100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Make fishing nets in the forest and cooking fish on a rock”

  1. What a loser, resorting to trickery to get views. People only click your videos because you ripped your name off the real guy.

  2. Ese pez estaba muerto….con ese metodo de pesca se muere de hambre ..es mas facil coger un rayo de la cola..jaja..asiatico guevon

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  4. หล่อหุ่นดีอยากโดนเย็ดในน้ำ

  5. Pra quem nao intendeu esse canal è so para mostrar tecnologias primitivas de se caçar e construir abrigo entao nao sei pq tantas criticas

  6. For all you people complaining that it's fake, how many of you could even make that net if you had too?? NONE!!!LOL

  7. Sale bhanchod ye fish tho mara huwa hai sale …..khyu bhudu banate ho ohhhhh ohhh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄🤣🤣

  8. i think your videos are super cool and people who are saying mean things are just jealous. to those people who had so many comment about his fish, he never said he killed the fish, he said he was going to make the net and show you how to use it and how to cook the fish.

  9. Lol….there are so many experts on here…clearly its a demonstration. Half you idiots wouldnt be able to survive a disaster much less a camping trip..🤣🤣🤣

  10. Just let people make the content they fucking enjoy, you idiots in the comment, ( including me ) don’t have to rub it in his face that his content is fucking fake and shit. Shitheads in the comment, what if you guys got these comments in your vids if you ever made one! And I know the fish is fake, but come on, it’s not like anyone’s gonna really use this net! And I’ve saw lots of the comments telling him that the nets holes are to wide, well if you ever made this net, just make them smaller u cunts

  11. I was wondering if you live where bamboo does not grow but cane does can cane be used in the same way that bamboo is used and processed?

  12. Что за шум сначала до конца, как будто газовую плиту снимали

  13. If on survival situation this is too much mocking around. the time and effort making that bamboo net couldve been used to make shelter at just stone the fish and call it a day.

  14. oookay first of all copying primitive technology, terrible fish net, dead fish, pretty sure they didn't filet the fish in primitive times, lastly no one and I mean no one needed to see your ass crack @ 10:23 fuck you.

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