100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Hunting wild chicken by primitive technology – Catch n Cook!”

  1. A wild fowl is a very , very elusive creature . One hears of mishaps during hunting it . This one looks suspiciously easy to catch . It doesn't present itself like that to you .But a usefull vid , nevertheless .

  2. you son of a bitch, if you do not have the fucking chicken fuck if you went with you you shot with an arrow then have your skin ripped and then be burned you will take in the middle of your ass that is not good

  3. I know a lot of people are going to talk shit like that but he was supposed to survive because he lives in the jungle but then I'll tell you the answer

     "NO" because he has to edit video and

    post the video so you can not have it

     internet or have a computer to edit and

    post the video so make sure he has the

    So why do not you go to the fucking house.

    market buy the chicken mano I'll give my congratulations to him even that he divia

    to win the worst man on Earth I like this channel but

    limitese he showed the chicken being killed because he knew that this would give visualizations now "HOW TO WIN VIEW WITHOUT ANY CONTENT I'LL KILL A CHICKEN SMOKING EVERYTHING AND EAT IT" EEEEE CONGRATULATIONS THAT GREAT

  4. Keep talking but you all waching it…it a disctiption when we are lost in the wild….just wacth and enjoy and just shut up for you all with a negatife coment😩😩

  5. the shit are yall tripping about ?.. lmaoo the amount of people defending the wild chicken is ridiculous…

    1. you dont get the point of the channel

    2. hes suppose to be in the wild with nothing but the skin on his back. He wouldnt be able to Humanely Kill anything.

    3. Untill your in the situation where your lifes fading fast in the midst of a forrest and your only option is to Hunt. dont complain.

    and if your so squemish that youd starve yourself in the wild. than just wow.. prepare is all i ever say but what if your not prepared.. what will you do ?

  6. Haters have no logic you go to a video you don't like and you waste time hating on them, Why? there is no benefit to insult him or his videos just because you might not like it.

  7. PRIMITIVE COPY CAT …. for those who don't know search Primitive Technology in youtube his the original guy not this copycat ahole that stole his idea

  8. He didn't kill the chicken with the bow. It was already caught and stabbed with the arrow. Video editing made it look like he shot it with one kill. Bs

  9. That bow cant really shoot through paper lmfao nice shooting position though😂😂 if it is wild chicken it would dodge ur arrow easily.

  10. damn everyone is shitting on this guy. he clearly fuckin knows how to do survival shit so I don't doubt he can find and kill a fucking chicken. Even if he did just buy a chicken to place there he is still showing how to prepare it

  11. It is clever of the __ to have american __ and _____ (+ neo-) read one another's comments below this video. Probably write two-thirds of them themselves.

  12. My question is, how is this fake?

    1. Chickens live in all sorts of habitats
    2. He didn't edit out the pain wtf
    3. how tf is this a backyard, its in the mountains
    4. You saw this man catch giant ass fish and say he's not skilled with a bow?
    5. Whats the difference between domestic and wild? (look wise), don't think a domestic chicken roams around in mountains…
    6. He shot it with a bow, what do you mean it was too easy to catch? Bitch, if an arrow hit me in the femur. I be out all day and be crying like when I lost a battle Royale in Fortnite, barely move a muscle! (Except less tantrums, okay?)
    7. Putting chickens in the middle of a campfire will burn its ass off, I don't think a chicken is fireproof..
    8. Hes not white (no racism intended)

  13. Chicken: bock bock yay a owner
    Chicken: oh hi owner bock
    Dude: * shoots *
    Chicken: BOCK NO WAIT NO
    Chicken: AH- 😵

  14. Chicken: yo man I didn't know you was gonna bring me out here just to shoot me with a jacked up bow.

    Owwwww wtf man wtf you shot me right in the knee FUCK.

    OK so now you picking me up like I'm some wild anim- yo we're you taking me.

    Oh this is nice you brought me back to camp, I see you got yo bungalow inside the tree, oh look and yo little fire going, ah why you set me down like that ling ling…shit you need to fix my knee up oh good but my neck ain't broken though why you grabbing my neck like this ling ling first you shoot me now you…..'crack'


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