Principal Hamish Brewer and The 5 P’s

– If I could give a principal one thing, I’d give him the five P’s. (upbeat music) Number one, be purposeful. Number two, be persistent. Number three, show perseverance. Number four, lead with pride. Number five, lead with passion. When we’re in these tough situations, we gotta ignore the noise. Stop trying to control
everything that you can’t. You control what happens
in the schoolhouse from eight to four every day. That’s our business. If your teacher’s got a
great idea, let ’em run. They can’t break nothing. All that’s gonna happen is
they’re gonna take a risk and do something exciting and be the difference for a kid that day, and it’s gonna take your
instruction to another level. It’s about kids, it’s
about something bigger. You come to school every day to make a difference
in the life of a child. How can you not get excited about that? (gentle music)

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