Pro【中華料理教室】Chinese Cooking Class 今夜は甘酢餡かけ肉団子

Pro【中華料理教室】Chinese Cooking Class 今夜は甘酢餡かけ肉団子

How to make Meat Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce =Chinese Style=Ingredients -Ginger- -Green Onion- -Red Pepper- -Green Pepper-
-Minced Meat- -Cooking Sake- -Soy Sauce- -Vinegar- -Ketchup- -Sesame Oil- -Salad Oil- -Sugar- -Salt- Let’s chop any kind of Vegetable you like.
For this time, we use Lotus root. We will Boil it and Mix with Meat later on. From this point, we prepare Garnish vegetables which will be on top of Meat Balls at the end. First one is Japanese Green Onion called ” NAGANEGI”. Second one is Green Pepper. Please make sure cut off all the Seeds and white part back of the peel. Because these taste bitter. We do same thing with Red Pepper.
This little work will make big difference later. After all, we will put these Garnish vegetables into cold water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, drain well. We can even use paper towel to wipe all the moist. This is the water with Ginger and Green onion. Later on, we will mix with Meat. This water will make Meat balls more Asian Taste and flavor Let’s make sweet and sour sauce from this point. First liquid is Vinegar Then Sugar Little bit of Soy Sauce And Ketchup Lemon twist Mix Well. Little bit of Salt Mix well Again. Lemon peel for Aroma Boil the chopped Vegetable we did at first. Put into cold water after 20 seconds boil. It is time to make Meat Balls !! We put Tofu to make meat balls softer. If you like hard Meat Balls, Please skip this part. Boiled Vegetable Mix well Little bit of Salt Little bit of Sugar Little bit of Soy Sauce grated ginger Little bit of Sake Mix well again Add Beaten Egg And mix time again.
Remember, Meat balls are all about mix well. Remember the water you made with Ginger and Green onion? We add into meat Mix well well well again Add little bit of starch Last mix Put sesame oil on your palm Lets fry meat balls Let’s make Sweet and Sour Sauce Add the sauce liquid we made earlier. Add the pure water. Make sure boil the sauce. This is very important! Then add the fried Meat Balls Once again boil really good Add the Starch with Water into boiled sauce. Mix Well in the Pan Mix garnish vegetables with sesame oil for flavor. Put on top of the Meat Balls Please Enjoy !!

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  1. I would love some English subtitles for ingredients used. Also I am genuinely concerned for the chef re:shaky hands. Hope you've been checked out for that.

  2. いいですね。うまそう!

  3. 調理の技術、丁寧さ、動画の編集、料理のセンス。どれをとっても尊敬に値します。素晴らしい!

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