100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Build a stone dam to trap fish and cook fish in the forest of survival”

  1. I now every one thinks they are ripoff but I have watched the other guys vids and why are you looking at the bad things its called giving some inspiration

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  3. Now that's what I call self sufficiency. Id love to go to this way of life. I'm tired of this whole deception and tax thieves games. Gimme dirt stones and water. 🙂

  4. What a liar look to the spot with the rocks that has alot of room u can legit see the fishes bubbles get out of the trap

  5. I need a cool name for a channel that a gy already use. Primitive tecnology it is… damn, already in use…. primitive tecnology IDEA YAYYYYY. Shame on you…

  6. The fish was dead .
    I get that you're influenced by the original PT, but copying everything , from attire, not speaking , the name , screams "cheap knockoff meant to clickable loyal viewers"'

  7. The setting is so beautiful. The clear water, lust Forest and green fields looks amazing, such a wonderful place to be in. It’s like place longing for me to go there.

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