain anything except how to make his "crust." What a waste of time. Ahhh, how long did it take, what temp we're u shooting for in the kettle, was the reverse sear over the coals, what did I waste my time for.

  9. Looks awesome, my wife and daughters got me a smokey mountain weber cooker smoker for Christmas. I will be definitely trying a Prime Rib.

  10. Do you let it rest a half hour befor the sear? Does it have to rest again after it is seared or do you carve it right after the sear?

  11. Food wise… That is how you do that! Only problem I have is that your drinking sparking cider… Prime rib demands champagne!

  12. Greetings from México, this saturday I will use your video to make my prime rib, hope every thing goes well

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